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If you are sitting on right now and staring at a blank page thinking about what I should write about then may I suggest you start posting about Ethereum. And if you are not on Leo Finance right now then what are you waiting for? Now that Leo is open to Ethereum users, people are able to make eth for posting about their content. This means we need content for the ethereum community to help the site grow and welcome those users.

Here are some suggestions:

Ethereum Price Action

There is nothing more volatile than the price of cryptocurrency. If you are experienced with T.A. when it comes to crypto then this is the site for you. There are lots of people on Twitter and Youtube who like to cover the value of Ethereum and what it is doing on the market. These are posts that would fit this site well and help people make Ethereum for talking about the coin they cover anyways.

Ethereum Dapps

There are new dapps coming all the time in the Ethereum world and someone has to review them and give the community updates on progress. Personally I keep an eye out for new dapps all the time. You can post how the dapps works and how well the experience is for the user. This is also a great site to grow a community for a dapp that came out.

Ethereum News

Who else searches to find out what is happening with their coins? There are lots of things happening in the world of cryptocurrency and if you are a journalist you are encouraged to post your findings on this site. And if you are not a journalist and which to cover news stories that come up please add your own take on them and not just copy someone else's work. Add a link to the original source if there is a topic you want to discuss and write an article that adds your original ideas about the news story.

Ethereum How Tos

This is a big one as not everyone has a wallet installed or knows what a private key is. We are still in the early game of cryptocurrency and it can still be awhile before the masses come in. I think the way to reach people is to make crypto as user friendly as possible but until then we need as many articles that we can that help people get started. It really isn't hard and downloading a wallet does not require more work than getting a new email. Make it easy to understand and write articles for people of all skill levels. You never know who might read it and it can help people become more familiar with the space.

Ethereum Devs Are Welcome Too

Are you a developer working on the Ethereum chain? Then please join us and post about your work. You can let use know about your project or you can make posts about developing on the Ethereum blockchain. There are a lot of people who want to get starting programming and do not know where to begin or how hard it is.

These are just some of the ideas for Ethereum that you can be posting about today and making more money for your work. This should be the place for any ethereum user to read about the coin and join a community. By writing great articles about Ethereum it can really help build the site.

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Ethereum itself is 50 shades of everything, I guess the dapps would interest people who are here and blogging about it would be exciting. Writing articles can be a hassle. About yesterday I saw something that seems like a metamask user blogging about something that doesn't seem so true but then I hope it comes good with time.

I think, even some diversified finance related content would bring more traffic, if they are unique to this place.

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Agreed the more the better.

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Very nice summary!

I might have to start up a CryptoKitties series!

I guess that counts as Nostalgia in the cyrptosphere!

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lol I missed that wave but liked the idea.

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I missed that wave

I fucking wish I had done too, I'd be 0.5 ETH better off now.

At least I didn't go TOO crazy.

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