CRYPTO CROW is Seeking a Censorship Resistant Platform

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Hello new friends. I was was watch another episode from Crypto Crow and he ended the video with something very relevant to the Hive Blockchain.

I think he'd be a great fit here on Leo Finance as well as 3Speak

See the video below starting towards the end at the 30 min 30 sec mark

I've only been here 1 week but can see how powerful this community can be. He basically begging to be recruited here.

Perhaps a more veteran member knows how to better approach someone of Crypto Crows Caliber.

He'd be a great addition to the community.

Let me know your thoughts.

Be Good to Yourself !

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This is a good heads-up play... I am NOT the one take this mission, but I agree with your thinking. He likely knows about the Hive ecosystem already, so maybe he just needs a friendly nudge. Or he could end up here without the pressure, if he does his homework and looks at trends and metrics.

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I sent him a few tweets and also tagged Leo Finance and #Speak so hopefully they follow up. I really Like Crypto Crow and he seems very genuine. I can tell he holds back a lot of what he wants to say so hopefully he can set up over hear and speak his mind. Nice to meet you as well !

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Well, he sounds like someone I wouldn't mind checking out.
For sure! The pleasure is mine, YG. 🤝

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