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RE: Weekend-engagement topic week 28: The gift

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Ha, ha, ha. As always a lot of hilarious comments come out of this. Ok, I'll pick some friends to give them gifts. Some of the gifts are promises.

First, I choose @mipiano. And my gift is my virtual pen to write reviews of her perfomances. She knows I'm a little biased about her playing the piano, but I can do a nice job to get people interested in hiring her to play in concert halls and other places. Maybe even recording an album, who knows? Words and skills will set the limits.

Second, I know this guy likes some DIY things, but I'll get him a pair of maracas made by yours truly. I don't know if he would ever get to play them, but it would be fun to see it happen. This gift is for, @bigtom13 who has given a lot of support to my early posts.

My third gift is a piece of cake for @hlezama. I gave him some of my birthday cake 2 weeks ago and found out he could get any of it. I think that sucks and since I have more things to make cakes in the upcoming days, well, that's the perfect chance for him to get a piece of cake and share any of it.

Maybe I'm breaking the rules with this ideas, but hey! At least one of the gifts is actually virtual. Ha, ha, ha.

If you have anything to say about it G-dog, you can comment in here. 🤣


I'd say that @mipiano would be very happy to receive such a gift and she's certainly well-deserving of it as her talent is excellent. You may not know this, but I started playing the piano at four and a half years old and still play today, at 50. I have my own here at home and get a lot of enjoyment from it when I'm in the mood so maybe if you can get mipiano a concert hall gig I'll be the opening act? You know, the shit player that no one listens to before the main one.

Maracas huh? I'd like to see Tom doing some Flamenco moves with the maracas going and all...That would be the funniest thing of all time and I'd make sure I videoed it. I think it's a good gift, not only does it show your generosity to Tom, but it gives to us all through the fact we get to watch Tom! Nice work.

Cake...Enough said here I think...I mean, cake. Just a legit gift in any language!

Good gifts, good, deserving people, thanks for joining in.


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You see. That's was what I referring to with the layers. You always get another trick out of the hat. The G-dog also plays the piano. Nice!

I have already started to do some little reviews in her posts. But she deserves some more credit for such an amazing content she puts here.

Ha, ha, ha. Well, he could do something like that. I have never heard maracas in Flamenco, but I can show him to play Joropo as we do in this part of Venezuela.

And Cake, well. Cake is cake.

Clearly I have no clue who uses maracas and when...I took a stab at it, clearly failed. :)

 10 months ago  

Well, you were right they are minor percussion instruments like "castañas". And Joropo comes from one of the variants of Flamenco (Fandango), so it is not too far of a shot. I mean you shot for the bullseye but you hit the mark not in the yellow zone.

Oh yeah, didn't miss by much but to a marksman...A miss is always a miss. But in this case I think I'm excused right?

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Yes, I wasn't expecting you to know what maracas are. I mean they are getting popular but not many things get world-wide fame so easily.

It wasn't Maggies Drawers but it wasn't an X either. Blame the wind. It always works for me.

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Ha, ha, ha. The wind changed suddenly!

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Words and skills will set the limits.

Please, don't limit yourself 🙏😆

But really, my dearest music critic @bertrayo , thanks for that gift 🤗💛

Unfortunately, we will be more restricted now in time being out in the evening. Even Cinderella can stay out longer, so I don't know how that concert, with @galenkp starting to play the piano AND @bigtom13 playing the maracas would come true..

Me warming up the audience with some piano, bigtom13 on the maracas and then the main event, you on the piano...Who wouldn't pay $400 a ticket to see that!

By the way, I saw you wandering about at HiveFest but couldn't catch you as I was deep in a chat with someone at the time. I hope to run into you on the second day...Unless you only speak Spanish and then...Well, I'm afraid my Spanish is terrible...Meaning I know none.

If @bertrayo writes good stuff about us, then people would pay even more 😂

Haha I can communicate in 4 languages, one of them English (with accent hahaha but ok) , don't worry. Yes, I was there, by side when you was talking to riverflows if I remember well the username, I didn't want to interrupt.. and then you disappeared 👀

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Writing good stuff is the first step to get the concerts in place. What comes after will help to get more concerts!

I speak four languages too. English, Australian, Swear and American. Well, five if you count the international of love. 🤣

Hehe 😂 omg, the third one 😂

epic 😜


 10 months ago  

That third one is special. 🤣

I can tell for a fact that @galenkp is able to swear like a sailor.

Oh yes, he is certainly able to...But knows when not to. :)

Some times I do, some times I don't. Basically depends on just how lit off I am.

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I never limit myself, dear @mipiano. Unfortunately, as you said, restrictions are the ones keeping us from getting that big hit concert. I would pay to see it, but since I'm the one getting together I will be backstage having everything in its place.

You would be the best manager, so would be paid for it 💰💰💰

 10 months ago  

Words to work with love! 😍

I'd be honored just to attend, let alone play the maracas. It would be a dream come true.

You mentioned baritone, so baritone saxophone 🎷 instead of maracas?

Not saxophone. The brass baritone.


Some parts were written for Baritone, some times I had to play Baritone Sax music or even Trombone parts.

In my High School band I got to sit next to the Baritone Sax player who was a very pretty girl. A big win for me :)

 10 months ago  

That's a big win!

Oooooooo nice nice 🤩

 10 months ago  

Oh, sweet! We could make an interesting set of arrangements!

To my friend @mipiano I gift a metronome. Not any metronome, but a unique antique metronome that will match her style. Like this one maybe:


I know that you have no need, and for your students an electrical clicker is far more accurate and easy. But just for the beauty of it, to add a tiny complement to your beautiful music.

I was fascinated by the metronome my cousin had when she started playing piano. I was perhaps 6 and the very idea that time could be clicked just amazed me.

Merry Christmas.

Do I look so old that this antique metronome matches me?? 😱

Just kidding 😊, nice gift, thanks @bigtom13

In general, students don't like metronome clicking 🤦🏻‍♀️

Not in the least. I wanted a metronome that was out of the ordinary enough to compare to your playing.

I didn't like the thump on the head from my band director, either. But it was the price for screwing up.

 10 months ago  

Playing with a metronome is difficult. I remember hating that clicking not I'm used to it, but it is a big annoyance when you begin.

 10 months ago  

This looks awesome!

Oh YES. I'd love a pair of hand made Maraca.

Since we are telling secrets, here is mine. I'm actually a thwarted percussion player, I probably should have been a drummer. But the actuality is that once upon a time I could read bass and treble clef music because I played Baritone and some parts were written each way. So I'd have a chance of coming in somewhere near the correct time with my maracas.

I just can't think of a better Christmas gift. Thank you, my friend. I am overwhelmed.

 10 months ago  

So you already have some knowledge, that's great! You'll learn to play them in no time.

But the actuality is that once upon a time I could read bass and treble clef music because I played Baritone and some parts were written each way.

So, does this mean you used to sing?

NEVER. I played a Baritone. The musical instrument.

 10 months ago  

Oh, well. It is also a wind instrument. That's nice!

To my friend @bertrayo I gift a workshop. Not just any workshop but one full of tools and machines and vices and clamps and everything he needs. Of course there is a wood rack jammed to the rafters with all sorts and sizes of wood, exotic and ordinary.

So that his creativity might be limited only by his imagination.

 10 months ago  

My, my, my... This is the best gift ever! Especially because I barely have any room to do anything at home!

Thanks, thanks, thanks!

I will name it "The Big House of Tomtastic Instruments #13" 😄

LOL. Thanks, buddy. I am looking forward to that gift. Cake is great any time of the years, but cake for Xmas tastes so much better. Just make sure the slice is big enough to share with the other pirañas 🤣

 10 months ago  

Ha, ha, ha. I will make sure of that. But don't let them take yours! 🤣