EOS DeFi was booming just before the "Krach" ! Will it continue after?

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Lately the $EOS token has been performing quite well despite the fact that most Crypto users have a bad opinion of the token and its governance.


N.B. This post was written on Sumday and therefore, a lot has happened on the market since then ! :D

Performance of EOS in 2021


Nevertheless, the EOSio Blockchain is quite secure and allows almost feeless transactions through a CPU and Net system which prevents spamming and other malicious activities.

Following the BNB and Binance Chain DeFi craze, it seems some big whales are hoping EOS can get some of these disapointed Ethereum DeFi users as well.


Total Value Locked (TVL) on EOS

  • February 8th: 63mns
  • February 21th: 128mn (+100%)




DefiBox $BOX


Organix $OGX


Pizza.finance $Pizza


Deposit rates of their top markets


Will you jump into $EOS DeFi?

At the moment there are some very lucrative pairs on some of these protocols, most will not be sustainable.

I think especially about one which is an algorithmic Stablecoin with USDT that gives c.1500% APY ! It seems the algorithmic stablecoin does not really work as it went from 1.1$ to 1.9$ during the time I was a LP.

Being in the pool for the past 10 days gave me a 40% performance in liquidity incentives and a +25% performance on the overall value of my LP.

Crazy right but something bad is lurking as it is too good (and too crazy) to be true :D !


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I was a big fan of EOS for a while. I still like it for transfers and for logging in to places. The only thing that puts me off is that there is no limit to the number of EOS. Other than that, I think it holds promise.

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Wow I did not know that but since the mining ⛏ rhythm is defined it cannot be increased too much yearly. I understand the theoretical debate though.

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I don’t know EOS, Which EOS application do you recommend to use?

I haven't used it for a while. I don't know if the projects are still live.

Voice.com will be running on EOS at some point.

Scatter, the desktop wallet for EOS, lets you log into sites and exchanges running on EOS. You can also delegate and stake through the wallet.

I stopped using EOS because they don't seem to have any compelling DAPPS. It's mostly games and gambling, with a smattering of exchanges.

I think the same thing about EOS too. Currently I have not found it very attractive as a blockchain and as an ecosystem

I think it will bounce back

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Let’s see what the market Gods decide ! 😉

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Thanks for sharing