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September 20th, 2020

Alaskan Fall

Our Sunday drive for fall color started off pretty nicely. Fall comes and goes pretty rapidly in Alaska and we wanted to get a few more pictures while the picture taking was good. This is one of the side roads in Sterling Alaska:
Sterling before the clouds
Beautiful start, some high clouds, and clouds well in the distance. We were hoping once we got to Cooper landing the clouds would part and separate, That did not happen, however that did not prevent me from taking some pictures.

Here is the view of where a lot of sheep like to hang out, you not likely to see any today however. This is a two shot panoramic stitched together shot using Autostitch

Cooper Landing area
This was with my landscape lens on set at 20 mm. It was a pretty overcast day, but still light enough for some nice shots. These were taken from inside my vehicle with the window rolled down and hand held.

Next stop was for Tern Lake. I am glad we went there were a few swans there and a couple of the pictures came out nice so now I'll have a Feathered Friends post to make in a day or two,

Old Sterling Highway at Tern Lake
I have only driven down the road a couple of miles and that was when I was much younger and dumber, and did not have a lick of sense. I was not prepared in the least for this road in a car, it is meant for four wheel drive vehicles set up to travel back country, (meaning you better have a wench and ropes).

End of the run for the fish, they are happy to have reached their spawning grounds. Not as many in the photo as I got one year, and not very easy to see but the fish are there.

Tern Lake spawning fish

They have a small viewing platform to stand on and watch the fish. I was not fast enough to capture any jumping, there were a few splashes as some of them were jumping.

This is the little bridge you drive over to get to the rest are, it is one car at a time.

Tern Lake campground bridge

This is a pretty nice scenic area, here is what the road looks like leaving the area.
DSC_0440  Copy tern lake campground exit.jpg

I think I will end with the bog view from the Tern Lake overlook. This image is 32 stitched together frames once again using the Autostitch program.
View of Tern Lake from the overlook

This was taken with my 55-300 mm lens, I don't recall the settings I used but it was a pretty high ISO and all the images were taken in portrait orientation of the camera and was hand held, (that was why for the high ISO)

I have a lot more pictures from the day and may get around to sharing more of them in a later post. I hope everyone was able to end their weekend on a high note, it is always nice when the blah days can become spectacular days.

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Very beautiful pictures you took here! I enjoyed them all but my personal favorite is the turn off that requires some serious vehicle power.

It took me a minute but I saw the fish, that’s great! I would love to go to such a nice fishing spot lol. My little dock and catching sunfish doesn’t look so appealing now! Hehe

I don't think they allow fishing in that area, but the Kenai and the Russian rivers are pretty famous for salmon, rainbow trout and dolly varden trout.


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You've got some great shots here and it looks like a really great spot!

I like all the photos although the second last one, the winding road, mountain and clouds is my favourite one I think. It sort of hints at the beauty of the area, enticing the observer into the scene...Probably not a great description of it, but as good as my limited ability can give. I also like that little trail down to the picnic area.

Even for all the low clouds and not much sun at all today, it was still a pretty fall day. That second to the last is the road leaving the picnic/camping area.


Sometimes clouds can make a nice picture...Well, lots of times really. You know, we get those same colours in the Adelaide hills in autumn...Nice for a drive and we don't mind some rain and clouds...A stop in for scones, jam and cream, a coffee somewhere...Nice day out.

It was we stopped by our favorite eats place, I had their homemade buffalo meatloaf with veggies and massed potatoes. They make a great meatloaf.

Damn it...It's 1545 here in the afternoon...Afternoon snack time. And you're talking about buffalo meatloaf and mash? C'mon...You're killing me! :)

Sounds really good. We love drives in the countryside like that...We do it a lot...Have a lot of picnics.

Next week I plan on trying the Rosemary rib-eye dinner. I wont talk about the deserts they sometimes make, like blueberry cream cheese bear claws, or the chocolate cheesecake. I'll just mention a soup or two.

You said you won't talk about the desserts...The proceed to taint me with them. Lol. It sounds like a nice spot with some great food. I'd imagine home made and all?

Home made and local grown when available.

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I liked that picture but the one with the turn off was my favorite. It's so intriguing, kind of like a 'road less traveled' kind of vibe to it!

There's nothing like turning down some little country laneway not knowing where it goes.

Tern Lake is on the south coast of Alaska. The birch trees over there look like I'd expect to see them look like here about a month from now. The climate in Scandinavia and Finland is generally a few degrees warmer despite the same latitude. Your climate is pretty much like somewhere between Trondheim and Mo i Rana on the Norwegian coast at the 63rd and the 66th northern latitudes.

Beautiful colors! Overall great shots!

Thank you, this is one of the reasons I like Hive, get to see stuff from all over the world and what it is like where they are from.


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Oh, man. Nice photos of a beautiful area.

I always like to see the spawners, means the next generation will be there.

Your stitched landscapes are just spectacular. 32 frames? That's just completely amazing.

Thanks for a great weekend wrap up!

Yeah 32, I was surprised my laptop was able to handle it, only took about 20 minutes to stitch them all together. I did not even try to balance out the white balance and hue on each frame I was hoping for the best and that I would not need to do it.

One year we made it up there in time to see the place just loaded with fish. I don't know if we were a tad early or a tad late yesterday to catch the full spawn. We went last week and not many at all, so we may have been a little early.


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Oh thanks for sharing. I just love the trees and the water

it was a pretty scenic drive for today. I do wish we would have had more sun, but you go with what mother nature throws at you.

Alaska, one of the 10 I have not been to and by all accounts it looks stunning. I agree with Galen the last shot is sweet. I do love the 3rd one though the" where does that go?" shot

That used to wind down and through the mountains to Homer Alaska. When they built the new Highway, it became an unmaintained road, I don't think you can get very far 6 to 8 miles, but I am not real sure how far it goes. It is the Old Sterling Highway mostly used now by 4 wheelers and mountain bikers and hikers to get to Crescent lake.

Looks beautiful. The changing leaves is very pronounced. I imagine that Alaska is very beautiful this time of year, and really everytime of year lolol.

We get a lot of the various green fall colors and the golden yellows, the orange and red phases of change is very rapid so we don't get those very often, but yes fall is a very colorful season for us.

Yes it was a very scenic drive yesterday.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 23 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

thank you it is much appreciated.

"I was not prepared in the least for this road in a car, it is meant for four wheel drive vehicles set up to travel back country, (meaning you better have a wench and ropes)."

Well a wench and ropes might make for a fun time, however I think if you get stuck a winch and ropes might be less fun but a better choice LOL 😁

Yeah I did mean winch. I should edit it but then again why, wench's and ropes go together as well as winches and ropes. Plus if I edit it, people will wonder about your comment.

Exactly. I hope you dont mind me being silly with it lol. I could not resist. Maybe others will get a chuckle from it as well :)

Some typos are just to good to pass the laugh up on.