"If you don't vote for X, you're voting for Y!"

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Every four years like clockwork, we are being told that this is "the most important election of our lives." The partisans insist that, "If you don't vote for X, you're voting for Y!" Third-party candidates are denounced by both major parties as spoilers secretly siphoning away votes that belong to their own candidate. Emotions run high as deep ideological shortcomings and personal faults in the candidates are overlooked in the name of tribal unity.

I know my decision to withdraw from participation in the charade earns the ire of all. "If you don't vote, you can't complain," they insist in a brief moment of unity. But I do not consent to the system, and I know the mathematical influence I have rounds to zero. Why should I expend my time and energy playing a game I believe to be corrupt to the core, and where my influence is no greater than that of the ignorant tribalist partisans?

The American experiment in a constitutionally-limited democratic republic has failed. It is time to build something new. Vote with your time and energy on things that actually matter, and where you can make a real difference. We have decentralized cutting-edge solutions to the problems an obsolete political system doesn't even see yet. Government is regressive and reactive, regardless of their rhetoric. We can be proactive, innovative, and truly progressive if we leave behind the dead weight of the State.

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If you don't vote, you can't complain

I always ask anyone saying this: "Who told you that, a politician?"

Then, before they really have time to process the question, I follow up with: "How about, if you vote you have no right to complain?"

Some further elaboration might be required, but it usually results in them awkwardly changing the subject once they realize how stupid the initial statement actually sounds.

How about, "You wanted a government, and you got one good and hard. You have no right to complain, but I have every right to object to your arrogant presumption and usurpation."

The entire way we vote, the order it goes in, the voting before the voting, the way the ballets are cast... the whole thing is rigged. Its designed to end up with two parties (who can easily be controlled) each putting a puppet forward.

The least educated and the ones who have the least to lose are the ones who decide any election.

That we cannot hold any politi-roach to their campaign promises is getting towards the heart of the matter.

The entire system is corrupt.
And, building a new system with no care about the old, is the only real way forward.

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I’ll end up voting for the lesser of two weevils but the old saying Don’t vote, it only encourages them has a lot of appeal.

I know the mathematical influence I have rounds to zero.

Unfortunately, this statement more and more seems to ring true, regardless of our Electoral College which is supposed to balance the scale between big City populations and rural America.

Seems it is all a combination of Hollywood and international organized crime controlling the landscape/outcome...

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