Watching NFL and playing this great Web3 NFT game!

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Hi HODLers and American Football fans,

I have been talking previously about this game called NFL All Day. It is exactly like NBA Top Shot and actually developped and operated by the same Dapper Labs team.

What are 'moments"?

This is a moment:


I had bought some packs to get started a few weeks back and they have held their value compared to the Crypto Market. The goal is to achieve some challenges each week. This challenges are usually linked to the best performers of the day. I fyou have enough eligible, you submit your roster and get some yards a.k.a points.

If you managed to have a lot at the end of the week, you can burn some moment in order to receive a new pack with usually better /more rare players.

My current portfolio


I am hoping to get to the 100 yards this week! To do so, I need to fulfill 3 out of 5 weekly challenges and it is not easy. Wish me luck!

First challenge coming up tonight with Pittsburgh Steelers versus Cleveland Browns!


As I am quite sneaky, I had started to buy some players prior to the game. Let's hope the ones I bought will be in the top so I do not have to buy an overpriced last minute one!

Stay safe out there and have fun!

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