[Week 120] Weekend-Engagement concept

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He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.

- Friedrich Nietzsche -

Fri weekend (1).png

If you're looking for something to write about over the weekend take a look below for the options and if you feel like doing a post use my community, WEEKEND EXPERIENCES. Please ensure you follow the guidelines below.

I have a couple hive in prizes for each of my favourite posts this week so bring your best

The concept guidelines to follow

▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️

  • The first tag must be #weekend-engagement
  • Post in WEEKEND EXPERIENCES community (no cross-posting)
  • Follow community rules - ENGLISH only (not bilingual)
  • Closes at 07:30 UTC Monday 26 September (google UTC)


Select something from below to write about

▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️

The green weekend

Share only two photos that focus on the colour green and write at least 300 words in explanation. It can be anything at all, but the main colour in your two images has to be green. Tell us about the place and situation, when it was and what you were doing there. You have to use your own images though.

Weekend blues

I don't mean blue as in sad, I mean blue skies, lakes and oceans or just anything blue. Use only two images that you took yourself in which blue is the prevalent colour and write 300 words explaining the moment. Remember, blue must be the main colour of the images and they need to be your own photos.

Camping weekend

Show us only two photos of a recent camping getaway and write at least 300 words about the trip; where, when and what you did there. The photos must be your own.

Bikini and bathers weekend

Show us a photo or two of yourself in swimming gear and explain the moment in at least 300 words. Wetsuits and scuba diving gear also counts, as does nude if that's how you swim. The photo must be of yourself.

Be creative - Show effort - Be interesting

▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️

Curation may happen, but only on quality original content that meets the concept guidelines above, and the community rules. This is a chance to showcase yourself to the entire community and to find and build new relationships.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

Images in this post are my own and are not for your use unless you pay me a gazillion dollars (USD)


Finally I will be able to go out naked in hive and be valued in hive continues to evolve towards freedom. 😂🤣


Ahahahahahaha. When I was a young man (or maybe old boy) I hitchhiked around the Western US with a guy that was an indigenous Guatemalan. I was 6'4" and he was maybe 5'2". We'd post up at a place with him facing me and me facing traffic with my thumb out. Part of his tradition was that he'd never cut his hair so had long, shiny black hair to his waist. We got LOTS of rides that way :)

That sounds like a lot of fun, pure adventure, good road memories 😁, the gifs reminded you of it 🤣.

I would have picked up the 6'4" dude!!!

That's hilarious. :)

Lol, well naked works, if that's how you swim, maybe some well-placed fig leaves?

😂🤣🤣🤣 Naaaa, I've bared my soul many times in hive, so I don't think it's necessary to undress my body. 😜 Lol

Don't forget the fig leaves 🤣..

LoL, you've gotta give it to the guy though... He's got awesome hair!

Lol that hair has no competition 🤣

🤣🤣. I'll be waiting for that 🤣

Haha! You got me! Great GIF!

OMG heheeh

🤣 I dare to do a nude 🤭

I need HBD

Will we see nudes? The weekend will be interesting!

Oh no, no!!!!😂
This got me waiting for something to happen. But no, I am disappointed.🙆‍♂😭😂

hahahahaha, I did not undress but I did show part of my body in a bathing suit, if you like to see me with some clothes in my profile you can kill the curiosity. @temibot 😁

Wait, I thought you got that gig from maybe tenor.. Honestly 😅

But I have seen that too. Curiosity successfully killed!

Nice to know that the weekend engagement continues.... 😍 Suddenly I hear Kermit singing, "it's not easy being Green..." 🐸

I like Kermit, he keeps it real.

haha... indeedy... just WISH I could think about Kermit without the added visual side effect of Ernie Sigley with the bad teeth... 😆

Haha, old Ernie Sigley...There's a blast from the past. Born in Adelaide you know.

I didn't know he was an Adelaide boy - learn something every day...

The last topic is very challenging😀 but I will opt for green this time. Although I have a green bikini🤣

 2 months ago (edited) 

A green bikini would cover both topics. Smart. 🤔

Just post about what you like to and makes you feel comfortable. 🙂

Wow this is a great opportunity for all the newbies to join. I’m definitely joining this competition as I already had nothing to write about. @angiesings @chaleej @ferrate should all join this contest

I know my article will definitely stand out

It's not a competition or contest, just an initiative to give people some writing suggestions.

I would really love to be part of this. Re visiting my writing skills after such a long break. I hope I get some real great content to write about

Oh gosh! This is an interesting weekend-engagement sir @galenkp. The color green and blue is lit though. Thus, the bikini and bathers weekend takes a lot of courage to post their own bikini. It would definitely fun and exciting! Can't wait to read the community members entry.

I'm hoping for some top-notch entries this week as it's those that truly grab my attention.

I've been patiently waiting for today.. As usual, I'll get my thought in writing. Have a nice day y'all.

Patience is a virtue they say, so well well waited. 😊

Wow, these are good writing suggestions. I think I have some things to talk about in option one; the green weekend.
Weldon @galenkp 👍

I think this might be your first try with my concepts. Please ensure you follow the rules.

Thank you Sir
I will 👍

Hi @galenkp, up to means more than two right?
I want to be sure, happy weekend to you.


Up to two means, you can post anything up to two photos. So, no more than two.

Oh okay, thanks. Nice DP, you should get a role in an action movie for that look.

Lol, nah a movie with me in it wouldn't make much money for the production company.

I might as well turn into a frog, to make the whole concept of the green weekend look beautiful 😉

Lovely initiative, I hope to participate in this one.

Thanks, I hope you have a great weekend.

This weekend's engagement concept screams colours, outdoors and fun...
As usual these are interesting prompts to write on.

Have a great weekend ahead Sir! 😊

Have a great weekend yourself, I hope you find something enjoyable to do.

So the Weekend is here once again with Awesome Topics. Green and blue weekend sounds pretty much interesting for introverted person like me and the other two for extroverts.

Wish you a Great weekend ahead sir. !LUV

Hey there, I hope you have a great weekend too and manage to find something engaging to do.

Thank you sir. 🥰

wao i will make it now.. it's a very cool theme thank you @galenkp

Ohooo, I'll surely join on this one. Interesting topics, hehe. Thank You for the topics ☺️

You're welcome, I look forward to seeing your entry when it comes through. Have a great weekend.

Yayyy, Have a lovely weekend to you too 😁

Just searching for a decent photo where my testicles are nice and perky for the swim photo but the water is a bit arctic here and they went full blown airplane landing gear and disappeared to their winter compartment.

Yeah, that happens I guess, but it's ok mate, there'll be no judgement you know.

Ah, the great outdoors. Fun beckons with these prompts! (Although, you won't be getting me into a swimsuit - or something less!)

Not donning the budgie smugglers mate? Come on man, no one will judge you.

Nice 👍 post

WOW. This weekend is mostly about colours. Green and Blue, wonderful colours indeed. Green is life.

Well, not really mostly. Two out of the four are so, let's call it 50% about colours huh?

Smiles, you are right.

So. It's your fault. You just have to torture me with rule breaking possibilities.

Green? Blue? Camping? I can even put naked in the same photo. A deer (not dear) that is 'Buck Naked' indeed. I presume that is how he bathes and swims...

I'd guess I'll have to play at some level. :)

 2 months ago (edited) 

I'm sure you. An come up with a camping post, a blue sky and a bit a greenery, although the last could be a struggle in your neck of the woods. Maybe a post about green beer bottles?

I laughed reading the last concept 🤣🤣. I guess the boys will be waiting for entries to this one.
In fairness, it's a little different this week.. More like nature and adventure.. Nice..

The ladies might be waiting for the fella's to post their images too huh?

😄 not really haha

Well, maybe not you, but there are other ladies around I guess. Who knows? I don't like to speak for others.

But I don't think there'll be men here who'll show off their body.. Many are even hiding behind those AI-generated profile photos 😅..

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I fell in love with your photos, I wish I was in a place like that.
Naked? I want to see

I'm doing a green and blue post later. I hope you like the images in that post also.

What a colorful weeekend this will be... 😂 I cannot but imagine the amazing photos of green or blue colors we'd see. There are bound to be really creative ones...

I might as well be looking around for awesome green/blue ideas this weekend. Hopefully, they show up when I am doing something incredible.

If this prompt get a you out and about searching tlcor green and blue then it's done its job; inspiring people to get out and into the world.


I really do not go out often. It's nice to have prompts like these encourage us to do so.

You must have something really compelling to keep you inside; For me, well, I think life is too short not to be out and about with nature. We're all different I guess. I have my green and blue post coming up later, some pictures from places I've been.

Have a nice day.

hahahahaha naked, who will be the brave one to show us, we will have to wait, happy weekend my friend, greetings.😅

We'll see huh?

These topics tho

I guess I will stick with the swimming.

Do videos count as I didn't take a picture

I never watch videos on Hive so it'll be difficult to curate a post made around a video. You are able to do it though. Your choice.


I am very happy to participate in this initiative. Here is my entry and I hope you like it. A pleasure to be here in this community again.https://peakd.com/hive-168869/@elamaria/week-120-weekend-engagement-concept--my-dear-immense-blue-sea


these are pretty nice suggestions. I would like to talk about some green or blue experiences.

I'll see you soon

See you soon.


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Landscape and other things, the bane of my existence. 😂😂😂

Let's see what I can do about this.

You don't like landscapes?

I love them. The issue is that I barely out of the house to stare at landscapes. But I might be able to get some photos tomorrow. We have a great coastal view.

Coastal views work and it might do you good to get out of the house a bit?

I know. But I usually just go out to do something. It's just that going through the watching landscapes doesn't happen too often.

I'm the opposite, I'd rather go out and be with nature than honour and do anything else.

Such are the circumstances of life. I think it's great you can spend a lot of time outdoors. Australia is such a beautiful place.

I love the prompts this week.

Oh cool.

Hello everyone, my regards and respect.
Here I bring you my participation for [WE120].
I hope you like it.



Oh gosh. Too easy. Not sure I have it in me though. Just getting back into Hive by following whim and fancy. And never a bikini photo of me shall anyone see...

Yeah, it's all good, I know you've just gotten home and will have other things to do. I've got my blue and green post coming in about four hours. Just some nice images and all. IT was fun putting it together.

My thoughts are penned down in writing, thank you for this concept. I hope y'all enjoys it and learn too.


That's my entry.


Did it again with awesome topic selection, wishing you a great weekend!

Thanks Joan, and you too. Have a good one.

Hi it has been fun to participate, this is my entry: https://peakd.com/hive-168869/@darwinjj/week-120-weekend-experiences-the


I really hope I can come up with something. I've missed two weeks now due to my movement...I hope I can do this and if not, I will try not to miss next week. How have you been sir? Been a while...feels like months hahahaha.

Your real life should take priority, that's the right way to live.

I've been well, a few speed bumps here and there, but that's how life goes. I hope you have also been well.

The past two weeks...draining... physically, mentally... Moved to the UK two weeks ago and it's the settling phase we are in... house..Airbnb...culture shocks hahahaha... It's going great and oh...the weather...goodness! Freaking cold 😂😂🤣😂🤣

Glad you've been good sir. I missed engaging you, really. Hopefully would be back soon to that.

I didn't know you moved to the UK. Good luck with it mate, it sounds like a bit of an adventure. And...you think it's cold now? Just wait. 😂

😂😂🤣😂😂🤣 this is exactly what everyone is telling me that I should just wait...they told me I haven't seen cold yet 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂. It's a mixture of adventure and working hard hahahaha... Started work already and that's why I've been inconsistent. I believe when I get a hang on things, I will fit things better. Thank you sir. How is work too?

Well, you'll find out soon enough and hopefully you've got a warm jacket or two, possibly to wear at the same time.

Hi weekend community, it’s been a minute! Awesome topics as usual admin, I love how you switched it up. Looking forward to this one 😊

Hi there, I hope you've been well and have a good weekend. 😊

I have, thank you 😊

I think there is still time to participate, here is my publication:


This is time indeed.

Hello, here I present my entry a little late, I hope you end up spending this weekend very well. Take care of yourselves and be in good health:


It's not late at all.

 2 months ago (edited) 

Because you post so frequently which makes me think you're simply posting for rewards. Twice a day is ample I think. You can post as often as you like though, it's a free environment and people can act as they see fit.

 2 months ago (edited) 

As I said we're all free to do as we please.

I understand your motive that because I am posting too much per day and I accept fully that's true

I'm glad you agree.