The ice cream boat

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Soon summer! The ice cream sellers are out!

An ice cream seller serving a yellow sail boat

I couldn't quite resist the temptation of having an ice cream sandwich for lunch

Ice cream sandwich

I'm leaving Oslo - heading for Sweden. This is a very popular place, Middagsbukta. It's said that on the midsummer evening the boats are anchored so densely here that one can jump from boat to boat starting at one side and ending on the other side. (I find it strange that I haven't written any posts on Middagsbukta before. The closest I find is my post on Brønnøya which includes some photo of this anchorage). Quite many boats today as well.

Lots of boats in Middagsbukta

And yet another ice cream seller

Another ice cream seller

I dislike the ice cream car - contributing with extra noise and car traffic in our quiet residential area, often stopping right outside our home with the diesel engine running, using noise (bell or music) for marketing purposes, marketing towards children, selling unhealthy products. once the car was driving fast through our street, the bell was ringing a bit as it passed a hump, my son and a friend ran out on the street to get ice cream and was almost driven down.

The ice cream boat does admittedly have some of the same problems as the ice cream car - but on those days when it's profitable to sell ice creams in this manner it's already so much noise and boat engines running that it doesn't really make any difference. I never buy ice cream from the ice cream car, but I almost always buy ice cream when I see such a boat (... but I prefer peace and quiet, so I prefer to avoid situations when the ice cream boat can be encountered. I realized a bit too late it was probably not a good idea to pass through Middagsbukta).

(All photos taken by me, CC-BY-SA 4.0 applies)


Such a tricky situation isn't it? I love ice-cream too and am also concerned at the same time about the noise and safety issues of ice-cream trucks. Nonetheless, treat yourself @tobixen, you deserve some good things.