A tranquil escape and a worthy getaway at Costa Brava

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Riding a jet ski 50 kilometers away from the city on the Siverski reservoir with a view of the Pechenski mountains on one side, and the resort on the other. Sanya first told me about Costa Brava almost 2 years back. He went there with his family for a short vacation with his in-laws. I was immediately magnetized to it.

It is quite the drive from home. Once you get out of the city center you are immediately surrounded by the infamous fertile lands of Ukraine. Endless fields of sunflower and wheat await to accompany you through the ride. An occasional visit by the local cows, too. Once you are 15 minutes close to Costa Brava, there are plenty of resorts and fishing spots around.


For almost 2 years I have been planning to visit Costa Brava. Standing proud on the banks of the Siverski reservoir is the Costa Brava resort. Away from the crowded city and exclusive enough to have the right crowd, but never overcrowded.

It has an amazing wooden cabin with spacious rooms fully equipped with TVs, minifridge, and even a coffee machine. At night nothing beats the open terrace from which you see the stars.


I am what they call in my native language "Panir Poka". A bug for water. Give me a swimming pool and watch me not care about the world coming to an end. It is safe to say I spent the entire opening hours of the pool, noon to 8 pm, in the water. I only got out to keep the "p" out of the "pool" and give my throat some water since it got rather jealous of the rest of the body.

The weather was a bit cold but the water was warm and welcoming. I was glad not to be the only foreigner in the resort. A sweet Chinese family who run a business in Barabashova had come to Costa Brava to spend their weekend, too. Our common language was Russian and we took off, ending the night in the restaurant by the pool.



On the northern side of the pool is a much shallower children's pool. And behind that is Costa Brava's aqua park. Fully equipped with one large, curving slide, a short curving slide, three fast slides, and a single smaller fast slide. No guards though.

The last time I was at an aqua park was Atlantis in Dubai. Now, this may not be as grandiose as the Atlantis but it isn't devoid of any heart-racing fun either. Besides that there is a trampoline for the kids, a giant chess set, and a badminton/volleyball net. Behind the aqua park are the grill houses.



By the reservoir is a beautiful wooden walkway from which the beautiful, green Pechenski mountains can be seen. On the bank, there are plenty of sunloungers for a perfect sunny day by the water.

When the water is friendly, a yacht is available for the guests to ride on. Other than that there are jet skis, rafts, and canoes for hire. Because of the rainy forecast, the yacht didn't set sail today. I chose to take a jet ski and go for a short ride instead.





The line of sunloungers is hiding the most exciting part of the night at Costa Brava- the karaoke and pub. It is always fun to have a drink while enjoying someone completely butcher a beautiful song.

It also brings along a moment of discovery. I have lost count of how many beautiful songs were introduced to through karaoke. I am not a fan of singing outside my shower, but man, karaoke seems so much fun when tipsy people try to recreate American Idol.


Come sundown the view is incredible. There is nothing but the sounds of birds flying by singing their favorite songs and the beautiful symphony of the water crashing into the bank. I spent the entire sundown relaxing on a sun lounger sipping a mojito and a sheesha.

There was something very comforting about that moment. A moment of not being anywhere, while being in midst of everything. It is a very tranquil space, a getaway from everything for a short amount of time.

Nothing beats the naked eye. At that moment I felt like I was in a painting. The magnificent colors in the sky were incredible. A breathtakingly calming spot. In the summer, the sun sets at around 8 pm beginning almost an hour and a half prior to that. I got a chance to experience one of my most awaited resorts and the fun in it, along with one of the longest yet calmest sunsets...all by the water.




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It's a beautiful location to spend a weekend, I am planning to go there again...

too far away though

@priyanarc he just making a reason. Don't cook for him again :P

Good idea, hihi :D :D Anyway I know he will take me there but I guess next year :P

what you know is a drop, what you do not know is an ocean.

too late...she already cooked hahaha