Analaysts believes BTC 250,000 $ target despite recent dip after achieving ATH

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Current week proved great for BTC investors as the king of coin achieved the all time high worth of 66,930 $. Coin unable to sustain ATH worth and currently coin is trading around 60,500 $.

Despite of the dip in coin worth mainly due to correction factors expert still believe that coin can touch the magical 250,000 $ worth which is more four time worth from current worth. Expert believes that coin will sustain its worth and it will be good option for investors to buy coin at 55-56K $.

This is prediction and in crypto world it is pretty difficult to predict about the most volatile market. Any thing is possible here. What is your opinion my friends?

Wish you all a very happy healthy and prosperous life ahead. Have a nice time.

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BTC is on it correction mode, for now,we can't predict the value of BTC , because after the correction,it will form a market structure, from there we will know the level of BTC

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