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RE: Weekend Repairs: Blinds

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The E-dog has a good grip on the cordless mate, a shooter there for sure! Also, that last images...I can see a gun and a chainsaw so I know he's on the right track! Lol.

I'm off camping this weekend, no chores except camp set-up and that's about it. Need a break bro, badly.

 6 months ago  

Hahah thanks, he does have the shooters stance down I can tell you that! He got a little nerf dart gun and has gotten me good a few times lol. The chain saw was such a hilarious and perfect gift for him, I love that thing!

That's awesome to get out and go camping. It's definitely something that we need to do at some point! Siena has realized that there is going to be a lot of camping in her future and is not looking forward to it lol she doesn't like being outdoors like that in a tent. I told her I'll set her up with a mattress in the car while the little man and I rough it outside! 🤣

Camping can be a terrible experience if not done right. I remember I took a couple city slickers camping once and it rained and was windy on one particular night. They hated it of course and will probably never do it again. Me? Was just another camping experience, albeit not a great one...Not because the rain and the wind but the two annoying assholes I took! 🤣