[WE105] Weekend-Engagement concept


Learning does not make one learned: there are those who have knowledge and those who have understanding. The first requires memory and the second philosophy.

- Alexandre Dumas, [From, The Count of Monte Cristo] -

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If you're looking for something to write about over the weekend take a look below for the #weekend-engagement options and do a post in my community, THE WEEKEND. If you follow the rules below you'll be eligible for some possible rewards on Monday and might get called out as one of my favorites of the week.

The concept guidelines to follow

  • Use #weekend-engagement as the first tag of your post
  • Post in THE WEEKEND community (do not cross-post)
  • Follow community rules - ENGLISH only (not bilingual)
  • Closes 08:00 UTC Monday 13th June (google UTC)
  • Link-credit stock photos and don't plagiarise text

Select something from below to write about

Private or public recognition

On the occasions you help others, or do positive things for them, do you like or expect public recognition or do you prefer private thanks or gratitude. Explain why in either case, and give an example.

Guilty pleasure

Write about some of your guilty pleasures, those things you probably shouldn't do or enjoy so much, but you do! List a few, explain why they're guilty pleasures and why you enjoy them so much.

Live again

You're dead, but have the chance to live again. Would you choose to live the same life you already had or would you choose to live a different life altogether? If so, who's life? Explain your answer.

Never met

Have you ever felt your life would have been better had you not met a particular person? Tell us about them, the situation, and why you feel that way. You don't need to name the person if you don't wish to.

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Curation may happen on quality original content so proof read, use in-focus and interesting pictures and take pride in your post. Your posts are a representation and showcase of you - Give people a reason to visit your feed.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

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Any image(s) in this post are my own and are not for your use


Alexander Dumas really said some profound things. Is that a quote out of the Count of Monte Cristo?

Now you got me started on option one; one of my pet peeves is how people like to do things and then need the entire world to know. how amazing and generous they are. I hate - HATE - that. It also embarrasses the receiver. Why do it to begin with? I know too many people like that and they can rather take their "generosity" and .....

It is indeed, from th Count if Monte Cristo. 👇


I was hoping a few would do option one and yes, I agree with you about hating those who need to promote the generous or kind things they have done. It says a lot about a person if/when they do that...and nothing good.

Duh. I read the FROM as being the author who wrote the book

Lol..I figured.

I've been waiting for this and it arrived. Hahahaha. Let me get to work...

Happy weekend sir.

Here comes beautiful moment with the weekend community. Been waiting for it too 😎😎
Happy weekend Sir 😁😁

These topics be making me have all as choices to write. I'd have to wear my thinking cap.

These questions are nice but number one got me, I hope I can come up with a write up this weekend.

You always amaze me with your questions, always thought provoking.

Let's see if you do.

Guilty pleasures, now that is a cracker!
I hope you had a great week with your spoons and the hotel room was left untrashed G😁

Should be a few good posts this week I hope.

No rooms were trashed mate...yet.

I think so too.

he says 🤣


Those who blow their own horn should do it quietly.... 🙃

Happy Friday!

Yes indeed, good advice.

I usually spend the weekend very busy. Thanks to you, I discovered a nice community to share my weekend activities :) I can't wait for the weekend to come. However, I want to ask you a question. Does the content have to be on the topics you mentioned in the examples or can I share my own activities?

The concept you have commented on here is a stand alone posting concept run every weekend. It is separate to the content of the community.

All other posts in the community need to have a strong weekend focus. You should read the posting guide before you post in the community.

Thank you for your information. I have read the community guidelines. You can be sure that I will share my content by following the rules. Greetings 🙂

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These are some really nice topics.


I am in 🥰

Happy weekend everyone ✌️

Nice prompts, I thought it was time to join again.. here's my entry

Have a great weekend! We are about to explore the area with a rental van woop :) haha

Rental van exploration sounds like a good plan!

It is and will give us some extra possibilities to explore as we don't have a car of our own yet. First a home, then a car lol.

Smart. If you can get away without a car for a while and get some property. They won't run out of cars. 😉

After checking for the whole of the morning before I went out... here it is. That first is a deal! Well, I think I may take a different approach to it..😎

All the proposals are thought-provoking, too bad I can only choose one. As always excellent. Here is my entry: Here

Excellent, I saw it. ✅

I love this community, always giving us something to engage in every weekends. Thanks to @galenkp .Keep up with the good work. The topics are all an interesting ones.

No worries.

Wow the topics looks great. I better get my head ready to make one 😁


Good morning, a pleasure, and I am happy to be able to make my delivery of this weekend commitment.

Have a happy weekend @galenkp

Happy weekend to you also. 😋

Guilty pleasure.. why am I always attracted to the riskiest questions.

I like it when people tackle the harder ones; it shows character.

Good to know :)
And to people that create the questions?

And to people that create the questions?

I'm not sure what you mean.

Just trying to commend you for coming up with the questions.
If we that answers shows character then the ones that creates the question are geniuses lol

Oh yeah, I had thought so but wanted to check. I appreciate you saying so. I like thinking up the writing suggestions, it keeps me thinking. I like reading how people interpret them also. 😊

I admire you for that! Happy Sunday.

Great entry, thank you.

Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it

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Oh my God, I'm going to be discovered by my Hivers friends.

Guilty pleasure, that's an interesting topic that I couldn't resist writing about it.

Ouu... Awesome prompts!

Looking forward to what others members would write for the first and last prompts. I'm sure most would be intriguing...

There's been some good ones, yours included. (I'm only saying that because you mentioned the big bosomed lady at the supermarket.)

Hello everyone, here is my entry link to this week's prompt.
Have a blessed ahead