Liquidity Provider: Add It To My Resumé🤪

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For good reason, Wrapped Leo is all the rage! The hack was unfortunate, but it lead the way to WLEO 2.0- it’s just all around better. And now people are making a splash into the liquidity pool, left and right. I guess the incentives are to hard to pass up.

Well, I had to get in! I had a couple idle ETH in my #MetaMask account, so I decided to take the plunge! I did a quick swap for some WLEO, and with my remaining ETH, I slowly waded in.

I’m a small player, with only about .24% of the total pool, but I’m happy to be n the game!

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That's not too bad a portion of the pool. Better than I had in the first one. Happy liquidity providing!!! 🤪😁

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Hack was unfortunate but helped the Leo. Many user jumped in Leo ship when Leo price dived just after hack. We get more people in Leo community.