Weekend-Engagement - My favorite weekend getaway on the planet, Australia / My country South Africa

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The country I would choose to spend the weekend would be Bells Beach Southern coast of Victoria Australia without any doubt.

bells beach 2.JPG
Why?.....First of all, when I visited Bells Beach around three years ago while on vacation in Melbourne visiting my daughter and grand-babies, I fell in love with the place. The quaint little town up on the hill over looking the sea with it's captivating views just did something magical to my soul.

bells beach.JPG
Secondly, I miss my daughter Candice and grand-children so much, can't wait to visit Australia again.


Candice and her family have moved to Brisbane, Queensland I think it's called, we're working on visiting there soon, hopefully soon, can't predict what is going to happen with covid and vax mandates, one can only hope things will resume back to "some what normality" in the future.
Once we there and settled, I'm taking a flight from Brisbane to Bells Beach to spend the weekend with my grand-kids yes, on the beach, Lol!!... all weekend in the glorious sun.

Oh!...and I wont forget to pack a couple of Ozzie Pies, that's another reason I like Australia, they make the best hot pies on the planet, I've never tasted such delicious pies, ever!
Australia is an awesome place, reminds me of South Africa about 30 Years ago, when everything worked well and the transport system was intact, when it was safe to travel around at night, it was awesome to feel safe to move around freely and so conveniently too. I could quite easily live in Australia for ever, if it were possible.

What do I love about my country South Africa?

south africa.jpg
(Picture download from unsplash)

I think I love the vast diversity of the people the most, we have the most colorful nation on this planet and the most complicated one too.
South African people are generally warm patient, tolerant creative people. Unfortunately the corrupt Government hasn't kept it's promise to the people of South Africa, instead of bringing us all together and forming the rainbow nation, "Nelson Mandela's dream", they have sadly divided us even further, with their corruption and looting the tax payers money to the detriment of the people, who some, sadly, live without water and sanitation or education, unemployed, who are left to their own demise, hence the crime rate. Fortunately, the majority of the people are starting to unite across all races and cultures and are rising up against this corrupt Government, working together to build the country back up. Hopefully bringing the people and Madiba's dream to reality. But, with the challenges we have of poverty, unemployment and crime, we have a beautiful country and I am proud to be South African, our different cultures no drought, are intertwined in our cuisine and life styles. We are proudly South African.

The best three futures, places or attractions I would promote to someone visiting our country South Africa for the first time would be.
Nambiti Big 5 Private Game Park Reserve Kwa Zulu Natal South Africa.

It's been a good few years since I've been to the Game Reserve, it's the most exhilarating experience ever. The wild life Safari tours and beautifully equipped lodges, are truly worth the experience.

The smell of the bush-veld and different sound of the birds and wild animals, is enough to get the adrenalin glands pumping into over drive.

The sound of the wild birds are like music to the ears, it's just amazing, the best music you'll hear I'm sure. Well!!... that's my opinion anyway.


Even the tortes and dung bugs have a part to play in the reserve, very interesting little creatures too.
Then there is the evening camp fire waiting for you as you wind down from the excitement of the day with a cold beer and a piece of rump steak, one can sit quietly and riminess or chat about ones thoughts and experiences.
A lovely way to end the day.
OMG!!...I'm a poet and I didn't know it. Lol!! only joking.

fire camp.jpg

Then there is our Mother City Cape town
table mountain.jpg
Table mountain the famous land mark of Cape town. If ever you are in Cape town and you loose your direction, just look towards the mountain, it will redirect you, one can see it almost every where around Cape town City and the coast, I call it the magical mountain, looks like a table top forever changing color, sometimes the clouds drape over it like a table cloth, it's an amazing sight to see.

Kalk bay.jpg
Kalk Bay is a quaint little fishing village on the coast of False Bay, South Africa which is a suburb of Cape town this restaurant is situated right on the Peer where one can order freshly caught fish of the day with delicious fried hot chips and a beer of course.

table mountain from Melkbosch.jpg
Amare is a quaint little restaurant over looking the ocean in Melkbosstrand which is a fishing village and is known for it's stretch of beautiful white beaches and lots of sea food restaurants. My next destination is to Melkbosstrand where my youngest daughter lives, the most beautiful place in South Africa, another place I want to retire to and live out my days gazing at the sea and listening to the sea gulls sing.

Then the third place on my promotion list for you is;
Umhlanga Rocks

Umhlanga Rocks.gif
Umhlanga is situated on the North Coast of Kwa Zulu Natal, offering luxurious Hotels and accommodation, beautiful beaches, Restaurants and night life to suite your taste.
One can stroll along the boulevard with your dog, and enjoy Natal's endless summer days.
Well! that is my Weekend-engagement post 74 challenge entry.
Thank you @galenkp for the opportunity to take part.
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I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did sharing with you all.

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Thank you for stopping by.

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What a magnificent post @artywink - enjoyed the read. In S Africa at the moment and leaving for Cyprus on the 16th. Never managed to get to the Cape this time and I really wanted to. I did my degree at the University of Cape Town and would loved to have re-visited.

Thank you @leelektrik for those kind words, enjoy your stay and have a safe trip back to Cyprus. Thank you for stopping by.

I know when I went to Perth there was this Apple Strudle that I was introuduced to and let me just say, I couldn't stop talking about it when I came back. I wished that I could have packed come back haha

I have heard so much about Cape Town and do wish to visit one day :D

Exactly how I felt with the pies @kaerpediem Lol! they were just to die for. Thanks so much for passing by, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

wow so cool..

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To time travel back thirty years to the way it was, good thought isn't it! Australia is a great pick for your weekend break and why. Would really have enjoyed visiting there myself, never have, very much doubt it will happen now.

Cape, another good reason to visit, possibly retire.

Our country definitely has a lot to offer, when the people stand together I too am hopeful things will start feeling more like home than being prisoners in our own houses of late.

@tipu curate

when the people stand together I too am hopeful things will start feeling more like home than being prisoners in our own houses of late.

I am not from Africa, but I heard that this is what they do in Africa. They live in communities. They live like family. This is a big difference compared to the most of the western cultures. Greetings from Hungary.

We have neighbourhood watch to keep an eye out of each other as best we can.

We I live in a free standing house with garden, not a gated community which many live in, one is always making sure security gates are locked day and night. No one is totally safe!

Would live in Hungary in a small village quite happily if it is still safe to walk alone day and night, this is a luxury we do not have, unless we go out to places like mentioned in my content.

You are so right @joanstewart we have such a beautiful country with all its problems, we just need to stick together, unite as one nation.Thank you so much for passing by, much appreciated.

Perhaps this unification will come with time, at the moment we feel torn between what we no it can be and what we have right now.

Awesome blog my friend, your photographs make me long for the bushveld...but, we're on our way to the Berg, I can't wait to get away from it all.
Very special memories here of your wonderful family and the fabulous destinations!

@lizelle, Bells Beach is where I grew up! My family home was 1 km away and I could hear the waves there at night!

That's my home! I grew up there - a kilometre away! I could hear the waves at night. I am now half an hour's drive but it's still home. Many memories of surfing there, playin gunder the cliffs, etc etc.

It is such a beautiful place @riverflows I trully enjoyed every minute of it, everyone was so friendly and I got to watch the young surfers having fun Lol!Thanka so much for stopping by.

I am sad for you. Africa has always had an exciting air to it. I was involved in the start-up of a girls' orphanage in Kenya when it was unsafe to be a girl or a human being there. There were two of them and eventually they were burnt to the ground. :( It was my first real interaction of that kind. That the government could sit and watch it happen was beyond my comprehension. After the second one was burned down and pillaged, we never started up and the girls were farmed out to other communities. It was a difficult task to start with and the paperwork for starting a nonprofit not on our soil was a series of hurdles for impossible lengths of time.

Long story short as this IS your story, your country is an incredible place, the crime is horrendous, but, a good clean government will take most of the problems away. Or it will put it back on the right track. I am actually too afraid to go back there, and I find that sad. :( Either I am getting old or maybe smarter, staying out of places that don't feel safe.

I always think of you and Joan and Lizelle and so many others, hoping you stay safe. The world is a crazy place right now.

You are so right @dswigle Africa is a very dangerous place, only thing is once you have it in your blood it's a difficult thing to get out of. We are hoping for a new clean government after the elections, but they are so corrupt and rig the votes, also the uneducated and poverty ridden people get bribed with a T- shirt and a bag of mielie meal to vote for them, then are left to their own demise, it's so sad, with all that, we have such a beautiful country, thank you so much for stopping by.

There has been big talk of the last few elections being rigged here and the vast poverty of the immigrants they allowed in with no way to support themselves have been their ace in the hole. Nothing buys votes like poverty that is fed small things for big votes. :(

It is disgusting to watch this happening here.

Absolutely agree, the same thing happened here, if it is allowed it will only get worse unfortunately. Sadly, it's the children that suffer, our country has deteriorated so much in the 25 years the ANC has been in power, and we have China doing stuff in the dark too. We need a good clean up world wide I think. We just don't go out at night. When I went to Australia, my daughter kept on telling me to relax , i'm not in Africa, Lol! One builds a sort of inbuilt self protection , I don't even know how to explain it.
I loved Australia, I felt safe and free there. Thanks @dswigle for the chat. Go well and be safe.

Weekend beautiful 😀