CDC's own figures.....Feeling cheated yet?

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3% adverse effects with a vaccine - against 'a virus' with over 99% chance of no negative effects - (That's 1%).
3% of people are being left disabled after the vaccine - according to the CDC's own website!
(after 3 day roll out)

Wake up people.

Pfizer CEO ??? He's sold/selling, his stock).

Still not smelling any coffee yet?...

....I despair...
just in....


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Do we have a link for the info on the site? Not easy to find on the cdc site.

Something ain't right with that screen shot.

The increase in pregnancies.

'the ratios'?
They seem about right....?

Yeah. And that's the part about 'somethin ain't right.'

I grabbed it off twater...let me see if i can find it again...

Pfff. izer

The people waiting in line eager to receive this vaccine blows my mind. Jumpin up and down, raising their hand, "Pick me! Pick me!"

It's beyond nuts!

I felt dispirited in February when it dawned on me that people would fall for this shit

But sheeple do what sheeple do...

....sheeple will be knocked out of their torpor ( or enough will) ... eventually..