Did You know Leo Is Worth More Than A Lot Of Counties' Currencies?

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This is a crazy thing to think about.

The other day I said if you are trying to explain crypto to someone who knows nothing about cryptocurrency that you can explain it as you would any other foreign currency. It has value but you need to exchange it for the currency of your land to buy goods with it. This has become even more true now that I realised that Leo is actually worth more than some currencies are.

There is a post from a user from Pakistan who is saying that Leo, on a one to one scale, is worth more than the currency of his country. This got me thinking of how many countries out there where there currency is not as high in value as the Leo coin.

It is easy to find out, Leo is currently worth about 17 cents USD. Not bad but we have a long way to go before we can start to brag. I do think we will pass the $1 mark and soon the $2 mark which would make us worth more than the Euro and the Pound. Time will and hard work will get us there.

Fun fact there are not even 10 currencies in the world valued at over $1 USD so we would be a top ten currency at that point.

But right now there are several countries where you it is better to be paid in Leo on a one to one basis. How crazy is that. A lot of us tend to only think of our country and our currency but there is a whole world out there who are blogging so why not work for a currency that is worth a high amount in your country.

Not only is it easy to earn on Leo but it is easy to transfer now with Ethereum being added. It is wild to think about magic internet money being worth so much but here we are.

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Those plain digits does not mean a lot. In the low value currency countries everyone is a "milionaire" . Sounds good, right?
But it does not make them wealthy.

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yeah there note of 10000 or so but they can't buy much with them


It's all relative to purchasing power.

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Yeah I can't argue that, hopefully we get to the point where holding Leo makes you wealthy. Just cool to see the value of the coin compared to different countries.

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My native currency is about $0.27. I doubt LEO will stay beneath that level for too long.

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I think we can break that around the 10th. Here is a full upvote, this should be make it worth more than one.

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haha that positive way of thing when a lot of people count the money they count in USD not in their locale currency well for me I need 15$ for a day only for eating alone so to say I need around 120 leo for a day

That is possible and if the price goes up from here you will need less. I think you can make your goal here soon.

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My country's currency is Just little above it, and I believe it wouldn't even matter because Inflation kills the Nigeria naira everyday

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With LEO on the way up to even higher levels, it's going to be worth a lot more.
I have snagged up a bunch this week, just wish I had gotten into finance posts before it went right up.
But I am curious to see what other country currencies will get out done by LEO!

I think so too. Once the market turns Leo is in a good position.

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A lot of us live in this first world, economic bubble where we take access to and the stability of our currencies for granted.

There is however, a whole other world of instability and a lack of access to all sorts of things in the banking world.

Literally millions upon millions of people that crypto could, and right now is, changing lives for the better.

I think this point often gets lost on the mainstream crypto media.

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Exactly it is a global currency and as internet access improves so will user cases everywhere.

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At 17cents, Leo is worth more than Korean Won - 0.09 cents, Chinese Yuan - 15 cents or Japanese Yen 0.9 cents. All those countires are safely in the G20.

But that's irrelevant. What matters is market cap. Those countires are multiples of trillin USD. Not sure what Leo is at, but all of crypto isn't enven close to 1 tn yet.