Psyber-X: Going on Walks is Healthy (for most)

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Authored by @bobthebuilder2

Did you miss me? You probably thought I had died. I was out walking my girlfriend (who needs a dog?) and we saw this scraggly looking fella digging through the trash for some filters. This is a bit common, so I didn't think much of it, but my girl pointed to a stack of pictures lying on the ground next to this guy.

We walked up to him, struck up conversation that went a little like this:

No, I'm not going to steal your trash! I just want to look at these pics...No, put away that shiv!...If you come at me like that again, I'll smack you again with these barbed knuckles...

well...anyway, my girlfriend sliced his Achilles, but he had it coming. Fortunately for you, I didn't get any of that slicker's blood on these images...mind you, don't tell those folks at Royal Reptile that I am still breathing. They might sick Terminus on me...there's no living after that. I've seen the splatters left in the city...

character building.png

I'm not sure if this is a pic of some new experiment? I know they've gone robot crazy over at Space Kahnex, and we were in a nice neighborhood...I'm betting it's the next version of the T-27, just a little cleaned up maybe.

2nd character.png

Hey...this guy looks a little similar to someone I know. They're making the bots more realistic these days, you never know. Looks creepy if you ask me.

building detail.png

Hey, this is a great shot of downtown. Seems weird they'd be taking pics of the scaffolding on the side of the building like that, though. Must have been taken on a day after it rained to get that much detail. Sure is a feat of architectural engineering if you ask me...

building detail 2.png

This one really strikes me as odd. It looks like they have a bay highlighted. I can tell you right now, you don't want to try and enter in one of those'll get shocked to high Zeelis and back. Imagine waking up feeling like your head had been stuffed up your...well, you's not pleasant. I wonder if they are planning a break-in...

I dunno. I just share what I find.

Don't tell anyone you got these from me... see ya...

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Wow this is going to be amazing!!!

The grim sagas continue! Dude, just bring your Get off my Lawn Shotgun with you next time so your girlfriend doesn't have to walk around with you shiving people's achilles into fish filets! Looking forward to logging in and moving around in this universe!

less love for you if you have a dog, Remember that before buy a dog for you GF :D


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Thanks for holding the camera still and eliminating the blurr :)
Looking forward to seeing some new action. those guns looked weird AF though.