Bye for Good, Gutless GOP

in FreeSpeech5 months ago (edited)


I returned to the GOP for one reason--to fight for Trump's reelection. Not because Trump is a Jefferson or Madison, but because he is a fighter. Seldom in my life has anyone fought for me, and I am in tears that there is nobody directly representing me any more who cares about my, or anyone else's, unalienable rights. My Senators, Burr and Tillis, are useless. My governor is a tyrant. I have no honestly elected President at all.

This morning I got an email inviting me to a local GOP meeting. I sent this reply:

Sorry, I am now deciding whether to return to Libertarian Party or join Constitution Party. With few exceptions, Republicans have been disappointing me my whole life and now the DC swamp is right back to their capitulation and "just vote for us next time and it will be different." Only Trump fought (and Cruz, I think) and with the RINOs fighting alongside the communist/Democrats, the GOP is no longer grand, only old.

May God in his mercy reveal every politician who is being blackmailed, hiding communist money, or otherwise deceiving and defrauding America. I will never again hold my nose and vote for a creature like Tillis or Burr. 3rd party votes are not wasted; RINO votes are.

I wish the local party well. I hope you can change your party back into something Reagan and Goldwater would recognize, but I cannot share your hope any more.