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I wasn't going to participate in the weekend engagement this week because I haven't had much to really share. However, I felt the urge to share my somewhat crazy weekend with the weekend community. So! here we go.

Have you ever sat and listened to the silence around you and it's so quiet it actually hurts your ears? sounds a bit weird, I know, but I don't know how else to put it otherwise, so I will just tell you what I experienced this past weekend in my own words and what I think I reflected out of it as a creative person.

It all started on Saturday morning when Peter, my husband came back from the store. He sounded a bit concerned that there were so few people at the Grocery Store at the local Mall, even the car park was fairly empty he continued to explain.
Mmmm!.....that's strange! on a Saturday morning, especially around 11am the place is in a buzz, and is difficult to find parking.
Must be a number of reasons for the phenomenon, I thought, my mind twirling around like a whirl wind inside my head.

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Dwelling in the silence, with all sorts of wonderful and weird things playing through my mind, I went and sat in the garden with a cup of tea, quite aware of the essence of the stillness.
To be honest, I haven't heard the birds chirping or airplanes flying over towards the airport, or the sound of the next door neighbors kids playing in their yard; just absolute total silence, even the trees were still and didn't move; It wasn't a hot day at all, it was cloudy and cool actually, so what could the reason be I wonder?
garden 2.jpg
I walked around the garden, my mind doing summersaults and my imagination running amok with all sorts of weird theories and explanations, it just felt so airy almost hearing some kind of dramatic music out of some mystery drama film playing out in my mind. As it is, I have quite a "vivid" imagination. Lol!! Omg! I admit I'm a bit of a drama queen.

Even my friends the monkey's were sitting still up in the trees with no intention to move, or tease the dogs like they normally do.

My fur children, just sat there waiting in anticipation for the run around which their monkey friends were not in the mood for today.

I watched as Peter stared out into the garden from the dinning room. I wondered if he had the same thoughts as me? What was he thinking?
We both are creative people and I must admit, nothing creative has been happening in our lives lately, our creativity has become silent like the day, our inspiration seems to have evaporated into thin air, OK! I think it's still there ,maybe just lacking a little enthusiasm most likely.
Have I allowed so much noise in my head lately that I haven't noticed the silence? It's important I think , to be still, to hear what it has to communicate with you, I really don't have the answer, waiting in anticipation for the answer.
I ask myself, have I allowed the noisy world to drown out my creativity and this is a way of "Mother Earth" communicating the importance of silence to regenerate and inspire my creativity and nurture my soul? I can only but wonder.

My weekend in silence, nothing much happened, perhaps just a little soul searching and finding inspiration in this crazy world of ours.
I'm sure I'll find the answer soon.

I thank you for allowing me to share my weekend with you, and thank you @galenkp for hosting this weekend community.
Until next weekend, have a great week.

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 2 months ago (edited) 

Hello @artywink

I ready your post and I envy you. Having a day of silence all to myself seems like a far off wish at this point. Don't worry if your creativity is low at the moment, these things happen and I am sure inspiration will strike again soon, in the meantime, enjoy the peace and quiet, the solace and serenity.

If you feel I'm being dramatic, please understand I have a very active 4 year old daughter - silence is a phenomenon of mystery to me at the moment lol

Have a lovely day

Ranger Andy

Thank you so much for the kind words @andrastia, I don't mind the silence at all, we do need it from tome to time, i'm sure my creativity will return soon. Enjoy your little one, soon she will be grown up, it goes so fast too. Thank you so much for stopping by, have a blessed day.

I would be mesmerized with a weekend involving a beautiful garden like that. Oh and fur babies! Oh and monkeys! What different worlds we live in. Your grass is much greener than our grass could ever be haha.

A weekend in silence and soul searching sounds good. I need to discipline myself.

Thank you so much @carolynstahl those monkeys can be little pests at times, they come into my house and steele from my kitchen, I love them though I feed them sometimes, we aren't supposed to, but I do, after all, they were here first. I have been doing quite a bit of soul searching, getting there. Thank you for your kind words, and for stopping by.

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 2 months ago  

Silence is underrated in a world full of noise I actively seek silence and gain great value when I find it. Thanks for taking the time to share your weekend; I'm sure answers will present themselves as you're putting yourself in the right frame of mind to find them.

Thank you @galenkp sometimes we just have to sit quietly to find ourselves again, I think. Thank you for stopping by.

 2 months ago  

You're welcome, thanks for posting great content in THE WEEKEND community.

I enjoy sitting in silence at times, a way of rejuvenating I suppose. It's not always easy finding the time with a houseful and mom and the son both leaning heavily on me, often asking why I'm so quiet but silence is valuable for gathering one's thoughts and finding renewal.
I'm sure you'll soon find inspiration and you'll be a busy bee again! At least you can share your thoughts here in Hive.
Thanks for the reminder of the value of silence my friend!

Thankyou @lizelle I need to force myself, listen to the inner voice. Thanks my friend for passing by.

Isn't it interesting when we go into the stillness of our minds or try to, reflecting on something like a mystery of a happening. I find that I go into a deeper level of thinking and sometime my mind just goes round. Sitting in silence is very peaceful as long as we still our minds and just breathe, it is the peace that is energising and restful at the same time.
I wonder why your shopping centre was so quiet on the weekend? Maybe at home or maybe on a weekend away or maybe ....... lots of explanations and I am going into overdrive, hahaha. All the best my friend.🌸

Thank you @angiemitchell I still have no explanation why the center was quiet, maybe it had something to do with the full moon, lol!one never knows. Have a great day my friend and thanks for stopping by.

Yep, the full moon explanation will do, hahaha. It affects the earth quite a lot with its magnetic influence. I did not sleep very well a few nights before the recent full moon.
Dropping by is always fun, I enjoy the chat.