Earn Ethereum By Blogging About Finance (Seeking Writers For Online Work)

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Welcome to Leo Finance!

Any one who is looking to get into crypto or to earn some Ethereum with online work this is a great to earn with. Crypto has a lot of potential for big gains but it is hard to get started with no capital. However dapps (decentralised applications) are popping up that will reward you for your work and being free to use are a good option for people around the world trying to make some extra cash.

Leo Finance is one of those dapps where you can get paid to write articles about finance/cryptocurrency. You will get paid in Leo but it can be swapped for Ethereum if you prefer and if you could care less about crypto then you can trade your Ethereum for whichever currency you prefer.

Where Do I Start?

You can skip this part if you already have metamask.

Easy, all you need to do is get a metamask wallet in order to hold your coins and then start posting. If you use Ethereum already you probably already have one but for people new to crypto it is not easy to get one. I recommend using the chrome browser and searching for metamask in the extensions section on the top of your browser. It is free and gets added to the top of the browser with a little fox icon. Make a password for your account to get started (you can write this down somewhere safe too in case you forget it). You will need to write down your security phrase when you get started (I recommend doing it twice on two separate pieces of paper that you hide securely). The security phrase is a way to get your wallet back in case something happens to your laptop or PC. DO NOT SHARE THEM WITH ANYONE. Think of them like the combination to your safe. It only takes a couple of minutes but keep in mind the assets are stored on the wallet so your laptop or PC needs to be kept safe. You do have the private key and recovery phrase so you can get it back if something happens but also best to avoid something happening in the first place. Beyond that I recommend writing down your ethereum address (it is public so you do not need to hide that one) so you have it ready to access. You should also write down your private key on the same piece of paper you wrote down your recovery phrase. You can find it in the export private key section. Just like your recovery phrase DO NOT SHARE YOUR PRIVATE KEY WITH ANYONE. Now that you have your recovery phrase and private key safely written down and secure your wallet is ready.

Please watch the first half of this video if you are new to Ethereum and crypto:

Now Time To Post On Leo

Now that you have metamask head over to leofinance.io and sign up for an account. All you need to do is pick a name and approve it in your wallet. It takes a couple of seconds. Your name matters as it will be the name of your wallet on Leo and the name you post from. With that you can start posting or commenting.

Here is a video on how to get started on Leo:

We are currently trying to reach out to more Ethereum users so you can blog about Ethereum and get some upvotes when you get on the site.

That's Great But How Do I Make Money?

Impatient are we :p. When you have an account, similar to Facebook you can make posts and comments. When they get upvoted you get get rewards paid in crypto. Everyone has voting power that is tied to how much Leo they have staked in their account so a vote from a big account is worth more than an account with a small amount of Leo staked. If you want to you can stake Leo too and get voting power but it is not necessary to use the site. The people who vote for your work get half the rewards so that is why people stake and buy Leo. After 7 days you will get 50% of the amount shown for your post and then you can swap it for Ethereum.

Where Does The Money Come From?

There is a daily reward pool that is shared between the users who earn votes. This is how you get paid and coins are burned (taken off the market regularly) to help keep inflation down. This is an ecosystem to promote work and help to build the site. It is a new model of payment which not only works well but can be added to other models like tipping and affiliate links to really help you make money for your content. Leo also has ad revenue so the site is generating profit outside of people buying the coins.

Can I Cash Out When I Want?

Yes. After 7 days the money is yours. You can stake it for more voting power or swap it and sell it on the market for cash. It is your money that you are working for so you do what you think is best with it. If you choose to hold it as Leo or Ethereum the value of it will go up and down as the market does. You can think of it like a stock or a foreign currency that is really volatile. It is risky to hold but it can go up a lot if there is a run in the market. You know your financial situation so take risks only with money you can afford to lose.

Everyone is welcome, we have a very friendly community here. Post about finance or crypto and be sure to comment on people's posts in order to grow your network. This is a great way to make some side income online and you can wear your pajamas while you do it.

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that's very detail info and im doing to I buy token or exchange leo for eth that helps me a lot now ETH price is around 400$ and so on

My problem with metamask, by using Brave, is that even after installing metamask when trying to link it to my LEO wallet it directs me to the download page over and over.

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That's not good, ask @khaleelkazi he should help. I'm tagging him in this post, if he doesn't see it try commenting on his latest post.

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He did already. Thanks. Now I've got everything figured out.

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so @khaleelkazi is the tech guy in the community