September LPUD on Ethereum MergeDay!

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Hi HODLers and LEO Stakers,

Another 15th of the month and therefore another LEO Power-Up Day(LPUD)!

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I had some liquid LEO (157) and let me tell you that I did not hesitate to stake these bad boys!


I sit on 13,500 LEO Power and most is being delegated to @hodlcommunity. By delegating LEO Power to @hodlcommunity you will help curation, content creation AND get daily liquid LEO payments!


We have had some issues with the daily payments but it seems as it is entirely fixed! We have paid back all the payments missed in one lump sum (you can see mine below).


My goal for the end of the year would be a minimum of 20,000 LEO Power. This would be my smallest goal. The big one would be probably around 50,000 to get the Leader of the pack title in Discord :D.


Then I will be able to brag on the #general and be one of the LEO whale out there hehe!

In the meantime, I still enjoy listening to all the new projects/perks from the @leofinance team.

Continue thriving and eventually... we will all be rich!

Stay safe out there my dear lions, cubs and Hiveans!

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Consistency is a powerful tool that slowly builds and develops into success. Keep going man!

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Indeed, basis for success 😉. I hope you are doing well!

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Well done and good luck with 20k LP and the eventual 50K lol.

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