An Epic Power Up Day

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This Power Up Day is going to be epic. I am powering up everything ... including the kitchen sink (which is why I have a power cord in the the kitchen sink). Today's power up day brings me to over a 100,000 staked coins in the HIVE ecosystem.

My HIVE power up really isn't that impressive. I earned 8 HIVE POWER in the first three weeks of the month. I powered down 2 HP so that I would could power up 10 HP and possibly get the Power Up Day Challenge Badge.

Yes, I am cheating.

I powered down; so that I could power up. Personally, I think HiveBuzz should exclude deny the Power Up Badge to anyone who powered down in the previous month.

As for the state of my account. I started HIVE 42 moons ago when it was called STEEM. I am essentially 100% powered up in both platforms.

NOTE: I've spent HIVE on HIVE related things such as creating accounts, communities. I even created coin. I am essentially 100% powered up.

I am more than powered up.

Last year I bought 3600 HIVE for $480. This is why my account balance is so high.

HiveBuzz points out that my actual experience is pathetic. It says I receive an average payout of $0.96 HIVE per post. HiveBuzz fails to mention that most of that is from me upvoting my own posts.

Today's power up of 10.578 coins brings me to 4523.538 worth $1,962.93. This is 65 HIVE greater than last month. I am just 477 HIVE from becoming a dolphin! At the present rate, I might make it in 8 months.

Anyway, for this Epic Power Up Day, I will stake everything that is stakable in HIVE and HIVE Engine. Highlights are: 10 HIVE, 7 LEO, 1.45 POB, 33 STEM, 7 ARCHON, 25 ALIVE, 76 BHT, 32 WINE, 11 COM, 1000 BLOG, 66 NEOXAG, 1987 TIX, 251 BPC, and 8395 PAY.

This chart shows my totals on 6/1/2021 and the increase from last month. I drew the totals from HiveStats on 6/1:


In April I sold some LEO to buy POB. This month I sold some POB to buy LEO. I also accumulated some of the garbage tokens.

I decided to liquidate my BEER as I rarely used it. Yesterday I saw that the price of WINE collapsed; So, I bought 32 WINE.

I am transferring my CCC to @vagabondspirit .

I bought a large number of low value tokens in May to get my coin total over 100k.

So, I essentially doubled the number of tokens. Unfortunately, the price of HIVE fell. My reported account value last month was $3,285.22. Of course, the price of HIVE really doesn't matter until I am ready to start selling HIVE.

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Congratulations @yintercept! You received a personal badge!

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May the Hive Power be with you!

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

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You have more HP than I do. I know it is like you said because you paid to power up. Had I left my Steem account where it was instead of powering down as I was getting tired of how some elites rigged and controlled everything I would have started out my HIVE at around 25,000. I am pretty good at missing opportunities.

One opportunity I didn't miss was starting on steemit within the first week of it going public. That ended up being quite the boon.

Right place, right time.

I knew about bitcoin when it was less than $0.01/coin. I bought a Pizza instead. I knew about bitcoin when it was $1000/coin. I had a coin. I sold it and bought some things. A few of them I actually needed. Mostly just things I wanted.

I made quite a bit of money and spent probably 40% of it right away on steemit.

I walked into a guitar store, bought a new amp and guitar paid for completely from writing there and I remember telling the guy in the store "I'm paying for this with magic internet money".

I had quite a few Ethereum. Sold those.

I had a bunch of Binance Coin... I think 75 at one point. Sold those.

All of those things exploded...

Now I own quite a few cryptos and I am just sitting on them.

I am not much of a gambler.

I was working on open source exchanges before Bitcoin. I contended that an exchange that cleared transactions in real time would obviate the majority of SEC regulations which are aimed at exchanges like NYSE and NASDAQ which depend on batch transactions run through clearing houses.

The problem the world faced was that the SEC could charge any exchange of a variety of transgressions such as trading securities without a brokerage license.

I created an exchange where people could buy and sell one of a kind digital images to demonstrate the idea, but got nowhere.

I did not buy Bitcoin because I thought that the SEC, FTC and other groups were bound to suppress the coins.

Every time there is a dip in BTC, I expect an army of regulators to march in with jail sentences and impossibly fines.

As for my amount of HIVE. I have more than I really want. But I have to admit, it would be fun to have the dolphin badge.

I actually want to start selling off the HIVE and start living. I am hoping for a nice little price jump before I do so; However, I realize that I could end up holding a sticky pollen covered bag.

I did not buy Bitcoin because I thought that the SEC, FTC and other groups were bound to suppress the coins.

Hah. I actually made the same claim to some friends right before I went out and bought that pizza. :)

Per your recommendation I did power up a low power user here that I thought was deserving. I see they got a power up badge (I already had one) and an extra 10 HP. It didn't do anything visible on my account other than in my wallet stating I powered up someone else.

I kind of like this though. Thanks for pointing it out as the first of the month. I will likely try to make this a monthly thing. I'm going to try to find people that are under 100 HP that I think are worthy and at least one of them a month, maybe more power them up by 10+ HIVE so they can get that badge and the bonus HP.

Happy Hive PUD @yintercept 💪🐝