Need For Speed High Stakes in 2020, Race and Running from Police, Celtic Ruins, MBW M5, Brian Ronis

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Oh men, it always flows good memories when I see this game. It was so much time spent on it so many good races, cars, tracks, and race winnings.

That time that game it really was something. I still until this day hearing a god word about this game, those people who played it. And today the funynes playing doesn't change much. It has something who never Need For Speed does not have, som spirit, some more reality. This game was well made, has many great cars, to be honest, I really think it could be more, But graphics and physics are still great. In this game, you can choose warriors racing challenges from carrier to the tournament, and who was really fun, the police chase. The tracks are never boring, in Need Fors Speed highs Stakes is included previous NFS game all tracks but remastered and to locking better. You can change the weather, to rain, night add some fog. When you changed track into the night it not just a static night in the game, but the game adopts it, for example when racing night in Route Adonf at night in town you can see fireworks.

About the car BMW M5. For some people is still a dream car. It's really great to see cars you played then and now running on the streets. This is a powerful car, but the slowest on ist now clas in NFS High Stakes. The first car of AA class. I always pick this car when want to just play for fun and especially when running from the police.

Sharing love BMW M5 in Need For Speed High Stakes, first track of the game!

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