We, The Leo Community, Have The Power To Get The Leo Coin To A Dollar Plus

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First of all if you are new to Leo welcome :).

And for anyone who has not joined yet please do. It is free to use and you can make money sharing your content. Everyone is welcome, we are a growing community that is super friendly.

If you have been in crypto for as long as I have you know how powerless you feel sometimes. You buy the coins you think will moon and you hodl until the market does something. Even sites like steem where you could put in the work where still limited to what you could accomplish. You still needed to wait for the people in charge to make the coin more valuable so the price would go up. There was nothing you could to really increase the value of the coin.

But Leo (finally) gives us, the community, a path forward to make a living from our content and work online. Thanks to the ad revenue that is coming in we can make this site rich enough to support a lot of content creators and do not have to depend on the market to turn green to make our efforts worth while.

I trust the Leo team and do think their updates will lead to big things. I also think the crypto market will rise in the months to come. But look at what happened today in alts. There is no guarantee there will be some big bull run that lifts all boats. But even if crypto crashes tomorrow as long as we get the views and users up on this site we can make Leo into something special.

We are empowered here to make our site and coin something of value. There is no limit to how high it can go and if we work hard enough we can see some insane growth here. Our success is in our hands and it is tied to how well we promote this site.

What Can I Do?

Every positive action helps.

  • Tweet posts you like
  • Contacts authors you like and encourage them to blog here
  • Write SEO friendly posts
  • Tell friends about this site
  • Hold contests and giveaways
  • Comment and upvote new users and show them how welcome they are

This is the time to really rally the users together.

No more excuses here people, this is our chance to make a crypto project into something to be proud of instead of waiting for another update or turn of the market. We have enough power to make it happen so please,lets make it happen.

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+1 to all of the above. These are great ideas and I already see a lot of amazing community members stepping up and doing initiatives like this. @uyobong has done some nice things surrounding the idea of content-based contests to spread awareness about LeoApps.

I would love to see some contests about ETH-based things. I’m coming up with a few ideas from the official account but community initiatives would be great as well and would receive huge support.

One of our primary goals right now should be to target ETH/Metamask users to draw them into the site and get them signed up instantly with metamask. It’s so easy to sign up now, we just have to get them to the site and give them a good reason to hit get started.

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I completely agree. I wouldn't be involved in crypto if metamask hadn't made it so easy. #notashilljussayin

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Regardless of when the broader crypto markets end up rising, simply creating and maintaining a dynamic and energetic community with LeoFinance will position us really well for the future. I do like the idea of $1.00 LEO, but I'd rather see us get there systematically and sustainably than through speculation-driven hysteria.

But that's just ME!


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@onealfa @taskmaster4450le and @trumpman does a great marketing and promotion and transiting new users here and fantastically they've done great jobs. I'm actually super following in that trend and hopefully we can move, the ad revenue Makes sure we stay afloat and not sink.

Yo great post.. legit your post inspired me to engage with this site and see how this whole thing works.... Looks promising can't wait to see how it turns out.

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Very true words. I hope this will encourage people to take action and up their game. I'm positive that the manual curation will increase overall engagement as well, with time. LEO looks very promising and I'm glad to be a small part of it.

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