Why driving drunk friends home isn't always a good idea.

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When I used to live in the UK, I used to love going out in my local town for a drink, but one day someone did something to a drink of mine, and I ended up laying on the bench, which the police trying to wake me up, and an ambulance approaching with its blues and two on. They thought I was dead, my pulse was so slow they couldn't even find it.

Luckily I eventually woke up, and they called my father to collect me, but he wasn't in the best state to drive and ended up pushing home in a supermarket trolley. It ended up bent around my next when he pushed me over the curb.

Since that night, I was scared to drink in that town again, in case someone did something to my drink.

What it did encourage me to do thou was look out for my friends thou. I would rather be the one keeping an eye on them and making sure they reached their home safe.

Due to this thou, it's very hard to get some of the people to behave.

One night, my friend who is female asked me to drive her home, with my good friend, who was her uncle. The drive was going smooth when suddenly, I couldn't see anything. The girl behind me suddenly put her hands over my eyes! I was extremely lucky that her uncle woke up. I bought the car to a stop, luckily on a quiet road at night. I was not best pleased! The next day she was extremely apologetic. I forgave her, but I would never let her sit behind me again.


Another drive was taking my workmate home. I asked her many times to put her seat belt on, she kept refusing, and said she didn't need it. I was on private land, so I quickly did a wheel spin and slammed the brakes on at less than 10mph, so she almost headbutts the dash. She said, "oh yes, I will put it on". Her husband laughed.

Another time, my father asked me to collect his friends from the local pub in his Ford Ranger Martini edition. I picked up what I thought were adults. One of them was 14 and tipsy, but I thought she was 20, and I didn't find this out until I was coming up to passing the police, who were checking people. Let's just say I was a tad nervous. I didn't want to be responsible for carrying a drunk teen in my dads truck.


The moral is, only carry people you know and trust well.

Have you had any problems taking drunk people home?