Hive Power-Up and! Great things to come for Hive and LeoFinance!

in LeoFinance4 months ago

Hi HODLers and Hiveans,

Another month and HPUD! Even if it could seem boring, it surely isn't!

I love doing my monthly Hive Power-Up Day and getting this nice monthly award from @hivebuzz.

I am still very excited about Hive and its ecosystem. Leofinance being one of the projects I believe the most in.

We just had our latest Weekly WenSoon show where we learn a lof to new cool stuff!

What about you! Did you do your Hivean's duty!?

Stay safe out there!

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That's cool you seem to believe in the mission of Hive and LEO. Happy Powery Up Day!!!

I'm also powering up as much as I can :)

By the way, I will use your image in my next post, hope you don't mind!

Happy Hive PUD @vlemon 💪🐝

BTW, your support for our previous proposal has been much appreciated but it expired end of 2022!
May we ask you to renew your support for our new proposal (
Your help will be really appreciated. Thank you!