Shiba Inu includes in top 20 list

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Current bullish run proved amazing for crypto industry as global crypto market surpasses 2.30 Trillion which was less than 1.85 Trillion USD a week ago. Majority of coins gained remarkable gain during this period.


One coin which really impressed by its gain is Shiba Inu. Shiba Inu gained 230% in last 7 days. With this gain coin is now placed at 20th position with a market cap of 10.5 Billion USD. Few people believes that Elon Musk tweet play a vital role in coin growth.

Crypto currency can amaze you any time. It can pump and dump any time. Growth of 230% at one hand is remarkable on the other hand it rings the bell of correction factor. This is crypto world. Anything is possible in this world. Let's see

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Its nice that Shiba Inu has become bullish recently. That's the beauty of the crypto world. Nothing is predictable. Shiba to the moon.