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Next week is Christmas, a time when, traditionally, people exchange gifts with friends and family. Faith and I don't usually do Christmas presents however we made an exception this year as her mum is suffering with a serious health issue and it may well be her last. We're not materialistic people, but wanted to create some memories so set a $100 limit per person and the three of us will exchange some gifts on Christmas day, take some photos and have some fun.

It made me think about gift giving and what it means to people. I tend to find it a little awkward being on the receiving end of gifts but I love giving them being quite generous by nature which sort of lead me to this weeks topic.

weekend-engagement topic week 28

So...All you have to do is tag the hive user you'd like to offer a Christmas gift to, say what the gift is and why you chose that particular user and gift. If you want to, you can choose more than one.

Drop your comment and image below in the comments field remembering to tag that user.

If you would like to you can also do a post in the Engage the weekend Community making sure you tag #weekend-engagement as the first tag but don't just drop links into this topic post, it's for your comments and image...And engagement with others!

As always you'll have until late Sunday night your time to get your comment dropped below and make sure you stay around to engage with others! Also as always I'll be transferring some hive directly to some of the entries on Monday, those that hang around and engage with others, which is the purpose of this #weekend-engagement post in the first place.

I'm tagging two people who will receive a virtual Christmas gift from me:

Hey @bigtom13 and @hidave my virtual Christmas gift to you both is a return flight from America to Australia. (First class of course!)

I would like Dave to have this gift because he lived in Australia for a short time and loves it! He left a special little lad back here when he went back to America and he misses the little tacker very much. I'd like to reunite them.

With Tom I'd like him to have the chance to see Australia and to check out this vast and totally amazing country on a road trip around it. I think he would love it and would fit in here with us Aussies.

My gift contains an element of selfishness though; You see, I think both of these guys are legit people and I'd like to buy them some burgers and beers, sit around and talk about life, history, war, government, freedom, the future, human nature, adversity, failure and success, and tell some lies too as I think we're all three of us, good story-tellers. I think many hours could be spent hanging out with those two.

So there you have it, a pretty simple topic really. Tag the user, tell them what gift you'd send them for Christmas and why, the significance of it. You can be funny, serious or anything in between...Just get involved.

I'll see you below in the comments y'all, and feel free to share this post to get the word out, the more that get involved the better right?

Happy weekend to y'all and for those going to the VR HiveFest. I'll see y'all there.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
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I have been thinking about this since @gvkanten's generous gift. Like @dandays, my list is long. I had considered a post, but something came up. So,it is a gift that I hope would make the recipients as happy in the receiving, as it would me in the giving.

My love of cooking and feeding people is no secret, so my gift (and genuine wish) is to host my blockchain pals and their significant others around our table for a supper @ The Sandbag House. Firstly, reciprocating, @gvkanten, who'd have been on the list, anyway. Then, my "oldest" blockchain blogpal, @traciyork, along with the team from @yourtop3, @nickyhavey, @cheese4ead and @foxyspirit. No, I haven't forgotten @plantstoplanks who'd have her apron (already picked out) on in the kitchen with me. Closer to home and to add a little local flavour, @lizelle, @joanstewart, @chekohler and the now very busy in 3D life @braaiboy. Finally, from two different parts of the world, uber host, @galenkp and beer aficionado, @the-bitcoin-dood.

I am sure the list is incomplete, and people I'll add. Who knows, I may just.

Imagine this:

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This seems like a pretty legit gift and a nice list of invitees! The great thing about the gift of a meal at your place is not just the meal itself, which I'm sure would be splendid, but the company as well...With that list of invitees there's sure to be many laughs and many topics of conversation. Cool, and very nicely thought out gift!


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After that one I put out last night, I'd be lying if I wasn't a bit concerned when I saw this like 'uh oh, wha'd I get myself into?'

Whew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <- Get it?

Merry Christmas @fionasfavor @fionasfavoUrites.

Hahaha! Backatcha! And consider yourselves added to the list!

What an honour to be invited to The Sandbag House dinner with all these wonderful Hiveans! We'd certainly talk well into the night, can you just imagine! Thank you for this gift @fionasfavourites, wishing you and yours a wonderfully blessed Christmas xxx

And the same to you, Lizelle!

Thanks for the mention Fiona! It's been awesome to have met you here and I'm glad we have a strong friendship during these tough times. One day, we'll all meet up for a big piss-up cultured meal at The Sandbag House 🙂

Likewise! I so look forward to that!

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I like this kind of proposals in the weekend-engagement posts as they offer us a chance to tag other users and that makes engagement even stronger.
I am going to tag @galenkp for all the time he spends thinking about the weekly post, collecting some Hives to give away, and responding to every single comment we post. Sometimes, when I see the number of comments and responses, it just blows my mind how he finds the time to give so much feedback. My present would be two actually. One is a pack of Crema Catalana as this one, so he can very easily prepare it and taste it at home. Of course, that would be to remember the flavor before we can have dinner together whenever he comes back to Europe and decides to come to town. My homemade one will be much better :)


Of course, I would provide translated instructions :)

The second present would be a pair of human arms to attend hivefest this weekend :)


To my friend @santigs I give a bottle of Tapatio Sauce.


I know that he likes food in the same way I like food, so I'm sending a bottle of the best salsa picante in our area. There are couple of pretenders but Tapatio is the king. He could test it on his local food and give me the answer to the question: Does Tapatio make EVERYTHING taste better? It seems so on our local cuisine.

Now youre talking! Galen can get cholula in oz but i never saw tapatio on any of the shelves. In fact maybe some authentic mexican hot sauces might be a good component to a gift package for him among other things. I'll douse most things in tapatio.

I had already considered that Tapatio would be central to any package I sent to him :) I'm guessing he'd like it a lot.

How are you doing? That campfire above would be at high enough elevation to see some possible strange and wonderful sights out of the California/Nevada deserts if you know what I mean...

Thank you @bigtom13 !!!
I will try to see if I can find that bottle somewhere around to git it a try.
Hope I do not burn myself with that picante 😂

G-dog want's some too.

You might just as well send me your address. I think my first 'extend Hive' package needs to go to you.

Lol. Deal.

Haha! legit Christmas gifts!

It's funny, I never knew I needed Crema Catalana until just now and yet the desire to have it is at 100% so thank you for this thoughtful gift! I'm looking at the calorie count and thinking...Hmm, I could probably eat two serves of this! Thank you legit gift...And yet, there's more!

Arms! You know, I'm going to be there at HiveFest in several hours strutting around...*The only person 2D person there with arms...I'll be popular for sure! The envy of the armless.

Thanks @santigs, for your kind and most generous gifts, and for getting into the !weekend-engagement sprit!


The envy of the armless.


You got perfect gifts from @santigs ! 👌

A decent set of arms, to one who has none, is very valuable and most welcome.

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Lmao on the arms...

I can not even figure out how to move my hands in the 2D mode.

So look for the partial paralyzed KrazzyTrukker sitting in the corner also paralyzed with fear, as Me & Sammi Jo don't handle crowds very well.

You won't be able to move your arms in 2D...They just sort of hang there...But don't worry, you can make the look work!

Takes the term "Limp Wristed" to a whole other level... Heheheh


Loads of limp-armed people at HiveFest...Just makes it weirder than it already is. Lol.

looks like you could use a good pair of legs also, or if no legs are available perhaps a tiger to ride on the back of.

you can not move them, hahahaha

For @galenkp I would give a Phalanx


Cause what says prepared better than an automated air defense system? On a more reasonable note, a bottle of Maker's Mark Kentucky bourbon because it's one of my favorite sipping whiskeys and they make it a little ways down the road from here.

@dandays would get the Lego Chess Set


Figured that would go well with some kush and then we can finally get down to playing a game or two.

Best Christmas present ever, and I promise not to operate it under the influence of Maker's Mark Kentucky bourbon...Or do I? I'll be honest, I've already started preparing a spot on my roof for it...It's going to be epic!

Nice chess set too! I actually didn't realise that one existed to be honest. I'm sure dandays will enjoy it.

Thanks for joining in mate and thanks for my Phalanx CIWS.


Hell, the best part about automated is that you can drink the whole bottle and it will act sober!

To be honest I wouldn't have known about it if my roommate hadn't found it and bought it. We've only played one game with it but since most of the decorations in the house are lego sets it fits in well with the decor.

Lol, I had thought about going with a Barrett M82, have you ever played with one of them?

Hmm, Lego house decor? Sounds like my type of environment! I'm going to look out for that chess set though as I've been teaching Faith how to play. It would be cool to have a Lego chess set.

Hmm, the Barrett M82...Yes I'm familiar with it but never had the chance to operate with it. I know how lethal they can be and to be completely honest I would have been completely content with one of these weapon systems as my virtual Christmas gift. Although now I have my Phalanx I think I'll be happy to keep it...One never knows when one needs a completely over the top level of defence upon ones roof. 😂

If I can remember I will take a few photos and show you, I'm not at my house currently. How's the teaching going? One of my first official jobs in high school was teaching grade school kids how to play chess. It was an experience to say the least.

I have a friend that has one although I've never fired it, it's a bit of a rifle.

Hmm, the chess-teaching...Well, damn it, but she beat me not so long ago...And has not let me forget it. So, the teaching has gone well. Unfortunately she will probably only ever get about as good as me but she shows good aptitude and, like me, has a killer instinct. She can be quite brutal at times. Here's a funny story...She suggested we spice it up with a game of strip chess. Well...It didn't go very well. 90 minutes later there I was fully clothed after winning, and there she was with one sock off...We sort of gave up right about then. Strip chess wasn't a great idea. 😂

I'd jump at a chance to bang away on an M82 for a while. I've fired a single shot 50 BMG (The Barrett M99) but at $12.80/round (Hornady) I only shot 10 rounds which was good, but not quite enough. Just sort of whets the appetite I guess.

Ahahahaha. A phalanx for GKP. Perfect.

And the chess set for @dandays and the chance to play. Perfect.

For my friend @coloneljethro I'd give more time and money to travel and take more great photographs. Also a size XXXL tungsten jock to protect his obvious over sized ball sack when covering the demonstrations in Louisville.

I figured the legos would get @galenkp's attention too. My roommate actually has the set but we've only used it once.

Thank you @bigtom13, think I'll get me a gas mask and hit the road!

 9 months ago  

That mean I gotta share my chess board with him?

Nah, he'd probably want one of his own to put together anyway.

 9 months ago  

'check pass mate pass'



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Haha i actually want this Leg chess-set now...
(slowly clicks to Amazon)

It's fun! My roommate has it, we've got a little use out of it :)

Interesting topic @galenkp, very much in the spirit of giving which is a strong and important concept in these times! Kudos!

My first gift goes to @fionasfavourites... Because she has a passion for food!
I'd like to give her a culinary tour of Suriname. We can visit the restaurants and the markets and talk about ingredients... enjoying the cultural blend that is... Suriname 😃

P.s. Finding a single picture was a lot harder than I thought.
This one is of a full tray of species at local market.

Oh my word!! I would be in heaven! Thank you.

Just the kind of experience I would love. In a @yourtop3 entry a few months ago, I said I wanted to do a culinary circumnavigation of the Mediterranean...

Haha you're more than welcome! If we ever get to chance to do it I'm in! We'd include @jeanlucsr as Suriname embassador and @jilljoyl81 as foodie/blogger so we can set up a whole itinerary!

Oh, my! I just added this to my bucket list. One never knows.

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You are always welcome @fionasfavourites!
Of course after this covid madness 😅

Thank you. I am done with this Covid craziness!! Be well

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Suriname culinary tour! What a great gift and considering how much she cooks and all...The perfect gift. I hope you've brushed up on your food-knowledge and of course, don't have breakfast that day as I'd imagine you'll be eating a lot as you go!

A great, very thoughtful, gift for sure...I like it and am sure the recipient will also.

Thanks for jumping in with a comment so quickly and I hope you'll drop back and do some engaging with others.


Id seriously be interested in a culinary tour of the food from suriname! That sounds absolutely fantastic!

You're welcome to join! I'm seriously thinking about setting this up the more I write about it!

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I would wish for my friend @gvkanten uninterruptible power. So my gift would be a large solar panel array that could keep him powered up all the time with enough battery for the night...

Hahaha excellent gift! Luckily it has been steady the last few days, hope it stays like this!

Consider it insurance, then. And Merry Christmas!

Or a fusion reactor so that everybody has power!

Yeah. A nice cold fusion reactor would power the whole island!

I got hungry just looking at this, I'm jealous @fionasfavourites.

I promised to let you know what my gift would be , but she doesn’t know yet so i will reveil the surprise here because what the surprise is she will for sure retell in an unboxing blog so here goes:

Dear @justclickindiva now the surprise will be away but because you have had such a rough year and so many deaths in the family I am preparing the surprise I told you about. It takes some work still but I know that you will like the “ DUTCH BOX OF HOPE “ and I know this wont make up for all the losses but it will tell my appreciation for all you did this years.

The second person will be @colpowercoll you will get a drawing light pad so you can practise all the drawing techniques and display them on the platform again, and i hope that you will also still help mummy with all the contest entries because you are a true artist

For all the people from Venezuela I wish and hope for all of you that you will all have internet all day every day for blogging cause I can imagine that this is annoying now for your journey here.

For all i want to wish you a great last 11 days of the year and a prosper 2021


Nice gifts, I like it a lot. Typically of you it's about thinking of others.

For my friend @brittandjosie I gift 50 comments per day automatically. What ever she gets after she turns her computer on is up to her :)

Ahhhh that’s so sweet. You know this gift thing is fun

Legit gifts, clearly thought out and personal for each concerned. I second the internet in Venezuela gift too. :)


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Hello @galenkp, what a nice initiative to give gifts to your mother-in-law this year. To treasure beautiful memories, and I'm not talking about the cost of the gift I'm talking about the gesture of thinking about her and your wife.
I wish you life and health.

Accepting the weekend commitment, if I could give someone a Christmas present, it would be to @justclickindiva as she has been a great friend to Hive.
My gift to her would be a beautiful notebook as she is an excellent writer, so I could record every writing she does, this gift I would love to accompany with a cup of coffee some biscuits made by me. Along with a big hug of thanks for everything she has taught me in these months.

I would gift to my friend @carmenm20 one Magical Christmas day with all her friends and family. Would include plenty of food and drink, just like she remembers from her youth.

Merry Christmas!

You have touched the fibers of my being. And you have made me cry with happiness.
Beautiful Christmas gift for me.
Thank you very much dear friend @bigtom13

Merry Christmas.

You are certainly welcome! Merry Christmas to you.

A notebook to a writer would be a very welcome gift I think and so I believe you have chosen very well and thoughtfully and I'm sure your virtual gift would be well-received.

Thanks for joining in and selecting a hive user for a virtual Christmas gift!

P.s. You got my user name wrong, again.


I hope you like my gift.
Oh no that horror, I have exchanged the letters of your user, sorry that shame.

It's ok, just that if you happened to tag me on a post or comment somewhere and didn't get the username right I'd not see it and maybe miss the opportunity to respond.

Yes. It's true you're right. I'll be more careful next time.

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Hello @carmenm20 How nice my favorite two items. Coffee, decaf, black, no sugar, zero sugar cream to sip while I jot down notes for my stories on my new pad. I'm all over the place when it comes to keeping up with my notes. I'll just place them on anything I can find, then forget where they are. Sometimes I've thrown my notes in the trash.

You are so sweet to think of me. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. I'm a simple person really that don't require much for myself. If others I know are happy, then I'm happy too.

Take care and have a good week ahead.

It is a pleasure for me that you liked my little present.
Always wish the best for you and your family.

 9 months ago  

Ha, ha, ha. As always a lot of hilarious comments come out of this. Ok, I'll pick some friends to give them gifts. Some of the gifts are promises.

First, I choose @mipiano. And my gift is my virtual pen to write reviews of her perfomances. She knows I'm a little biased about her playing the piano, but I can do a nice job to get people interested in hiring her to play in concert halls and other places. Maybe even recording an album, who knows? Words and skills will set the limits.

Second, I know this guy likes some DIY things, but I'll get him a pair of maracas made by yours truly. I don't know if he would ever get to play them, but it would be fun to see it happen. This gift is for, @bigtom13 who has given a lot of support to my early posts.

My third gift is a piece of cake for @hlezama. I gave him some of my birthday cake 2 weeks ago and found out he could get any of it. I think that sucks and since I have more things to make cakes in the upcoming days, well, that's the perfect chance for him to get a piece of cake and share any of it.

Maybe I'm breaking the rules with this ideas, but hey! At least one of the gifts is actually virtual. Ha, ha, ha.

If you have anything to say about it G-dog, you can comment in here. 🤣

I'd say that @mipiano would be very happy to receive such a gift and she's certainly well-deserving of it as her talent is excellent. You may not know this, but I started playing the piano at four and a half years old and still play today, at 50. I have my own here at home and get a lot of enjoyment from it when I'm in the mood so maybe if you can get mipiano a concert hall gig I'll be the opening act? You know, the shit player that no one listens to before the main one.

Maracas huh? I'd like to see Tom doing some Flamenco moves with the maracas going and all...That would be the funniest thing of all time and I'd make sure I videoed it. I think it's a good gift, not only does it show your generosity to Tom, but it gives to us all through the fact we get to watch Tom! Nice work.

Cake...Enough said here I think...I mean, cake. Just a legit gift in any language!

Good gifts, good, deserving people, thanks for joining in.


 9 months ago  

You see. That's was what I referring to with the layers. You always get another trick out of the hat. The G-dog also plays the piano. Nice!

I have already started to do some little reviews in her posts. But she deserves some more credit for such an amazing content she puts here.

Ha, ha, ha. Well, he could do something like that. I have never heard maracas in Flamenco, but I can show him to play Joropo as we do in this part of Venezuela.

And Cake, well. Cake is cake.

Clearly I have no clue who uses maracas and when...I took a stab at it, clearly failed. :)

 9 months ago  

Well, you were right they are minor percussion instruments like "castañas". And Joropo comes from one of the variants of Flamenco (Fandango), so it is not too far of a shot. I mean you shot for the bullseye but you hit the mark not in the yellow zone.

Oh yeah, didn't miss by much but to a marksman...A miss is always a miss. But in this case I think I'm excused right?

 9 months ago  

Yes, I wasn't expecting you to know what maracas are. I mean they are getting popular but not many things get world-wide fame so easily.

It wasn't Maggies Drawers but it wasn't an X either. Blame the wind. It always works for me.

 9 months ago  

Ha, ha, ha. The wind changed suddenly!

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Words and skills will set the limits.

Please, don't limit yourself 🙏😆

But really, my dearest music critic @bertrayo , thanks for that gift 🤗💛

Unfortunately, we will be more restricted now in time being out in the evening. Even Cinderella can stay out longer, so I don't know how that concert, with @galenkp starting to play the piano AND @bigtom13 playing the maracas would come true..

Me warming up the audience with some piano, bigtom13 on the maracas and then the main event, you on the piano...Who wouldn't pay $400 a ticket to see that!

By the way, I saw you wandering about at HiveFest but couldn't catch you as I was deep in a chat with someone at the time. I hope to run into you on the second day...Unless you only speak Spanish and then...Well, I'm afraid my Spanish is terrible...Meaning I know none.

If @bertrayo writes good stuff about us, then people would pay even more 😂

Haha I can communicate in 4 languages, one of them English (with accent hahaha but ok) , don't worry. Yes, I was there, by side when you was talking to riverflows if I remember well the username, I didn't want to interrupt.. and then you disappeared 👀

 9 months ago  

Writing good stuff is the first step to get the concerts in place. What comes after will help to get more concerts!

I speak four languages too. English, Australian, Swear and American. Well, five if you count the international of love. 🤣

Hehe 😂 omg, the third one 😂

epic 😜


 9 months ago  

That third one is special. 🤣

I can tell for a fact that @galenkp is able to swear like a sailor.

Oh yes, he is certainly able to...But knows when not to. :)

Some times I do, some times I don't. Basically depends on just how lit off I am.

 9 months ago  

I never limit myself, dear @mipiano. Unfortunately, as you said, restrictions are the ones keeping us from getting that big hit concert. I would pay to see it, but since I'm the one getting together I will be backstage having everything in its place.

You would be the best manager, so would be paid for it 💰💰💰

 9 months ago  

Words to work with love! 😍

I'd be honored just to attend, let alone play the maracas. It would be a dream come true.

You mentioned baritone, so baritone saxophone 🎷 instead of maracas?

Not saxophone. The brass baritone.


Some parts were written for Baritone, some times I had to play Baritone Sax music or even Trombone parts.

In my High School band I got to sit next to the Baritone Sax player who was a very pretty girl. A big win for me :)

 9 months ago  

That's a big win!

Oooooooo nice nice 🤩

 9 months ago  

Oh, sweet! We could make an interesting set of arrangements!

To my friend @mipiano I gift a metronome. Not any metronome, but a unique antique metronome that will match her style. Like this one maybe:


I know that you have no need, and for your students an electrical clicker is far more accurate and easy. But just for the beauty of it, to add a tiny complement to your beautiful music.

I was fascinated by the metronome my cousin had when she started playing piano. I was perhaps 6 and the very idea that time could be clicked just amazed me.

Merry Christmas.

Do I look so old that this antique metronome matches me?? 😱

Just kidding 😊, nice gift, thanks @bigtom13

In general, students don't like metronome clicking 🤦🏻‍♀️

Not in the least. I wanted a metronome that was out of the ordinary enough to compare to your playing.

I didn't like the thump on the head from my band director, either. But it was the price for screwing up.

 9 months ago  

Playing with a metronome is difficult. I remember hating that clicking not I'm used to it, but it is a big annoyance when you begin.

 9 months ago  

This looks awesome!

Oh YES. I'd love a pair of hand made Maraca.

Since we are telling secrets, here is mine. I'm actually a thwarted percussion player, I probably should have been a drummer. But the actuality is that once upon a time I could read bass and treble clef music because I played Baritone and some parts were written each way. So I'd have a chance of coming in somewhere near the correct time with my maracas.

I just can't think of a better Christmas gift. Thank you, my friend. I am overwhelmed.

 9 months ago  

So you already have some knowledge, that's great! You'll learn to play them in no time.

But the actuality is that once upon a time I could read bass and treble clef music because I played Baritone and some parts were written each way.

So, does this mean you used to sing?

NEVER. I played a Baritone. The musical instrument.

 9 months ago  

Oh, well. It is also a wind instrument. That's nice!

To my friend @bertrayo I gift a workshop. Not just any workshop but one full of tools and machines and vices and clamps and everything he needs. Of course there is a wood rack jammed to the rafters with all sorts and sizes of wood, exotic and ordinary.

So that his creativity might be limited only by his imagination.

 9 months ago  

My, my, my... This is the best gift ever! Especially because I barely have any room to do anything at home!

Thanks, thanks, thanks!

I will name it "The Big House of Tomtastic Instruments #13" 😄

LOL. Thanks, buddy. I am looking forward to that gift. Cake is great any time of the years, but cake for Xmas tastes so much better. Just make sure the slice is big enough to share with the other pirañas 🤣

 9 months ago  

Ha, ha, ha. I will make sure of that. But don't let them take yours! 🤣

Hello @galenkp good day.
This is a cool idea for the weekend
I loved the gift and who you have offered, without a doubt that will be a great meeting that they will enjoy very much.
My Christmas gift is for my friends @bluemist @flaxz and the marriage @syllem @marinmex

My gift for @bluemist is a bottle of champagne, so that we can toast the year we leave and the one to come, may success always accompany him, for being a very generous person, who helps so many people without asking anything from change.

my gift to @flaxz a person of his trust who can help him in his project, that takes work away from him. May success come to the east 2021

My gift for this married couple, friend @syllem @marinmex, is enough money so that this year 2021 they can buy the house they long for

Thank you very much @galenkp @ bigtom13 for allowing us this fun every week. I wish you a splendid weekend

Some very generous virtual gifts there mate, nice work, and also nice to see you're spreading it around to a few users who I'm sure would appreciate the mention. If only we were able to give these gifts in the real world huh?

Thanks for joining in this week, it's much appreciated.


It is always a pleasure to arrive here and accompany your proposals, many times things get complicated for me and I cannot do it
It's true what you say @galenkp, it would be nice if we could give these gifts in real life. Although I never lose hope of being better, I would love to be able to help those in need

I wish you all the success you deserve

I'm glad you can join in sometimes and glad also that you have some fun.

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To my friend @jlufer I give two gifts.

Family. That all his family might be present in one place at one time to share the obvious love that they have one for another. It would of course include a huge meal that might last for days.

I would also return one tenth of 1% of the good spirit that he exudes every single day. I tend to be a a poor man and of poor spirit so that is probably about the most I could hope to give back. It's not really a gift, just a poor reflection in a poor mirror.

hello friend @ bigtom13 good afternoon
I really appreciate your gift, you are very kind.

My Christmas gift to you is that all the people who visit your desert respect and take care of it, which is always cared for and passable.

the other is this motorcycle so you can travel the entire desert in a couple of hours

I take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful weekend

Wow! That ought to get 'er done. Can you imagine the heat that would come off of that? Talk about Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire!

Thank you my friend! I'll commence my first ride just after daylight here...

Hahaha. Tom would have to adapt something like this on the seat

Ahahahahaha! YES. That would do it!

Until the water started to boil and then I'd just be like a great big frog in the pot!

Ha, nice! I was thinking of a JATO for @bigtom13's but I wasn't sure how he'd mount it, this looks like a better idea anyway.

Wow thanks a lot @jlufer, I very much hope that it becomes a reality, and for you I wish you the best harvest that your garden has ever provided, and that you can enjoy it with your whole family, and I wish you a happy weekend, a Merry Christmas and an awesome new year.

Hello dear friend @ flash good afternoon you will see that my wish will come true soon.

I appreciate your gift with all my heart, you are very kind
Merry Christmas and a successful year 2021


hmmmm well I am known to be a proper grinch and Christmas is a non event in my household. But if forced at gunpoint to do xmas and in the spirit of the Weekend Engagement I reckon I'd have to buy @krazzytrukker's cat Sammi jo some cat treats so if we ever meet she doesn't scratch my eyes out for body shaming her. And some Bionicles for @galenkp and then as I'm at gunpoint invite you all over with @hidave and @bigtom13 for some drinks at the dive shop bar. I'd obviously insist it's a winter solstice thing and fuck all to do with Christmas but that would be after the gun isn't pointed at my head any longer.

Sammi Jo says 100% up vote for this one. I did not bother to explain to her that is only $0.006...

I am just happy She is now over it and looking forward to cat treats with @scubahead !

She will love @galenkp These cats have a sort of radar and can usually sense a cat person and are drawn to them.

@bigtom13 is the now the real challenge. It may take more than treats on this shaming? I am sitting here trying to convince Sammi Jo that she does not...


Is @hidave a cat person? Dog peeps are good too, as Sammi Jo thinks she is a dog anyways...

Here she is acting like a dog with a fire hydrant.

Fire Hydrant Dog Kitty 2015.jpg

Poor Sami Jo. I may have scared her for life!

I think Dave is flexible that way. I'm guessing Sami Jo would take right to him.


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I'm good with celebrating the Winter Solstice. I'd love to hang around the Dive Shop with you guys.

I don't drink but I start out about as goofy as anybody will get :)

My gift for @scubahead is a shark for poor Rick. He's going to get a complex if he doesn't see one soon.

I think they are there he just looks left when he should look right and vice versa lol. I've been off the booze for 19 days so far. Having a break from it to take a step back and get some perspective

Coffee cups click together rather nicely. Just sayin'

;) yup. I may be checking out a new cafe in the morning as I'm taking the morning off again. So possible new venue for the Coffee Ramble

Great ideas here @bigtom13,
Anything shark is always a Go in the KrazzyTrukker universe. It is on my bucket list to dive with sharks. So we need to pool our resources to make this trip halfway around the world to the Dive Shop.!

Do they make water tight depends? In case I shit myself? Lmao

Maybe we could use a stinking cat as shark bait? :-/

I dunno about a cat as shark bait, but we damn sure don't want to use Rick.

Seems like you really got into the non-Christmas spirit here Scuba. Well thought out gifts and I'm sure all concerned will be grateful.


I feel ya bro. Other than @pooky-jax and the fur kits stockings. We do a few x-mas lights. Exchange a few gifts like GKP, Faith & her Mother. We of course send a shit ton of gifts to the nieces and neph's.

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Happy weekend, everybody
I have mixed feelings about this exercise, but it can be therapeutic to play along, so let's do this.
Allow me to tag two close hivers who would be very happy if they got these presents for Xmas:
to @carlosehijos55, who I just talked to and know has been struggling with his old computer, I'd send him a brand new one with all the software and hardware needed for him and his sons to work all their musical projects. I'd add a good set of lights and a pro mic so that all their videos can have the quality their talents deserve. Carlos has worked really hard self-teaching and then teaching his sons all they know about music and technology to produce music. It would be a blast to see them working in a fully equiped home studio. He recently posted about a home-made drink (ponche crema), we'll have a toast with that.

to @imabby17, I'd give her all she needs for her illustrations and designs. She has been putting aside her drawing projects partly for lack of materials to work on them. It would be fantastic to see all her ideas materialize with the right tools. So, I'd give her this tablet, pad or whatever they call it and the right computer to go with it, so she can create at will.

Thanks for joining in despite your mixed feelings on the topic.

You have chosen a couple of pretty good gifts I think, ones that would keep goliving to the recipient. Nice work and I'm sure those you have chosen to gift are appreciative of you having thought of them.


Thank you for the opportunity and encouragement to always look at the bright side of things.
Unfortunatelly, they were unable to participate this weekend. Every one with different hurdles. Hopefully, next time
You have a great week

I understand that some people have a few obstacles in the way as far as per or internet goes so cannot always join in as much as they would like. It makes them joining in where possible a bit more special.

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Those are wonderful gifts given for wonderful reasons.

For my friend @hlezama I would give an endless supply of charcoal, wood and meat so that he can work his cooking magic for the holidays and beyond.

I'd further send you daughter home for the holidays with a free pass back to her studies when school resumes.

Merry Christmas, my friend.

😀 Thanks, Tom
That's very thoughtful of you (especailly the idea of having my daughter for the holidays and the academic free pass). I can't remember the last time I prepared a barbecue. It must have been 2008, the year we left the States. We had been giving a fancy grill which we actually used only a few times. We ended up giving it away when we came back.
Maybe now that we are heading back to using firewood only I'll be "forced" to barbecue something. I miss the rosted corn

I tag you G. @galenkp , my first best friend in here. And I would totally give you this

Yup yup yup one of those fancy watches that require a kidney donation to buy hahahhaha


I would gift to my friend @creativemary one entire day spent doing absolutely nothing. In fact, I hope she can have her day with only enough movement that friends and family don't need to check her pulse.

Merry Christmas!

Legit gift...I'd like one too...But if you could string a few extra days in a row also...That'll make it perfect.

Oh yes G. That would be so cool😍

I've got 3 days of work left for the year Monday-Wednesday and then...Boom, it's vacation until the 7th of January. So...There'll be plenty of doing nothing and doing stuff the we want to do. 😁

Oh you have a long vacation, that's well deserved

Yep, it's much needed too.

Awww thanks so much, this is such a great gift I love it😍😍Merry Xmas to you too Tom🎄🤗

Aww, now you've gone and done it...We're besties!

Seriously though, let's cut to the chase and the important things...That bloody watch! Thank you for gifting me with it, virtually, I really appreciate it. I've wanted it since it came out but...You know, I can't spare a kidney just yet! Great gift, thanks for joining in, bestie.


Hihi G. mate I knew you would love it🤗🤗

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I would like to send @galenkp the gift of "Silver!"




But with the current situation of Chaos and Corruption in this country, (and many others) We have gone into survival mode both physically and financially.

I really did have intentions of buying a couple of these. One for my @pooky-jax and then sending the other matching coin to Galen and Faith.

So I guess it really will have to be the "thought that counts."

To everyone else on Hive, I send my best wishes, wishing you all a better 2021. As 2020 should not be hard to beat.

Happy Holidays...

Keep on KrazzyTrukkin...

Boss Kitty Sammi Jo Runs Show.jpg

Hey mate, it is exactly the thought that counts which was the driving factor behind my topic this week. I'm glad you got involved, it speaks well of those who do, for the fun and engagement of it but also to show some gratitude for the person/people they send a gift to here, virtually.

So, silver huh? You're talking my language my man. And the cheetah...Well, I have a foot race lined up against one as you know...Don't worry, the G-dog will win...I've been training.

I hope doomsday doesn't come, or if it does I survive, because I want to be able to say I told you so to the world, but if so, silver will come in handy, so thank you. You're a champ you know - Best wishes to you and Pooky.


I would gift to my friend @krazzytrukker good roads, tight lines, good weather and time to ride them. And a cat carrier so Sammi Jo can ride along...

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I have three or four people here at hive i feel deserve a Christmas gift which I'd bestow upon them if i had the power. I'll write out a post to each of them in here

One would be @sduttaskitchen who has a deep love for culinary arts from around the world. She loves researching the culture and history behind each dish which is something i find fascinating and also a thing ive been known to do on occasion. She's also shown herself to be a very caring and thoughtful human being.

My gift to her would be a new kitchen set, a massive cookbook that goes into detail about all the dishes of the world so she could explore to her hearts content. And I'd give her funding for the year so she could focus on her passion without having yo worry about all the other things.

To Sunita. Thank you for bring my friend. Sorry I haven't been around for a few months. Life and work has gotten in the way. But fo know that i miss talking to you. Wishing you the best in this holiday season.

To my friend @hidave I gift a real live, honest to God Katana sword so he doesn't have to use a stick from down by the river to practice his swordsmanship.

You give good gifts!

This is one of those gifts that keep on giving and I dig that. I'm also thinking I need to make friends with @s because @sduttaskitchen because we have so much in common...Well...She likes to cook and I like to eat, so I'm not sure if it's things in common or just perfectly synergistic.

Thanks for joining in Dave, I appreciate it and yeah, we've missed you around the place but I know where you've been, what you've been doing and that stuff takes priority. Stop by anytime.


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I hope I do not cause any unnecessary discomfort. If I could give a gift to one person it would be to @bdmillergallery it would be a magic sketch pencil, the primary property would be a sense of comfort and love from Pepper every time he picked the pencil up. When used it would imbue the painting, sketch, or blind contour drawing with a sense of comfort to anyone that saw the art work.

We get to know a little bit about the people we interact with, sometimes they share a part of their life. Pepper was a big part of his post, I feel privileged that I got to know a little bit about Pepper he was such a character and had a deep personality that came across in the post and pictures that featured him.

It is very unlikely that I will ever forget the picture of Pepper looking out the window so much like he was watching a TV screen, as if waiting for a horde of rabbits to come screaming through the yard or getting set in place for the flight of the starlings dancing in the sky.

Pepper will be missed, but he will be remembered and carried in the hearts of many I am sure.

Merry Christmas all especially bdmiller and his family, give Molly an extra scratch behind her ears for me.

A thoughtful gift bashadow and I'm sure BD would be pleased to receive such a gift.

You know, when I cam up with this topic I had fun gifts in mind but soon realised the topic will/could go much further than that. I guess like my gifts to Dave and Tom...There's a deeper reason behind it, not just fun...I have gotten to know those chaps, and many others, in a way that seems more real than any other social media platform could do; It seems real, more real. You know?

Anyway, I wish I could have given many gifts as I have a lot of people I'd like to show my appreciation to, yourself included, but I kept it to the two...I may ads a few in over the weekend though, we'll see.

Thanks for joining in week on week, I appreciate it.


I personally think Hive is a real social media place/outlet. Most of the other places that call themselves social media are more Anti-social than anything else. I know that over on steem personal attacks sometimes happened, (that is anti-social behavior), so far I have not seen as much of the main stream social media activities on Hive. (very little bullying, name calling, or general trollish activity), it is what kind of makes Hive more social than any of the other so called social outlets.


It is a good topic.

Oh yeah, I agree for sure. I was on Facebook for a little while, until I saw the light, and the error of my ways, but in truth I hardly ever posted anything and before long it all became so negative that I just left in spectacular fashion...Meaning that I couldn't retrieve that account if I tried...(Changed emails passwords etc. the threw it all away.) Not that I'd ever want that trash back in my life.

I've not seen much anti-social behaviour here, a little sure, but nowhere near what that other blockchain had...Jeez, just thinking back to it gives me a headache.

Here on hive...I don't know bashadow, it just seems more real. I was talking to azircon today at HiveFest about this, the realness of it all. He agreed. I'm glad you like the topic...It just felt right this week. I'm not sure what next week will hold, Friday being Christmas and all...I'll have to think of something but I don't think there'll be many around. We'll see. Thanks for you involvement this week though.

, (that is anti-social behavior)

There is a phrase right out of my playbook. Literally. I started using it with my then 15 year old stepdaughter (cough. She's 50 now) and use it with Sam now. I wanted a phrase that wasn't ordinary to signify that the hearer had just stepped over the line. It works a LOT better with Sam :)

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I would gift to my friend @bashadow a lawn chair on a perfect lawn on a perfect day that lasts forever.

I'm pretty sure Pepper romps with Sam in the desert every now and again. That is a precious and wonderful gift you gave there..

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 9 months ago  

That’s a cool concept and I think Tom would be in it if there was a sweet set of cruising motorcycles waiting off the tarmac for you guys to explore in! No shooting while riding of course would ever happen....

So for this one, may seem selfish but I would love to give my wife, @ssiena, a cure for her long-standing health battle: adrenal fatigue. It’s a very challenging issue; she has extreme exhaustion in the mornings and evenings, sharp mood swings, food allergies and is just all around sad some days. She’s on the mend but it’s a slow journey, it took us 2 years to get over it last time so we are hoping it’s not going to take that long again! We at least saw someone who knows what this is and isn’t trying to just give us a pill to hide the symptoms, she’s helping us fix it and there’s been good progress but sometimes it gets worse before it gets better and this week has been one of those worse ones.

How has hive fest going for you guys? I haven’t been keeping up with it but hopefully it’s cool to hear people talk and stuff!

It's terrible when one carries a health issue like that, one that lingers for a while. I think it's a fitting gift, to give Siena a cure as that would change her life and yours. I hope things are moving forward and continue to do so and that she can shake it off completely soon. All the best with that.

HiveFest was ok, a bit odd in the VR world but I listened to some speakers, learned some things and had a few nice chats with some hivers I know, and didn't know but do now. I wanted to show my face, to show support for the concept as a lot of effort went into making it happen...I just wanted to be involved in any small way and I'm glad I made the effort.

I'd be in for the motorcycles. When I carry (and I do sometimes) my pistol is in my tank bag without a round chambered. I don't want to go rooting around in there for jellybeans and, well, you know. No shooting on the road.

I would wish for your wife simple relief. For you I would wish a couple days with a warf rat in the harbor to explain things to you. I love your curiosity!

 9 months ago  

Docks are empty today! I got called in for a last minute shift which I was happy to oblige lol extra cash win!



Thanks man, I appreciate it! My wife’s doing better. She lacked desperately cortisol and has been taking supplements and some other stuff after we got some advice from a naturopath who specializes in this stuff. Thankfully she doesn’t quite know what it is but she’s taking a pill that includes the ground up adrenal gland of cows lmao. It works though, slowly but surely. She’s on the mend!

I would send the KP's a bottle each of some splendid Scottish whisky.

So that they too could experience the joy of drinking it all and waking up the next day in a tree with vague memories of fighting and lipstick-smeared cows from the night before!!

Screenshot_20201218-083821_Amazon Shopping.jpg

Now that looks like it would be a very fine gift, at first glance I thought the label said Balverine the warewolf characters from the game Fable. I am sure that would turn them into one or quivering masses of lipstick-smeared cows. Now I have a bunch of angry lipstick-smeared cows running through my head.

The last thing you want is a herd of them running through your head,!!!! Lol

It is a very fine whisky though. I do have quite a penchant for it. But waking up in that tree every time... :0D

I love this one!
I still remember visiting some distilleries in the north of Scotland when I visited a few years ago.

I have done a few distillery tours myself. Always enjoyable. My wife is threatening to take me away to one after this pesky covid nonsense that you can stay at and create your own bespoke whisky blend at. Now that will be awesome! It at least taking away a mini barrel will be :0)


vague memories of fighting and lipstick-smeared cows

...would be a small price to pay for an evening spent drinking this fine beverage...We'd get our kilts and sporran's on, no underwear of course, and do a highland fling whilst knocking back a dram or seven of this fine nectar of the gods...And we'd do it all in your honour!

Thank you for this virtual Christmas gift; Not only is it thoughtful and generous, but a perfect reason to go underpantless with a kilt on! You're a gentleman sir Boomy.


Hehe, a pleasure to throw such things into the ether. If you ever make it to the dark waters of Scotland it will be a real gift!

Theres nowt quite like a good kilt wearing! :OD