In ~0.5 knots through the Albrektssunds channel - and more photos from Sweden

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I passed Marstrand today, and after that it's the Albrektsunds channel. I had planned it according to the forecast, I had a window of some hours with perfect wind conditions. However, such narrow channels are rarely good for sailing - in the narrow parts of the channel I was partly under the lee from land. The wind speed sensor showed 5 knots, but that's at the top of the mast - down on deck the sail was mostly just flapping a bit by the turbulence. I had the wind mostly from behind, the current was going the other way, by average I probably had 0.5 knots speed over ground through the last part of the channel. At the very narrowest point the GPS showed a speed of 0.1 knots for several minutes. At one point I could visually see that I was going backwards, but luckily it lasted for less than a minute. Despite the low speed, the conditions was perfect for controlling the boat.

The photo doesn't say much - land felt much closer in reality than what it looks at the photo.

Aft view, passing the channel
fullsize - 2021-05-23 16:24:50*

Starboard view, passing the channel
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More photos

I stayed at Lille Kornö for two nights - and paid 600 NOK in cash for it, since I had neither Swish nor Swedish money. Slightly expensive. There was a bit of land there suitable for farming, today it's used for gardens. Harbour behind.

Smaller Kornö, farmland and harbour
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Also from Lille Kornö - not easy to see what is a public street and what is a private garden. Since there is a lamp post, I assume the public street actually continues over the grass here. (There are more such places in Sweden - like Gullholmen)

Public "street" at Lille Kornö
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Sunset at one of my anchorages - south of Hjärterösund
sun has been setting behind a small rocky island
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That garbage container looks a bit misplaced
A house and a garbage container
fullsize - 2021-05-23 16:58:33

No roads and no quay, I suppose they need a specialized boat to deliver it and to pick it up
Garbage container
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Garbage container
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The phone is supposed to take the GPS positions, but seems like it's not working well anymore, all positions were way off. I should look into it.

All photos available at IPFS QmfRfqnfiyQwsZGQ72BCB94VVDYj4jcoxetTpaoYFjdieL


Thks for sharing @tobixen ! Its nice to feel some sailing in Hive! What is that trash container doing there? Nobody knows. Funny things we find from our boat perspective. Cheers!

On the question on "why", it's pretty obvious, the owner of the house has been doing some maintenance and got lots of old building materials to throw. On the question on "how", it's obviously delivered by a ship (as with the construction materials for the house), but I would like to see the kind of ship that can deliver a garbage container (and construction materials) to such a place :-) (helicopter is of course also an option, but I don't believe that garbage container was delivered by a helicopter. It would be placed further from the sea if it had been delivered by helicopter).