Hello Leo, I am Vlad from LBRY Foundation and Skatehive

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Who I am

I am Vlad, one of the elected board members of the LBRY Foundation, since December 2020. LBRY Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth, development, and adoption of the LBRY network in a way that the community of LBRYans decides themselves, in a fewer words a decentralized publishing protocol ruled by a decentralized community. I have worked there some partnerships such as Litecoin x LBRY, engaged the community of creators with the Creators-Council and some other stuff we create together. I also bring, teach and take care of the protocol users, we manage and get in touch with developers, artists, designers and community leaders to make the best use of the tech and skills we have to achieve our goals making a bridge between Lbry inc, community and content creators. We develop, translate, spread lbry, its apps and we make it look pretty together :)

This is a version of me 👇

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How did I get Here ?

Beyond crypto and blockchain technology enthusiastic I am also a Pro Skateboarder from Brazil and in one of my rides at LBRY protocol I met @knowhow92, another skateboarder talking about the Hive Blockchain. I had a sub-community of skaters supported by LBRY Foundation eco-system called SkateboardingHive and he had a community on PEAKD called Skatehive.

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Immediately I reached him on discord and we started to plan stuff together then we joined it all at one bigger @skatehive.
Then me and my friends and our new friends to come started to use/embed our LBRY/ODYSEE videos on Hive Posts and and share our Peakd posts on our community. And that's how I started use Hive Blockchain for my content.

Using revenue earned from our own content and from LBRY Foundation Initiatives Program, we managed to make some skateboarding contests to grow our community, help some members to buy hardware and even charity campaings as knee surgeries and healthy treatments for those who need and we plan to do much more.

If you like skateboarding, longboarding, or whatch people falling down and loosing teeths, or if you want to know more about our programs like Montly-Edit, CSOTW, Campaigns and Meetings feel free to join us at our discord server by clicking on the image bellow, we try to translate all our info in English, Portuguese, Spanish and sometimes Greek.

How does Blockchain and Skateboarding relate

First of all, skateboarders seek for change, we are not happy with the current system and mainly how it affects our market and culture. The internet and social media the way it became changed the way that skateboarding content is shared, we used to make magazines, our own brands, books and art. Now we are basically obligated to make content freely for google social media to mantain our sponsor while big tech profits on our data selling our virals and culture. Some of us saw in decentralized platforms a better way to post and registry our content and we saw in blockchain solutions a better place to community interactions.

How does that relate to LeoFinance

One of the things we wanna do is our own token and our own platform extreme sports arts related so getting to know LeoFinance and how it works is very important to us.

Some of us, mainly the first of us are crypto enthusiasts and we are going to start post of crypto stuff here too, mainly because our goal on the skatehive is to bring awareness to other skateboarders about cryptocurrencies and to teach then to use crypto and its platforms, and for it we need to try it.

I am also a Coding Beginner and hope to be a blockchain developer so I am going to post here some crypto related tools I made and my tricks, videos and pictures on Odysee and Peakd, I hope you guys enjoy it.

How I see all that

I see that as the phase 2 for crypto, we started with coders, traders, economists and advanced dreamers. Now we are swimming up to the surface and we have artists from all kinds searching for NFTs, skateboarders pioneering on blockchains and I know your uncle has asked you about Bitcoin these days. So, I will ask this community to open the doors and be very welcome to the newcommers and to the skate-rats that might appear on HIVE and maybe on LeoFinance.


I will leave here my Odysee invites if you guys wanna check my other content and my work on LBRY Blockchain and our Peakd Community:

My Sk8 Footage
My Codes
My Pics
Skatehive on Odysee
Skatehive on Peakd

I am also on a project to bring Odysee to Brazil, so if you are a portuguese speaker:

OdyseeBR Page

Some Other Members

List of some cool members of the skatehive

We are Learning, send us some feedback of how to manage our community to grow and comment if you think we are on the right way or not :) Also help us to bring more people for this enviroment by supporting our actions.

Thanks a lot for your attention if you made this far on this text, I hope to contribute in the way I can to good ideas like LBRY and HIVE.

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Welcome to Hive. Good to see more diversity of content and cross blockchain collaboration happening.

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Welcome to Hive. There are great synergies between LBRY and Hive.

connecting Lbry and Hive is a very good idea. As far as I know the princyiples of both are the same

Very Welcome To Hive

Hey there! glad to see you're on here, too! I've been uploading highlight clips from my live streams on @vimm to LBRY for a while now.

Thanks for passing by :) Whats the link of the channel ? cheers !

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I haven't been uploading nearly as often as I should, I really need to get back on that again...

For the most part, It's highlights from my live content.

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