How to bridge ETH to base network?

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You may already know base is a layer two solution bulid on ethereum blockhain by coinbase, OpenSea started supported base network to trade NFTs around one month ago. Another thing is a very papular and hyped social media platform is also bulid on base network

Now the question is if any need some ethereum on base network to trade NFTs or to buy keys on how he can do it, remember I don't know about any cryptocurrency exchange which allows and support base network to withdraw ethereum that's why you have to use a bridge from ethereum blockhain to based network


There are some bridge available in fact base network developed it's own website for it but you have to pay higher transactions fee on most platforms, I recently find a solution I just used yesterday to get ETH on base network from polygon matic network it cost me around $2 in fee and take around 5 minutes to receive ETH in my

All you need is to have some WETH on Polygon MATIC in metamask Wallet then connect your wallet address to metamask select polygon to base swap and you will receive ethereum on base network with in few minutes

I am sharing this information because many users are looking for this I read many questions on social media platforms, some says it's take more then 7 days to do that, it's may be right because fee and transection time is dependent on the platform which you are using for swapping any cryptocurrency or ethereum to base. I hope this information will help you let me know in comments

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