Fire Breathing 2 seater MG and content explanation during C19 Lockdown

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Here's another one of our YouTube shorts, currently it's either one of our cars, previous show coverage, a short or Press footage, and as lockdown was extended until at least the end of Feb, that's how it'll sadly remain, mind you we do have content, where others don't.

All our booked in press cars have been postponed, and any bridges we'd built to gain new manufacturers are in... well you get it.

We should have had a new MG HS Hybrid, Kia Exceed as well as an Electric Sprinter and one or two more.

We have lots of archived content, shows etc - our channel viewers love new cars though meaning we have to be one of the first to get press footage out, this is a new challenge.

This does give us time to perfect our own cars though, today I stripped off the black paint on the Mercedes Benz C124 AMG's - that's tomorrows video though.

Back to the MG, this TF was at Blackpool car meet and we think this is the perfect flame grilling system, it's mobile, gets hot enough and looks the part, mind you foods may be petroleum tainted.

Thank you guys and stay safe


How good would that going down the road😀

Pretty raw we reckon, thank you

Keep up !

Oh yes, thank you