I can't believe its illegal to have a dirty car, but also illegal to clean my car.

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When I lived in the UK, I used to have a mobile/detailing business. It was a company I used to love running when the weather was perfect, but the problem with the UK was, it always rained. Anyway, I loved the process of turning a rough-looking car and making it look brand new, or as new a possible.

I had always cleaned my father's collection of cars, which ranged from a worn-out Ford transit, up to his Alpinas, BMW, Mercedes's, Porsches and Range Rovers. I loved it so much that I actually spent my pocket-money on good products to keep the cars looking fresh.


All this came to an end thou, when I moved to Russia, 7 years ago.

When I bought my first car in Russia, which was, and still is, my 2012 BMW 1 series.

I live in Moscow, and I began looking for car cleaning stuff. I bought some good stuff, thou II struggled to find the products.

I got all my stuff ready, and I asked the lady who runs our building if I can use her hose pipe if I can give her some money. She said, NET (which is No in Russian)!!!! it turns out that it is illegal to wash your car in Moscow, and that I have to use a company which will wash it for me. I can wash my car with water outside Moscow thou, in our country house. When I heard this, my heart sunk. Cleaning a car has a special process, if you use the wrong method, you can leave fine scratches in the paintwork, and even mess up the trim on the car.

After much research, I found a good company, which don't charge much at all.

I only pay £3.50 for a contactless wash, and then I can go to my own garage, and do the polishing, etc.


It's illegal to wash your car in the city, due to the chemicals in the shampoo, and all the dirt on the cars can be washed down the drain etc. I was very surprised to be honest because they are always spraying chemicals on the ground to keep the area clean or to de-ice the roads.

I believe another reason thy are strict, is to keep the car washing places in business.

If you get caught cleaning your car in the city, it will cost you £50, and if you get caught tipping the contaminated water, it would cost about £20.

If I get caught with my car being dirty, then I could also get a big fine.

Are there any special rules in your country? Please let me know :)


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Hi. It's one of the weirdest traffic tickets you can get, the question is what do you consider a car too dirty?

It is very odd isn’t it :D my car is quite dirty at the moment, and No one has stopped me. I guess because I cleaned my plates and lights :) thank you :)

Yes, very strange, I think that's what you should keep your badge and lights visible. Stay safe!

Nothing seems to make sense at the moment it seems. Covid is fuqed

That is very true. Thanks :)

No special rules in Australia as far as I know. Only time is when we are in drought conditions and can't use a hose only a bucket of water.

Oh cool, similar to the Uk then :) It is odd that hehehehe Uk gets droughts, because it always rains there