Hahahaha... I see what you did there.
Go for it!!

😆Ha ha!! Which topic would you choose?

I was thinking Dream Stalker, but now I am considering I do not understand the people...

I think that would be funnier.

Haha! Yes, that could be funnier. I got caught up over the weekend. Not sure I’ll get to make the post but I look out for some posts. 😃

There are sure going to be many funny posts this weekend. I am already seein some.
I do hope you get to make your post. Finish your sentence is an interesting one to join in too.

I am sure the

😂Haha! You’re right. I love the idea of finishing sentences. It can bring so many twist and turns to the

I was hoping to find your entry. But I guess you did not. I already did. I went for finish your sentence.

If I was entering it would be my choice also.