Some Wedding reception and Wilderness views : A weekend gig.

When I was told that the wedding reception area is to be held at Libaong, I found myself agreeing to host my co-teacher son's wedding right away. Libaong which means "a rough road" is a small and silent barangay in a faraway countryside hiding behind the mountain rolls.


This barangay is only accessible through "Habal-habal" (private mountain motorbikes) and by off-road vehicles. Its road gets super slippery and has several craters that get filled with water on rainy days is a challenge to pass through. (Thank God it didn't rain that day!)


I've been quite interested in the place because of its greeneries and beautiful landscapes moreover I've been eyeing this place as our next hiking/trekking route for my Grade 12's Basic Mountaineering Adventure as a requirement of our PE subject for the next sem. So, having this chance to go to Libaong and greet the locals there is a great opportunity for me to check the place and be familiarised with it.

In my hometown, weddings are usually held on either Saturdays or Thursdays for the Catholic faiths. Thursdays are for ordinary weddings and Saturdays are for special ones. The one I'm about to share today is a special wedding. Though for me, all weddings are special as these are the happiest days for the couple.

So today I'm bringing you with me to these beautiful views of the peaceful village of Libaong and a sneak peek of the wedding reception in the countryside.

On the day of the wedding

After the wedding ceremony at 11:20 AM, we then head straight to the reception. I was told already by the mom's groom that we will have first our lunch to be followed by the program which I think was wise for it's almost lunchtime.


Disclaimer: I'm not a professional wedding host, yet still, I received several invitations and calls to be someone's wedding host. I don't accept talent fees too. I only do it to help my close friends and the people who trusted that I have the skill. Though some really insist that I should accept the TF.

There are two routes going to Libaong, we took the most challenging one (we only realized later on that that we took the hard one). I was excited about the scenery that would greet my eyes! and Viola !!! The views that we passed are so refreshing and relaxing and I could see that the place is really good for hiking. I had all my time to relax and prepare my thoughts for a later's event.



The journey.

The whole travel was bumpy with uneven roads and holes here and there. They said there is a shortcut going to the reception venue, but we didn't find it, we drove almost 1 hour searching for the location. My back aching and my stomach growling, it was a long and exhausting ride, but I forgot all of these inconveniences when I finally saw the spectacular view of this part of the countryside.




The views were a good sight to behold. This part of the countryside is very peaceful and calm. Lucky are the locals living here, no noise, no distractions just a plain simple life full of greeneries wherever you look at.



By the time we entered the road going to Libaong, the weather was lovely. We were able to see the vibrant beauty of the open field under the blue sky.


This is a very remote barangay but this village has one public school for all the kids in the barangay.


We passed this banana plantation also. I was surprised to see this kind of crop here as it is known that Libaong is a sugarcane plantation. Most of the land in this barangay is owned by the famous Hacienderos in town!


And the reason why the roads going to this place couldn't be concreted and fixed is that these roads are private properties. Landowners refuse to donate their lands to the government. I asked the locals about the road and how they live with it, and they said that they are thankful that they have the road to pass by. I think the land where they built their houses is also owned by the haciendas.


We continued our trip and saw more of the beauty of this remote place. We then arrived at the village's mini-gymnasium, the reception area.

The reception area.

In our tradition, the wedding's reception area is always held at the Bride's place, but this depends on the couple nowadays. I was expecting a venue packed with a crowd, but I was surprised there were only a few people in the venue. And there I learned, that most of the bride's relatives stayed at their house because they also had another feast there. So, this venue is solely prepared for the guests.



The people were slowly coming and I knew they were hungry already but we couldn't eat yet because we were waiting for the Lechon (roast pig), the main dish in every Filipino's celebration.


And finally, it's here! Look at that lady staring at the Lechon.


This is the money Dance of the Couple- their first dance as a newlywed where guests pinned the money on them as their starter in building their family.


And this is what the sound system of the countryside looks like. Hehe.

The program lasted for almost 3 hours including lunch. The people were full and happy during the program. I felt happy and satisfied seeing their faces and interactions.

Time to go home!

Going home with some realization.

Midway, we took another route going back to the National Road, the shortcut to our exit. But before that, I was able to take several photos of my favorite part of this country side- their greeneries and the lovely backdrop, the mountain rolls.


I see how long the trip is and how difficult the road coming and going to this place is. Everything here is just so serene, only a few houses, no noisy vehicles, it's very countryside. How wonderful it is to live in a place as rewarding as this.


I could imagine hiking here and climbing that mountain together with my students. I asked the local about the mountain and he said, there was no danger on the mountain and many locals go there to gather firewood. I know I have to do thorough research on this.


Imagine the students walking here every day going to school, running, laughing, and playing.


There are several animals that we passed by too.

Right after we take a turn for the shortcut we finally see a concreted road and a few houses. I was finally able to breathe and relax my body. Traveling that kind of trip is no joke, it's a bumpy ride yet the view are rewarding and a memorable sight to have.




I was silent for the whole trip. The lovely view gave me some thoughts to ponder. While here I am traveling far, sacrificing some of my time for my family in order to accommodate other people for free is I think too generous of an act for me.


I sometimes wonder, why did I get it for free. Was I too generous? was my skill not good enough to get paid? or did I do it for passion and my heart to help others? I smiled at my realizations. I know what to do next time.

Thanks for reading guys. Warm hugs everyone. Keep safe always.


Me too I am hosting event yet never I asked for talent fee, uwu coz I am not good at it haha, just the normal way of being MC... Yiee traditional wedding is the best lalo na May Balse pa uwu...

I heard your voice on one of your podcast here, and you have an amazing voice kaya bagay sayo maging Host.

Yeah, Bet ko talaga traditional wedding, but what's Balse? hehe

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and the dancing? after such a bumpy road to get there, it would have been nice to have a cool latin-english dancing, ain't it?

Ah Yes, there is always a dance party after the Filipino wedding, but I didn't join the fun coz I want to go home early.😃 When I left, the locals started dancing already.

Good morning @latinowinner! have a wonderful day ahead!🌞

The trip sounded very tiring but the view was worth it! 😍 How nice of you to host your friends' weddings. Thanks for sharing!

Yes, it was tiring but the view was very rewarding.😍 Felt grateful that I was able to help my friend.

Thanks Miss Ish.😊

You do it for free because of your generous heart. Don't worry if you are not getting anything in return (for now). What your give out to the universe will always go back to you. Trust that.

What I do suggest is continue on building your reputation as a host by doing it for for free or any minimal fee until you feel confident enough from the many experiences you have done. Then when its time, you can start charging your talent or passion as a service 😉.

Thank you Miss, I don't know, but it hits differently hearing those words coming from you. It's full of hope and positivity.😍

I might consider your suggestion, in the meantime, I'll mold my skills first.😃 Thanks Miss for this wise and practical advice. You da best!

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Thank you @Nature Lovers Community.

It was a great walk @callmesmile. Even the road is bumpy and slidy yet the amazing view and the smiles on the reception area are too lovely to be missed out.

You're right @selflessgem. The road was making the trip exhausting, but when we got there everything feels bright and relaxed because of the view and the reception filled with love and joy.

Everything turned out very beautiful on you 😍, you did a good job!✔️💯, The answer is that you have a big heart ❤️ and that is something admirable!. Despite the difficult and long road, it was worth it! since the views are beautiful 💚 you captured them very well 📸✔️💯. Thanks for sharing!.

Ahhh.😍 Thank you for your kind and precious words. I enjoyed both the view and the experience. I had a memorable one!

Thank you for dropping by.

Wow! Such a kind-hearted momshie. No wonder you are so blessed. Continue to be a blessing to everybody.

No question of your skill. You are very good at it. It's just that you are so kind. The view is so splendid! Thanks for sharing this one. Stay safe and God bless.

Haha, I was like you too many years ago sis, I have given my talent in singing for my friends weddings all for free. Some even on extended family members of my friends. I sing during the brides entrance, during the signing of contracts then to the reception, all for free... Haha
Pero, I did some gig na I was paid naman.
Great experience really, and also you'll feel so happy and accomplished knowing you were a part of many peoples lives during their the happiest moments of their lives.
Oh, even sa sad din pala kasi I sang on a funeral na din sa church pero that was many many years ago... Haha

The beauty of the countryside is truly incomparable because even in its raw, wild state in it lies the greatest beauty.

Libaong pa more! Haha, bisaya term man ni. Are you a fellow Bisdak pud sissy? 😍😍 My roots are from Cebu city, Cebu. Kaya Bisdak jud! Haha

That is so generous and kind of you Ma'am. 🥰 Walay duda, you're beautiful inside and out. Imagine ang time ug kahago nga imu gi-sacrifice all for free, si God nay magbalos ana nimu tanan nimu.

Amping ug God bless you kanunay Ma'am @callmesmile ug thank you for always spreading good deeds and vibes to humanity. Ipadayon na Ma'am! ❤️

Wow, beautiful photos! The wilderness views are stunning!