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A warm happy Friday to you hivers! We made it to the end of the working week and the weekend looms large...It's a four day weekend for me this week too, so I'm extra happy. I hope y'all have had a great week so far and that it finishes with a flourish.

It's #weekend-engagement topic time as always on Friday, and we'll get into it shortly; I want to first say thank you to everyone from last week...It was the pay it forward week and was really nice to see so many people get involved. You can see the post topic and all the replies for week 32 here - A big thank you to you excellent hivers for getting involved.

Now...Week 33 y'all...Inspired by a bad day I had on Thursday this week in which I got a flat tyre during my working day. You can take a look here if you're keen to know the story.

weekend-engagement topic week 33

It's easy this week...Just tell us, in the comments section below, about one of your best or worst days and add a relevant picture to the comment if you'd like. You can also answer both questions if you wish. You need to comment below though, 👇 and not simply add a link to an external post.

Tell us about a holiday, an event, date-night, concert, sporting or musical moment, work-success or failure, gaming or financial triumph or failure...It doesn't matter - Just tell us about one of your best or worst days!

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I've had loads of monumentally bad days but it's one of the good ones I want to focus on right now. Above are some images from one such day.

We were in New Zealand, the South Island, and decided to take a helicopter flight over the mountains to fly around and land at Mt Earnslaw Burn. A burn is a glacier-carved valley.

We took off from Queenstown airport and made a mountain-top snow landing for a stunning view over Queenstown then flew on to the Burn which we had completely to ourselves. It was an amazing day, costly sure, but completely unforgettable.

Above are some of the pictures I took...I'm no photographer though and these were actually taken with my phone camera so they're not the greatest. The day is written indelibly in my memory though and, that I got to spend it with the most amazing woman a person could ever ask for in a wife, I'd have to say it was one of my most memorable days.

Life is a mixture of good and bad and it's unlikely a person will get through it without experiencing both. Everything that happens to us is merely a thread woven into the tapestry of our lives and in my opinion the bad things make one appreciate the good all the more.

So, tell us about some of the threads you've woven into your own life down below in the comments and, if you like, please also do a larger post of your own in the Engage the weekend Community and tag #weekend-engagement as your first tag.

Have a nice weekend folks, and I look forward to seeing you down below in the comments.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
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All photos in this post are mine. The main image was taken whilst aboard the TSS Earnslaw, an Edwardian twin screw paddle steamer, that plies Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, New Zealand.


Eeeek. I'm going to guess that not many people can name their best day or worst day with any certainty. I'm weird that way, I can.

I'll have to do some thinking about talking about my worst day. It's a day I generally only revisit once a year and then pack it back up for another year. That isn't coming now...

January 1, 2020

Yep. Just over a year ago. My results from 23 and Me were waiting for me when I got up early New Year's Day.

I tried to read the reports first, I really did. After maybe 10 minutes (and seeing that I wasn't really a candidate for any human race genetic defects) I went to the 'DNA Relatives' section.

There was a woman there listed as second cousin. WHAT? I had searched for my birth family for most of 50 years and I had a second cousin? It took me a while to even process that fact.

Then I realized that she couldn't be my second cousin, that she had to be my niece. I just about lost my mind. Seriously.

I made contact with her through the website. To her credit she answered and we talked a little. She alerted her family to my existence. In three days I'd electronically met my mother's family. Except for the brother that had died two weeks earlier and of course my mother who died in 2015.

Turns out Miranda was my brother's daughter, and the two of us have become quite close (actually the three. Miranda and I and my brother Larry and I). This screenshot is from my 23 and Me dashboard as it appears today.


Notice that I have a half brother listed. Yep, my father's family appeared in July. It's without question the most incredible positive experience of my life.

I'll take the other option under advisement, I really will. It's no doubt time that I talk about it.

Oh that's a great story, searching and knowing the roots is facisnante. I'm glad you had results and family reunions via the web.

I too last year did my family tree and can find name and history from my great great grandparents to present day.

One question, how does this site work? What data do you have to enter? @bigtom13

23 and Me is a DNA testing service. The price on Black Friday 2019 was just amazing so I did it. I was adopted at birth in a private adoption so my knowledge of any genetic family was zero. I am old enough that I have outlived any possible genetic problems so there really wasn't a down side. The best I hoped for family wise was to get an idea what my genetic heritage was.

Needless to say, I was crazy surprised. You can read about my adventures with half of my new family during the summer.

My adopted family has good family tree information. My mom's side to 1650 in Virginia and my father's to 1780 in Germany (and Russia). I am the oldest grandson in my father's family so I have the family Bible from 1780. Every name in the direct line is in there.

ah ok, good that you found some answers.

I'm sorry that in this life you didn't get to meet your biological mother and ask her questions that you surely have.

And how many biological siblings do you have?

Eight living. 9 total. 2 boys and 2 girls in my mother's family and 4 boys and one girl in my father's.

It's really quite incredible that I've gotten pretty close to my one new brother. We are a lot alike and even resemble one another...

Blood doesn't lie, knowing your family history must have been very fulfilling for you.

What a good time.@bigtom13

Hooa Tom, la familia y su historia habla de ti y tu vida, es genial que sepas de donde vienes y sobre todo que reconozcas y honrres a tus ancestros. Nuestra historia genética nos acompaña toda la vida nos hace ser quien somos, todos tenemos un lugar. Te felicito por ese encuentro porque fue un inicio a buenos dias, dias felices en familia.

Whoa that's awesome to date it back a few hundred years! Really cool dude!

That's excellent, bud! It's a great thing to find out where you come from and also to be received with warmth and friendship. I would be ecstatic with something like that!

It was just incredibly exciting to me. I mean really. Then to be greeted in my mother's family with open arms, I just don't have the words.

My father's family (who I knew) has been more an attitude of curiosity. There is absolutely no doubt that my father never knew that my mother was pregnant and that he had no clue that he was related to me. He was the head administrator at my High School. Not in the area he grew up, and he didn't stay long....

Imagine that! Small world! And the plot keeps getting more and more interesting. "A family reunion and a curious event"

A family reunion and a curious event"

What a great description. Nailed it!

That's just the name of this chapter. I bet there are some other deserving of clever titles!

I can imagine the surprise for your father, knowing that he had a son who never knew of his existence.

The best of all is that you went without rancor and with open arms to look for your ancestors. @bigtom13

That's wild, being a school admin for you years later. Definitely a small world!

I know of one friend that this happened to. He never knew he got a girl pregnant until many years later. It's tough because as challenging as a pregnancy is, I feel like it needs to be communicated!

Hi Tom, I hope you're well.

I specifically asked for one of your best or worst as experience has taught me that people would probably say something like, "I can't single out my best." And rightly so I guess, most of us have had so many good and bad days in life it's difficult to find just one and single it out...So, one of your best or worst seemed like an obvious solution.

What saddens me though is when people say, I can't think of one. I van think of so many good and bad days in my life and if I couldn't I guess my answer would have been *"my best day was today because I woke up". Still, that's me...Maybe the thousands of days other's have in their life are neither good nor bad...Just days. Sad really.

Anyway, I'm not surprised you can instantly think of one and this is what I half-expected from you although I'm sure you've had many good and bad days.

It's funny how things work out...They lost someone only two weeks earlier an then you arrive on the scene. Life has a funny way of doing things like that I think.

This is an excellent moment and a good one of the best days moment for sure. There's no need to have a bad one, to comment one. I mean, we all have them but you've dropped a good one and that's all I really asked for.


I actually thought about doing today as my best day. I have a lifetime worth of friends and family and experiences and I GOT TO WAKE UP TODAY TO ENJOY THEM. :)

Good Times, Bad Times
You know I've had my share.

I have to tell you, I have way less bad days than good days. In fact, maybe only one really bad day. Most of my life I have just bubbled along without much strife or grief. Maybe that's why it's hard to think of one day in that huge stack of good days.

The other thing is that I can't think of many truly bad things that weren't followed by a good one. I too, think that may be the way of life.

I am well and still tobacco free. I know that is an excuse at this point, but I really do have a hard time sitting down with out smoking or plotting a smoke. It's much better, maybe I'm back. :)

I caught that Zeppelin line.

Ahahahahahaha Every now and again one will slip out of me. I hope I never need 'When the Levee Breaks". That might be a bad day :)

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You know Tom, I don't necessarily count a bad day as this or that happened and it was bad.

A bad day for me could be one in which I acted poorly, or didn't react well in a situation that could have benefited from a lighter touch.; You know, when I am not my best self for some reason or other. When things settle and I look back...Yep, that was a bad day and tomorrow I'm going to do it better. You know what I mean?

A bad day could be one in which I argued with Faith and let that argument dominate the day, or the emotion behind it cause me to be disrespectful. They're bad days dude. There are days when one crashes a $100,000 car...That's bad. There are days when one finds out they have cancer. That's bad. There are days when people around us die. That can be bad. But a bad day isn't just about that sort of thing for me.

I think you get the picture and, in truth, a good day isn't always attached to an event. It could be a day in which everything went to plan and was productive at work...That's a good day right?

A good day recently was spent doing nothing but writing a post here and watching movies with Faith on the couch It was whilst we were moving and we needed a break and that's what we did. Nothing special happened, but it was a good day.

Anyway, it's good you're well and I'm glad to hear you're smoke-free still. Good effort. Be around hive when you want to be, engage when you need to or feel like you have something to say...You have built enough credit with many people here so taking a day or so off and then popping back in isn't a problem.

Creo que todos los dias son buenos miestras tengamos salud, vida. Todo se resume en como miremos los resultados de ese dia.

I agree, it's all situational and dependant upon many factors.

I get it, and agree. Today isn't a bad or good day ALMOST with out exception (see above :) ). It's my reaction that makes it bad or good. Well, that and I'm just too stupid to know in real time whether or not a day is going to get cataloged as bad or good in my world.

Like "OMG I got a date with a serious hottie. I mean she might melt car seats." Then later that night "I can't believe we ended up in a sweaty heap on her couch. Might be the best day of my life"

When in fact, she got pregnant (my first. It was widly assumed I couldn't ) Made it a really good day, right? Well, that was not exactly what anyone would call a good marriage and when our daughter died any civility that might have been saved left.

But was every day bad? Not even close. I loved her daughter more than air. I got to settle a score with her ex, a serious asshole. The sort of thing that leaves a smile on my face today.

So I just never know. I end up pretending that I'm a good guy and see what happens from that.

It's all about perspective I suppose, a little honesty too probably. We're surrounded by things that could be regarded as good or bad and our perspective often dictates which, or if it's just balanced. We are subject to good and bad and sometimes can't affect either, but we can affect how we react to each right?

Exactly. I've never known anything to be all bad or all good. It's all about my reaction to it.

I'm going to talk about my worst day. I'm working on it.

a good day isn't always attached to an event.

Oh, this is true.
Not just the events and circumstances count.

I am joining a bit late to the topic 😔, I am going to read first the comments :-)

I've had many good days I'm which nothing much happened; Sometimes those lazy days can be so valuable right?

Yeah I feel bad for people who just seem to exist in a very vanilla way. Nothing deviating from the steady pace that much to stand out as great or bad.

I think it's a limiting state to be in. I mean sometimes bad things happen from getting out there and trying stuff...But by getting out there an trying stuff is how one makes good things happen; It's how we progress. So, staying safely within ones comfort zone may seem preferable but it's rather limiting in my opinion.

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That's awesome Tom I love it! There's so many things like this that make modern technology like this incredible in many ways! I bet you feel like your soul is getting a huge missing piece brought back into it!

It really does feel like a huge piece of me has been returned. It's really amazing when I stop and think about it.

I'm glad knowing you got this great opportunity! I know a family member who was adopted and I think she still had no idea who her real family is.

It can be a real struggle. When I was younger I really wanted to know about potential health problems. Then it just got to be that I WANTED to find out. So I kept on looking...

Finding a family you didn't know about really sounds like a great day.
Especially considering this:

I had searched for my birth family for most of 50 years

My (adopted) brother and I started looking just about the time he graduated high school. It wasn't any where near an obsession but we kept at it more or less for 50 years.

We knew much more about his birth family until I spit in the tube. He has since spit in his own tube and knows a lot more than before, too. He has 3 siblings he hasn't been united with...

Damn that's a nice story, Tom.

I have a blood brother I didn't meet until I was about 37, he's a junky, poor fucking guy, not sure the last time I talked to him.

He and I have the same dad, a puke I've never met. Very cool for you to get connected.

There is always that possibility, isn't there?

The really good news? I was the alcoholic/addict for my family and had been sober for almost 30 years when I found them.

My birth father was the superintendent of schools when I graduated High School. He was a senior in college when my mother became pregnant. ALL my new siblings agree that he never knew. He was in Korea (the war) when I was born...

So, I was really lucky. Really good family and structure on both sides...

Yeah I know lots of families like that unfortunately. It's a shame but things turn out different ways and people make choices. Got a relative that's all fucked up because they choose to constantly "oh woe is me" type stuff. Grow up, grow a pair and move on with life is what I'd love to say.

It seems you've turned out quite well despite the blood-relatives not being upstanding citizens so that's good.

Wow! I'll say this definitely counts as a happy experience for you. Finding out that you have family members alive and around must satisfying. This is the first I'm reading about 23 and Me. I'll check out it. I'm glad you are united with your brother and niece.

I'm at least electronically connected with all of them. 8 siblings and 11 nieces and nephews on my mom's side. It's been really pleasant.

Oh wow, this is great!! 😲

We have so many similarities that it will frighten you Sir Tom.
But I was dumb enough to walk away from the first one after 18 years of a hell marraige.
Consoled myself with the fact that my kids would have a father,
Alcoholic hell raising youth and many other troubles, but thankfully maturity brought with it a sense of calm and positivity. Today my kids are well, have solid jobs and don't take drugs.
What more could a father want!

Such a bright spot your year has been in an otherwise dark time for so many.

Great story. Script or Book possibility?

@bigtom13 I am happy for you that you could find your niece, and especially if you are in touch now. It must have been so good feeling when you found out!

Right, I am late, but blame our signals.
Can only work in spurts and 5 minutes per picture to upload.

A great day etched into my heart forever. Hosting a Christmas party for 150 little orphans.
Everything went like a dream. The 3 buses donated by the bus company to transfer the children to the school sports field arrived on time. The donated pancake truck with it's kitchen trailer was ready and the huge jumping castles were erected as if by magic. The volunteer child minders were excellent and the day concluded with full stomachs, happy smiles and even some traditional dancing (not me) lol.
Of course we had new presents for each child that Papillon bought from a detailed list of the children's names, ages and wants.

Here I led the little ones onto the field after the arrival of the fist bus.
26 11 2017.jpg

I regard bad days as lesson days and I have had more than most, as I find it very difficult to learn and so many lessons have to be repeated hahaha.

Blessings to all here!

Hi Zac, I'm sorry for your internet issues but glad you were able to get your image uploaded. I figured one of your best days would involve family or charity work and you didn't disappoint.

Something like this would take some organising and with so much riding on it, the happiness of 150 little tackers, it may have been a nervous time but it came out well by the sound of it and I bet they all had a good time. In truth this is 150 best days as I'm sure that many of those orphans will remember that's day fondly...Presents and pancakes and a day spent with people who care...Seems pretty good to me.

Nice work as always mate, and way to show some true humanity


Good morning Galen,

Should be about 6 or 7am in your neck of the woods now.

Thank you and I am glad that you liked the good day. I could have mentioned that before the good day, we had a few very bad days with the same 150 orphans.

We took them to a circus and you know that children cannot sit still.
We figured that we wouldn't need many child minders as a block of seats was allocated for the kids and all was hunky dory. Until some of the kids started disappearing and we had to start running around searching for little urchins. Nightmares.

But did we learn? NO.
On another occasion we took them to a Casino's playground filled with spinning things, slides, roller coasters and what not. Biggest mistake my friend.

But like I said, my focus is always only on the good days!

2022 here, a warm night of 33C at the moment, down from the 40C we had earlier. I'm in the AC though so it's all good. Faith is out watering.

You're gluttons for punishment it seems...Those kids running you ragged! 😂

It's good for them though and the work you do is probably very much needed. ✅

2022 Wow you guys are not only ahead of us in time, but also in years as it is still 2021 here 🤣

Come to think about yes, they did run us ragged, but it was a good ragged that relieved the tension of keeping things going at Papillon. Looking back it was that consistent tension that caused our two burnouts and there was no need for any tension, as everything worked itself out.

So, this time we are doing things differently with NO tension and you are right, as the work is very much needed.

Hope that your Sunday is good!

 last year (edited) 

2022 = 8:22pm

Got ya!!!
I am taking Marian for her birthday lunch now my friend and will try to catch you out again a bit later 🤣

Ah that's a lot of work but with a group that large, there will always be the little trouble makers who fidget and wander lol

Hahaha, yes and yes again, those little ones are indeed ten hands full of trouble, but we are very lenient, as I know what it is to sit alone in a room every day as a child.

Blessings to you mate!

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😲 My surprised face, that you might have a good day to share and no bad ones. I'm not the brightest bulb in the chandelier but I can spot a gang of kids getting ready to have a great day in a heart beat, and there they are!

I'm glad I never considered many whole days bad-I would hate to have to repeat some of the dandies that I've wandered through. That would be way more lessons than I believe I could take!

Hahaha, good to see a comment from you again Sir Tom and this means that you are well.
Yes, the brevity of the bad days that you and I have endured can indeed fill books, but then again so can the good days.
I would also hate te repeat many of the bad parts, but think that we have at last learned what there was to be learned lol.

Oh you know, just 150 orphans, that's all.

You're the only person I know to have shared a story about the time you fed, gifted, etc 150 orphan children.

One person at a time, @papilloncharity. I've served that many people before at various shelters but I'm certain I've never been around that many orphan children at one time. Thank you for sharing that picture dude, you're a good person.

Thank you for the kind words @dandays your are pretty special yourself my man.

We have seen many wonders and miracles in our years at Papillon and the only requirement is being prepared to serve.
If the heart is right, then everything else will be added.
I bet that you say that you are also just an ordinary guy like myself, as the honor does not belong to us.

Blessings and !BEER

You two have given birth to my heart, I think I've fallen in love.....

With your service. 😅😉 @papilloncharity and @dandays

Alright, so, I searched for a gif by entering "love is in the air" in the search bar. I found several. But I'm not sure what "love is in the air" and this unicorn have in common.

hehehehehe how beautiful, plus points for the gifs.

thank you @dandays , they both look like they are not real.

I like the way the unicorn stings my eye. if love is in the air, I am full of love, take a deep breath and fly on the unicorn.

I just stopped by your page, thanks for reblogging those BDCommunity writing challenges. I wish I'd known a little sooner, I got'em on my follow list now though.

The more I see that unicorn farting gif, the funnier it gets. Still unsure what unicorn farts have to do with love in the air.

I only saw that it poked me in the eye hehehehe.

I'm a fan of contests, if you want to know which one is active, check my blog to find out.



Hahaha, nice one and thank you kindly milady!

Hey @dandays, here is a little bit of BEER from @papilloncharity for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Christmas party for 150 orphans! And you made their day filling them with lots of food, care and love. I say that's a great day. No wonder you regard it as one of your best days.

Helping others, putting smiles on their faces especially at Christmas fills us too with joy in return. Most times, it's not all about what we can get but about what we can give.

About repeating mistakes, lol, I thought I was the only one. Indeed we learn from bad days. Thanks for sharing your story with us 🙂

The mistakes that we make my friend is that we think that the world revolves around us.
It doesn't and in the Gestalt, we are smaller than a grain of sand.
Now, a grain of sand does not know the word pide or greed, as it simply blends in with all of the other grains of sand.
Greed should be replaced by the blessing of giving and pride should be replaced with humility. Add love to this and we will have a potent mixture that can heal many problems in this strife torn life.

Thank you and my pleasure to share.

I'm sure that day was better for the children than it was for you.

I like what you say here

I regard bad days as lesson days and I have had more than most, as I find it very difficult to learn and so many lessons have to be repeated hahaha.

Receive my blessings @papilloncharity

Oh yeah, we were rewarded with many happy tears and ecstatic little faces and you are right about them enjoying it way more than us.
But at such an occasion it is the heart that counts and nobody could have a happier heart than my own my friend.

Thank you and I simply continue to repeat the lessons until they fade away, to be replaced with new ones hahaha.

Blessings also to you and have some !WINE

What a wonderful story here! You definitely generated 150 swelling hearts for these children, I'm very glad that there are people like this who do this!

Bad days are definitely learning days. We learn from them and reflect but we don't dwell. Dwelling is unhealthy!

The saying here goes that if you can help one then it's great, but if you can help ten then it's even better.
When a difficult task ends successfully one can sleep so much better.

To dwell is a very unhealthy habit, as it brings with it regret and negativity. Someone sang; "yesterday is dead and gone and tomorrow is out of sight"
A good reminder to focus on the present.

💗 This is amazing. Being able to help so many young souls and bring happiness to them can be something extraordinary.

Outstanding activity that brought happiness for everyone 👌✅

Thank you and I think that it shows what can be done if we really put our hearts into helping others.
Everyone, or anyone can do this and even much more.
Glad that you appreciated the post.

Have some !WINE

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Funny enough I also had a disturbing Thursday lol. Actually a hectic Thursday rather. It wasn't really a bad day except for the fact that my initial plans were ruined.
It does look like you really had a nice and enjoyable moment cause the photos speaks so well of it lol.
These images are too good to have been captured with a phone hehe. And why did you specifically tell us about capturing with your phone as if you aren't confident that the photos are good?
The photos are really good. I wish my phone could do something like this hahaha.
PS: your wife is very pretty

Hey gal good to see you are around here this weekend..Wow I can see you growing really fast you are a rocket...!!! Very impressive 🙂 Good job and Keep it the good work 😍

Yeah! I am so glad to be present this weekend, I missed last week and I am not intending to do that this week.
About being a rocket? hahaha, it's funny. I am doing my best dear and I have missed you around. Nice to see you here.

Aww You are doing really well. I'm getting so busy atm but will try to arrange time for my Hive blog soon and will see you around :))

Oh alright dear. See you around :)

Some would say that having their plans not come to fruition would count as a bad day; I guess it comes down to how important those plans were. I hope it all worked out in the end for you.

Yeah, I'm not much of a photographer, I tend to point and shoot. These were all taken with my Samsung S9...Now I have the S20 and it's so much better...They came out ok, but I'm never that confident with my photos.

Thank you, Faith is the most lovely person...We've been together for thirty three years now and why she puts up with me I do not know, but I'm grateful that she does. She's too good for me, but I must have done something, and continue to do things, that makes her love me and want to stay. I'm grateful. :)


I guess they count it as bad but then I can't really tag mine as a bad day.
I see why you weren't confident about the photos cause you have a much better phone now.

Faith? Why do you call her by her name? isn't she your wife? or you just don't like the name wife?

Her name is Faith, not wife, and so I call her by her name. I think it's respectful. When we're out and I introduce her to someone I always say, this is Faith, not this is my wife Faith, as the title is beside the point; Wife isn't a name.

Of course, here on hive I sometimes say, my wife Faith, to give background and perspective to my writing but in real life I don't care if people know she's my wife or not.

I just don't think the title of wife, husband and so on, is necessary. She is Faith, a person in her own right, not my possession, so why not afford her that courtesy?

Did you know that one of the most important sounds to a human being is the spoken sound of their own name? It's true. I use people's names and like it when people use mine, like all humans...That's why I find it so odd that people make up little usernames here on hive as if they have something to hide or are ashamed of their name...Yet on Facebook, for instance, almost everyone uses their real name, or some variation of it. Makes me laugh.

So, I call Faith by her name and add in wife where relevant for my writing.

Pretty nicely explained.

I use my user name here because I had a user name on the innerwebs for years and this is it. I'm not very inventive...

My first hotmail address was my name. No more, no less. Then I got caught by the gurus that said "you'll be found out" and "they'll steal everything you've got" and...

The same fucking geniuses that said your password had to be at least 8 characters with one capital letter and one special character. Bullshit. The best password is the one you can remember that you don't have to put in a spreadsheet that hackers can look right into.

I sort my ex wives into first, best, last category. That is out of respect for their privacy. It's not my job to dox anybody.

Thanks mate, I thought it was a nice, logical, explanation also.

Yeah, the name thing. I mean, people call themselves things like @gjvelalinve33625 which I don't get. Just use a name, any name not even your own, and it seems a little more personal. But noooo someone may steal their identity and their soul! Meanwhile on Facebook they're pouring their whole lives out to the world, and Zuckerberg.

I find using people's names more personal and I relate to people better when they use a name here, even if it is not their real one.

Lol, I understand better. I love my name too and it gets me really upset when people address me as baby, sweetheart, darling, and all the rubbish. I usually warn them against it, to rather use my name and address by my name cause I love it so much.
Just yesterday I was telling my mom how much I love that they gave me my name because I just feel my name carries power😂😁 just that hive rejected it so I had to use something.
The problem we have with Hive lol.
It's so nice of you to address your wife by her name and I so much love the point you said she isn't some kind of your possession.
I wish all men knew this.
Thanks for a detailed explanation.

I have pet names for Faith, none of which I'll share here...And she calls me things too, sometimes idiot for doing something dumb, but that's what being a man is all about...We do dumb things sometimes. 😀 There's one below.


People grow up differently these days and the values I learned as a young person are rarely taught unfortunately. Being a gentleman, humble and kind seems not to be highly regarded these days. Of course, I see them as strengths, just like the ability to protect and defend oneself is...In fact, probably more than that! A man must know when not to fight and a smart man will seek to avoid one in fact, just like a smart man will know how to be courteous and respectful. Alas, those attributes are being lost...In women also.

Yeah! I know we tend to lose those attributes and values as the world keeps evolving.But it's very sad

Lol, I understand calling you funny and naughty names when you go wrong or misbehave😉😂

Lol, it happens more than it should! 😇

Another thing weird as shit about today's normal is the amount of people (males especially) who are single and live with their parents into their 20's-30's, you notice this?

It's easy to see but then Pura pointed out a statistic to me—it's true.

Yes, I find that weird also...Although I believe people are becoming far too dependant on others and maybe this aspect is just another example? It's easier to stay at home and have mom do ones ironing, pack ones lunch and waking one up for work in the morning than fend for oneself. Just another way people are becoming less self reliant.

It's weird if you ask me, and I don't tend to have a lot of respect for those who do not take some ownership and responsibility for themselves.

Good point here with the names! I'm more afraid of cancel culture than anything. Although I don't say things controversial, I think, I think that some people will always have a desire to ruin somebody for disagreeing with them. I have toyed with the idea of using the other account I've created on here with a part of my actual name but I think that will come later in the future. I do find the accounts like cutiepie234 to be tedious lol

It's all good bro, I mean sure, I wish I had a name to call you, like the E-dog you know? I completely understand why people avoid divulging everything and in fact I was asked a couple of times what the kp stands for in my user name. I say, keep private. I get privacy. But there's nothing stopping someone from using a fake name just like I did in my Sophie/mass murderer post yesterday. It adds some personality and humanity to things I think.

P.s. I wanted @knighttemplar as my user name but fucked up...My second choice as @cutiepie234. Lol.

Like @bigtom13 My C.B. handle nickname has taken on a life of it's own in the 30+ years. First on the 2 way radio and then on the social media cesspools. So glad I flushed them all!

HIVE being the exception. It just seems better here, and I often wish to use my sirname but Krazzy it is... sigh

You know, when I first started in hive back in June 2017 I didn't know what I was doing so before I knew it had created my username. I had initially wanted to use something like @knighttemplar but it was too late, it was created as you see it and I was annoyed. Now, I'm glad I used a name as it is more personal and relatable I think.

I find it so funny that people are so secretive here but I'm Facebook will use their own name and tell the world everything. One of my own family members does this and I'm so glad I'm not there to see it!. So embarrassing.

Your handle suits you krazzy man, just own it and be done with it. 😊

Thanks Man. I own it, and the twinge of embarrassment it brings at times.

Knight Templar... I like that.

Week 12b The Knights Templar.jpg

I was Sammi Jo Briggs on FB. I never used my real name or info on any social media. I am still on MeWe as Sammi Jo. I have deleted all others. Video sites are KT.

I have been working on @pooky-jax about that FakeBook thing. I know She would have dumped it by now if not for her family members on there that are clueless to it.

And a report just came out last week. 94% of the global child sex traffic can be traced back to FB posts... SMFH

That picture...That's how I envisage myself dressed for work each day. It's like, see you honey, I'm of to slay.

Yeah FB...Bloody terrible thing. I don't have it and the brother below me does not either. I think tarazkp does but doesn't use it and the youngest, my sister, has it. My older brother though...Everything is on there. It's pathetic. I don't care that I miss out on things...I mean what am I truly missing out on? Anything worthwhile? Methinks not.

So. I am still on FB. First and Last name. I have a serious good looking blonde on my arm.

I go on less than once per month. There are about 6 people that I'd just lose if I didn't (including that blonde :)) (It was her wedding day, I walked her down the aisle)

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It's tough when plans get ruined but sometimes you just have to roll with the waves. What seems like a ruined day could be a blessing in disguise later!

Really cool topic here this week man! That place looks incredible, the mountains and glacier are breathtaking! It makes the place a whole lot better when you can have someone like your wife by your side through it all.

I think one of my best days was a weekend where I realized and decided that my wife was the one for me. I was a typical bro before that and wouldn’t really commit, I treated her not like a man should treat a great woman but that changed. I was talking to a friend who had just told me that he had plans to propose to his girlfriend and I have him the typical guy shit of why are you doing that, that’s stupid. He’s in the military though and a higher rank friend of his had bestowed some fatherly knowledge on him. He said you can spend plenty of time chasing women around but you should take a look at what’s right in front of you, if they’ve been with you through that sketchy shit then you need to not throw away the best thing that will ever happen to you, you will never find it again. It was some heavy shit let me tell you! After that I immediately understood that those were the words that needed to be paid attention to. It was one hell of a whirlwind weekend and following week. She met that guy, who was one of my best friends and kind of still is, then my family after that. I wasn’t sure if she would toss me away for changing so quickly but thankfully she didn’t and it’s been nothing but up from there! There’s always challenges you face and hardships along the way but if you have someone powerful and your equal by your side, there’s nothing you can’t get through I think. I’m glad I didn’t fuck up the best thing that ever happened to me, after that weekend that changed my life.

What a cool one of your best days. Like you many of my own revolve around Faith, we've been together for 33 years years so it's probably not surprising.

So yes, that advice was sound and probably something I'd say now to a lad in the same situation. Chasing tail is one thing, but being alone, not having that other person to stand beside you? Hmm, a lonely old life I'd say. I love having a significant other and growing together, changing as people and a couple and becoming something new as we go. It's cool.

Sure, some single people say how great it is and some attached people probably hate it...I say fine. Accept it or change it based on one's personal needs and requirements...For me...Well, I've got 33 years of history to draw on to prove how amazing a partnership like mine can be.

So, great thing man, good work and kudos to Siena for keeping your stupid ass around prior to and during your transition. Lol.

Thanks for coming by, opening up with this personal stuff and for sharing with hive. Nice work fella.


Hahah yeah I'm really lucky she kept me around! I was one step away from the garbage can is what she told me a few years later. Cut that one close!

I would rather have a relationship like we do and have the moments instead of being one of those people who just goes onto the next fling their whole life and then wishing when they got older they settled down. There will always be an argument both ways but to me, the path I took is much more wholesome and suiting for me. I was no good at being the bro but I had to try it to realize I didn't like it.

Thanks for the prod of the memory banks. These are great ways to look back even when we are so busy in the moment. I think reflection is important to get a stabilizing sense.

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Very cool.

One of my truest friends in this world, RIP Curtis, we rode bikes back in the day. We've both had our share of injuries but I've never had both hands busted at the same time—he did.

He said don't ever get married unless she'll wipe your ass for you if you have two broken hands.

Probably not appropriate right here but it came to my mind so now you gotta read it.

Hahaha to totally appropriate man! Those are the relationships that we need to cherish and is definitely some sound advice. Might be in a different way to say it however it's the same point. Don't get rid of the best one!

What a terrific story. Seriously.

I've done a little in my life. Smart and stupid. Once in a while I've gotten some shit right in spite of myself. I'm not saying that's the case for you and your wife, but it sorta sounds like it might be.

And then the rest of the story. It doesn't really matter when and how you got here it's how you are here. I can tell pretty plainly that you and Mrs. plxty have it going on pretty well.

Thanks for a big smile this morning!

Thanks Tom I appreciate it! There are days and times that things are challenging but that’s how life is. It’s the other end of the challenge that makes us stronger and better together. Thankfully we have been facing challenges longer than many have so we are aware of how it is and what we need to do to stay sane. I know I wouldn’t be who I am today, however good or bad that may be, without everything I’ve experienced with my partner.

We all need smiles my friend, I’m glad I was able to give you one and you gave me one realizing you connected with your blood relatives!

By the way I’m at the docks again today! Lots of fun stuff going on!


Photo by me. this was the first time when I tried to transfer a photo on wood.

This time I will cheat a little. But maybe this will work as well. I can't think of a single best day. But 2018 for me was definitely one of the best years of my life. At that time I started using some of steemit hive girls photos as an outline of my art. This was a drastic change that I was not able to even imagine before. During 2018- beginning of 2019 I created my pieces that for me are my best/ most precious creations. During this time I was full of crazy dreams and hopes. My favorite basketball team also finally got to final four of euroleague. 2018 was truly breathtaking. And they had a potential to be even better.

Here comes some of the worst days. By some miracle I won a ticket to the steemfest 3. Perhaps my desire to be there was strong enough to make this happen. Or maybe it was a random coincidence. After winning the ticket all I needed was enough money for travel and accommodation expenses. But I could not afford even that ( it would be so great to now travel back in time and give my past self that money... Well I guess it doesn't work like that.) After winning the ticket I ordered my gallery to lower prices of my pieces in half. I thought that maybe this way I will be able to get the money I needed. But this is where I fucked up. I barely had any time left till steemfest. So I lost hope that I will get the money in time. My belief in myself wavered... And I returned that ticket. I let hope to slip from my fingers. The gates to a different world closed right before my eyes. No. Perhaps the worst of all is that I let them close myself.

It was have been very terrible for you, having to miss out on the most important and memorable event you had wished and dreamed of. You finally got the opportunity to be there through the ticket you won but then there wasn't enough fund to back you up. So sad!
I see you much be filrty rich now for you to wish to travel back in time and give the needed money to your old self lol.
Though it was a bad day and year for you, I am glad the story is different now.

Thank you. I am still far from being rich. the term ,,less broke'' might be more accurate. The sum that I would have needed back then would still bite me even today. But at least now I could afford to go to that steemfest- it was really close and I had a ticket.

Oh, I understand where you are coming from. Anyway the deed had been done already. Just be grateful for all situations, either good or bad

I can't think of a single best day.

Really? Well, at least 2018 was a great year, although considering that I suspect there were some good days in there somewhere.

Missing out on using that st^^mfest ticket wold count as a bad day for sure. I never made it to one myself but have heard they were great events. I'd certainly count that as a bad day.

OK, I'll be back with more to say, but I'm a fan of Ragnar Lothbrok and the whole show. I'm just about done with the 6th season :) The sons of Ragnar Lothbrok go on!

Ivar is my favorite son of Ragnar.

Ahhhhh man. Bjorn Ironsides for me. Lagata's son and Floki's friend.

There is no doubt he rode into Valhalla with the way he died!

If that's your worst day, life's good.

not the worst. For example of course it can't compare with the day my dad died. but is definitely among really bad days. Also in most days that were worst I don't think that I had as much control of the situation. Ilness or death is not in our control.

I've buried uhm.. dang, a lot of family. I did all that before I turned 37 so I'm with you dude, those days suck! Those days make something like returning a steemfest ticket a piece'0 cake.

Hola luego de leer esta iniciativa de fin de semana y leer la mayoria de los comentarios. Busque en mi memoria los momentos en que pense senti y cree un buen dia o mal dia. En realidad todos los dias son buenos porque los vivimos y son una nueva oportunidad para crear e ir tras los sueños. Particularmente, he viajado, he ayudado a otros, amo mi profesión y disfruto de cada cosa que hago.... Y al elegir un buen dia me fue por aquel dia donde me senti atendida, complacida, aminada, orgullosa, satisfecha, donde se vincularon muchas emociones y buenos deseos... Ese dia fue mi cumple número 46 el 20/12 ese dia. Inicio como un dia, normal, recibí llamadas y mensajes de mis familiares,amigos estudiantes y senti que formaba parte de algo muy importante y ese era mi dia especial. Mi hija hizo la torta de chocolate que me gusta, y yo hornee un pan de jamón, hicimos una fiesta para tres solo mi mamá, mi hija y yo. Por la situacion de salud mundial no invite a nadie a casa, y mis hermanos emigraron por la situacion país, asi que solo somos tres. Pero disfrute una mesa de abundancia, descorche el licor que me gusta, comi chocolate delicioso y como si fuera poco es navidad y la alegria se siente el doble, pasamos por momentos muy complicados en Venezuela, pero me vestí de Santa, baile y cante, agradezco cada momento por mi madre que en sUs 83 años es muy activa y sana, mi hija de 21 años que cada dia expande sus alas... Y de mi vida para crear mis dias felices y de los no tan felices que aveces pasan mucho por la escasez y la inflación... Tenemos la oportunidad de cambiar la forma de verlos y encontrar en ellos aprendizajes. Todo es depende de la óptica en que se ve. Gracias por estos espacios de compartir... Les dejo un college de mi cumple y los dias felices que paso con mi mama y mi hija.

Hi @jennynas, thanks for coming by the #weekend_engagement post and for joining in. Google translate doesn't do a good job of translating Spanish to English but I think I got the concept or essence of your comment.

Every day we wake up should be deemed a good one, although literally no one will get through life without bad days. Sure, it's all a matter of perspective of course, but bad days happen, bad things happen, it's unavoidable. I'm not one to seek out bad things or to dwell overly long on the bad things in life but I'm certainly not the type to see everything as good. Every day is not good, a simple fact.

Last year my dad died. Three days earlier my cat of 22 years died and I was heart broken. Three months later my mother in law was diagnosed with her second cancer which will end her life...There's been plenty of bad days in my life, these are just a few. Sure, I'm not dead, my wife isn't either...But bad days happen nonetheless, and there's little point in hiding from them in my opinion. We just need to work through them, the bad days and events, and see them for what they are. It helps us appreciate the good days I think.

You know, last week I found out one of my good friends has pancreatic cancer...He is going to die within a few weeks or so...His perspective on it is a little different than some may have considering his background but he's not filling his last weeks with bad days or bad thoughts despite the situation being bad. Of course he's struggling and refuses to see anyone other than now. I guess I don't blame him. So, There's more bad days to come.

Anyway, enough on that huh? Let's just say that bad happens and so does good and there's no point ignoring either.

Thank you for sharing your image-collage showing your birthday and a little about your life. It's been a funny year in that we were mostly isolated. I turned 50 years old in March and was supposed to fly to Tasmania for a holiday with my wife...Didn't happen obviously. We were also supposed to fly to Scandinavia in July which also didn't happen...So, small celebrations is all we were able to have and I guess we needed to make the best out of a bad situation right? It looks like that's what the three of you did and I see smiles all round so that's a good thing.

I know your country has troubles, @hlezama keeps me informed and I engage with many Venezuelan's on Hive - I wouldn't say I know all about it, but I get the gist of it. It's probably very easy to lapse into thoughts of all the bad but it's also nice to think about the good, to make the most of the situation.

Anyway, sorry, this is a long comment. Thanks for coming by.


Es interesante lo que comentas y si los dias mas los estan relacionados en su mayoría con perdidas, duelos, abandono, algo que no salio bien, de esos dias solo quedan recuerdos y de alguna forma se revive el sentimiento. De lo malo no tenemos fotos, no las tomamos, porque es terribles quedarnos enganchados alli, en mi pais hay muchas cosas que no quisira ver que me dan impotencia y dolor, me deprimen y puedo pasar un dia sumida en ese pensamiento de angustia. Pero hay que superarlo la vida es una y ha que vivirla al maximo. Gracias por tu comentario y pues feliz de compartir contigo desde tan lejos conocer tus aventuras y de desventuras.

Dwelling on the bad isn't healthy, neither is ignoring it...To move forward we must know our current position and where we want to go. Understanding the bad things and why they happen can assist us in that.

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Well, number 33 it is - LOL! Funny, as there are 33 comments here currently too as I am starting to write this (this will make more sense in a bit).

One of the better days I have in the past 12 months happened last year. I had a job interview last March for a wonderful company. It had been a few years since I had actually interviewed in person and properly, so I was a bit anxious. Prior to this day, the number 33 had been popping up everywhere in my life. It was all over stairs I had been climbing at the local university fore exercise (33 rows high / 33 seats wide). I noticed it on a bunch of records for the first time (vinyls, of course). It was featured in books I was reading, shows I was watching… man, it was everywhere in my life. So the day came to interview, I got the tie on and all that good stuff, and then went to Google Maps to find the best route there. Then I went down the number rabbit hole, yet again (I kid you not): the company was exactly 33 miles away and the best route to take was Highway 33.


I had some other odd synchronicities on the way up (I drove by my grandparents old home and was thinking about them…and the Bee Gees Staying Alive came over the radio as I drove by…a song I used to make them laugh at when I was young when I sang it to them), and I was feeling great. Long story short, the interview was amazing. The company paid well, the benefits were amazing, the profit sharing fantastic; there were trails on campus to hike throughout the day for break times, free organic produce and dairy for snacks, and some crazy good coffee that was roasted just for the company. I was in heaven, and was high on life and the opportunity as I drove back to my town. Finally, a decent company that seemed to treat their employees well supported small regional farmers and producers…a win win for me and my family’s future.

Then not one week later COVID hit Wisconsin. Everything locked down, and all HR departments in the state, for the most part, put a cease on hiring. I was dragged along for a week, then two, then a month, then another month, and then by the time I talked to the company again in mid July, it turned out they had filled the role with another candidate. Which of course leads into one of the worst days I have had to experience of late (but hey, I’m trying to be positive here in 2021, so I’m skipping that!).

I’m always on the fence about mystical/synchronicity stuff, but I’m not going to lie, I thought the Universe was gently guiding me to a fantastic change in my professional career. And then just like that – poof! – it was ripped out from under me.

But hey, I’ll never forget that feeling that day, and that feeling too is a gentle guide for me to keep looking for other opportunities. It’ll happen, but I’ll just be patient (and avoid good ol' 33 and the Bee Gees going forward).

Hey mate, thanks for coming by.

I was reading and getting excited...I mean that job opportunity sounded great, so many things to like about it and I was like, yep, this is going to kick some serious ass, until...Fkn covid-19. I don't know how you felt, getting played for a few months only to find out they filled the role elsewhere but I can imagine. And right in the middle of all the other covid-related pressures. I'm sorry it worked out that way.

33...A seemingly innocent number but in truth a devil-spawned bastard-number best avoided...And the Bee Gees? Well, need I say anything? Ok, I will...Bloody high-pitched-singing-job-wreckers! Them and their ah, ah, ah, ah stayin' alive bullshit.
You know there was three of them right? I mean could the universe spell it out any more clearly? Look...

27+3+3+3= 36
but two are dead leaving one

See the pattern here? Bee Gees are devil-spawn for sure.

I'm sure my logic is quite sound. Numbers don't lie.


Ahahhahahaha. I am BigTom 33 in a couple of places, and not just because of a typo setting up my name. You see, this all started 60 years ago when I had to pick my first baseball uni number. There were only two single digit numbers left when it was my turn. Numbers 7 and 3. I dammed sure didn't want to be compared to Mickey Mantle so chose #3. I also wanted to be a first baseman (position #3 when scoring baseball) so I wore #3 right up to College where it wasn't available. I took 1 3. One three. Not 13 :)

It's gotten to be a part of me, #13 but I occasionally honor my roots and use just 3 or 33. BTW, #3 was Babe Ruth's number.

Most would say, 13 is an unlucky number but clearly it hasn't been for you.

I know those two names of course, who doesn't? But tell me, what did Mickey Mantle do that would make you not want to be likened to him. Did he pitch the last ball and it got hit for a home run and lost the game or something?

Mickey Mantle was the best player in the game at the time. He really was that 'one in a generation' guy. Every kid on earth wanted to be like Mickey. Well, almost every one :)

That's what I thought, that he was a good player, and that's why I asked because I would have thought any kid would wanted to wear his number.

I had played enough Little League that I knew there were dickheads watching that would say shit like "Cumon Mantle, show us what you can do" when you came up to bat. Or "Nice hands Mantle" when you kicked a grounder. I honestly didn't realize I was getting Ruth's number. And nobody was going to confuse my scrawny ass with Babe Ruth :)

Haha, yeah I hadn't thought of the heckling; Good call and great foresight for a young lad. Non need to give anyone any more heckle-ammunition, heckleunition, than they already had.

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ha right? i have so many good memories of singing "sting ala sting ala" to my grandparents. I thought it was a done deal.

Interesting about 33...you have some thoughts about the number too? I explained the situation to a friend at work who is into these things, and he mentioned 33 as a number to be avoided too. I guess I have been open to whatever the universe spins, and keep an open mind, but you think it's a number not pursuing? Curious if you too have experience with the number. Crazy man, thanks for getting back to me.

Yes! Another weekend engagement is here. So I have many days that are my best days (I don't even want to think of or remember those not-so-good and unpleasant days).

My graduation day from my professional school was a memorable day and one of my best.


This professional one year course was a prerequisite after I completed my university undergraduate course and getting in was quite tough. My parents had sacrificed a lot to ensure I get in, so I was excited when my admission came through. I put in my best efforts, wrote the final exams and waited for the longest two weeks of my life! 😂

Like a day before the results were to be released online, one of my professors called my dad to say I was the best in two of the courses I undertook then. My dad was filled with pride and that made me happy. Happy because I did not let my parents down and made their sacrifice worth it. I was awarded prizes for the two courses before the whole school. It was thrilling and an honour.

My family went all out to celebrate my graduation. We had a party and it was super fun. I was filled with joy and that day counted as one of my best days! 😊

Okay... Just reading some comments now and realised most talked about their day in the week. I just picked a day, some time ago in life and wrote about it. I hope that is okay? Basically I had an okay week... Nothing bad about it 🤷‍♀️.

Hey there, thanks for dropping in.

This is a great day to talk about as one of your best. The effort required to undertake your studies and complete them at such a high level was obviously difficult and it was a perfect way to repay your parents sacrifices to finish as one of the top students in the course. Nice work!

It's also good to celebrate success like that to mark the occasion...It puts a full stop behind the effort and allows one to take stock, pat oneself on the back and acknowledge the effort.

This is a very fitting thing to put forward on this week's topic and I appreciate you taking the time.


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Happy weekend to all of you!

That day on the glacier had to be special, you had enough money for an expensive flight, a live view of the glacier and the company of the woman of your dreams. You had all the external elements to make it an unforgettable day that added to the internal elements of emotion and love. The photos are beautiful @galenkp

It's funny but I don't keep days in mind as bad, I try to look and I can't find, I think it's an escape measure my mind uses.

The only thing I remember is a difficult day with a happy ending. It was my thesis presentation day for my first university degree.

I had 3 days without sleep fine tuning the details of the system I had to present, and the last day of defense, I had to go out at the last minute to buy the clothes I had to wear, I went to the hairdresser and then to decorate the presentation room.

In the end everything went very well, so my difficult day turned into the best day of my life up to that moment, then I could sleep on the fourth day, but you get so much adrenaline that I was not sleepy. It has been 20 years since that day and I still remember it.

Oh my gee! 20 years already and you still have the memory fresh in your mind? you are something else hahaha. It must have been very memorable then.
I can understand the anxiety that comes with exams and defending one's project.
I can't believe you got your outfit that same day and made your hair the same day as well.
I don't think nervousness would have allowed me to do that or even remember hahaha.
But I know you have to dress well and look good on your presentation day.
I am glad it all turned out to be a good and memorable day for you @soyunasantacruz

Hehehehehe it was a total career day, the funniest thing was that she regularly spent hours deciding what clothes to buy but that day it was something at first sight.

First thing I saw, tried on and bought. I had no time to waste and everything was so perfect that maybe because of that amazing memory. I hadn't slept for several days and the presentation was in total calm and relaxation.

And what is your worst or best day? I want to read you @zanoz

Oh I see. Must have been calmed indeed. I am still thinking of my best or worst day haahah as I have so many of them lol

lol hahahaha 😂

Thesis defense is a day full of anxiety and things going bananas. But it's good to read you went through that as a breeze.

hehehehe it was a thunderstorm that turned into a gentle drizzle. thank you. @bertrayo

I see. Ha, ha, ha. Sometimes problems look big, but end up as a speck of dust.

It's always a good day when things come together, even if the day itself, the process of it, has been difficult. Reward for effort always feels much better than being rewarded for none at all. I'm glad you were able to bring it all together and that the result was so good; Clearly it was memorable as it was twenty years ago and you still value the emotion of it. Nice work.


Yes definitely, that day stayed in my memory, as a good day.

I'm going to search through my memories to see if I can get a bad day, to complete the weekend commitment. 😂🤣 @galenkp

Well, life is a balance of good and bad so if you can think of something then go a head. In truth, I wouldn't believe a person if they said they'd never had a bad day...It's simply not possible to live life without. Bad things happen. We break bones, lose things, act and react badly, lose friends and loved ones, have health complications...All bad things generally. I think a person would be lying if they said they'd never have a bad day.

I also think we need bad days, days that are not ideally suited to our need and requirements as it helps us find the impetus to strive for better, to dig deeper and of course to provide additional motivation to the celebrations of the good days.

Just my opinion.

That's right, of course. And without falling into the baddest days that anyone can have like the loss of a loved one. And boy, I've had two very hard and difficult experiences because I've seen two of those loved ones die.

I have remembered a day that lasted more than a day, two years ago one of the main teeth of my upper jaw was broken. One of those big ones that we all have in front of us, well it simply overflowed, that was a very bad day, because it was a hard blow to my personal image, 20 years fell on me and it was something that needed 3 different dentists and 10 arrangements in a span of a year and a lot of money.

Until finally, I found the most expensive dentist but the one who solved the problem, so that day lasted for a year. 😂🤣😭😭😭🤣😂😬

Bad tooth days are never pleasant and I think can easily qualify simply as bad days. 😀

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I think I have had a lot of both. So I'll speak about one in particular. We were in Colombia to participate in a music festival. It was my second semester in college and I got this chance to be in that trip even though I wasn't in the list at first. We met these musicians from different parts of Colombia and a guitar duet from Panama. One of the interesting things about many musicians abroad is that they have studied for that. What's the catch for most Venezuelans? We usually studied for something else but can pick up music on the fly. Ok, so I listened to something these Panama group was rehearsing one day and it sounded familiar. I remember asking them about it and I was told it was called "Socavón". After listening to more measures of it, I enquired if that was music made to sing on top of it. To my surprise, it was. Actually, the lyrics are improvised by the singer and they follow a specific pattern what we call in Spanish, "Décima". So, I told them we had something called "Galerón" which follows a similar structur harmonically and in lyrics, but changes in time measure, they asked to listen to it. I had my mandolin with me, and thus played a bit. Then they asked me if I wanted to play with them during the closing concert of the festival. This was held in a University campus in Bucaramanga. And I did. It was a blast. So, this is one of the few times I stepped on a stage to play as a soloist. And it's a wonderful thing. Cultures are different but music connect us. I remember that after this happened I met the Director of our group and he asked me "when did you rehearse that?". It was a one day thing. But for sure I still remember the applause. Something that made the 30hrs of travel on bus to get to the place worth it. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the moment. They were on another laptop that died and the hard drive also died. 😅

How wonderful, music is a universal language where the musician is bilingual.

Your big day was great, reading your message I even lived the moment myself, too bad the pictures were lost but you can perfectly tell the story and rely on reference images.

Years will pass and the memories of those applauses will remain in your mind, keep enjoying them. @bertrayo

Yes, @soyunasantacruz, memories of that they will linger on my thoughts for quite some time. It was just a great thing.

It's interesting the things that stay with us as memorable moments; They are not always the contrived things but a lot of the time simple moments that happened by chance or fortune like in your case here.

It's clearly been a moment that meant a lot to you and again, isn't it uplifting how impactful these moments can be, how they can inspire, support and encourage us to push on, seek the next one or just the opportunity for the next. That's the benefit of setting and achieving goal in life actually, the emotional benefit of attaining them. This is why a person should set mini-goals within the greater goal to keep the momentum moving.

Anyway, this is a great little story and one that obviously meant a great deal. Thanks for sharing it today and also for taking the time to engage with us here at the #weekend-engagement topic week 33.


It's good to share stuff like this. I don't tend to be on my bad moments because they happen a lot and I learn a lot from them. They are just the bumps in the texture of life

Yep, sharing stuff is nice, of course there's limits, but generally opening up and sharing experiences is a typically human thing and sharing is how communities came to be back many thousands or years ago. The need to share space, hunting grounds, kills, resources, and the pooling of skills in security and defence. And now, people feel so willing to share rubbish on places like Facebook, most of which is fake anyway...A little genuine sharing is welcome I think.

Yes, the bonfire traditions of sharing. Good thing there's places like this to share in the same way. It's like an spiritual succession to the real deal.

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Awesome story. It is cool that other artists accepted you and invited you to join them.

It was. I remember they also gave me some coins and I gave them some bills. More cultural exchange.

Helicopter flip to glacier sounds totally amazing, somewhere to think about on the hot days down under!

Bad days and good days totally sums up life!

We had seen the flight on a television show a while back and said we wanted to do it...The trip to New Zealand was designed around it actually. It was pretty special. I've been in helicopters before but never in a situation like that, with such amazing scenery. It was well worth the cost and was a good signature event to enjoy on that trip. Although, we also had our wedding anniversary dinner-celebration, also Faith's birthday the same day, up in the clouds overlooking one of the best views one could find, at Skyline in Queenstown, which was also pretty nice. This was taken from there.


Life is always going to be good and bad, it's what we do when each pays a visit, and in between, that makes the difference and brings value.
Thanks for commenting Joan, much appreciated.

@galenkp, This image is lovely! You took this snapshot while you were up in the clouds? I love the scenery, so serene and the water looks so blue.

This statement - "Life is always going to be good and bad, it's what we do when each pays a visit, and in between, that makes the difference and brings value" is absolutely true. Is it okay if I use this statement in any of my post and quote you as the source?

This was taken on the top of a mountain above Queenstown, New Zealand and the lake below is Lake Wakatipu.

Of course you can use my quote...I am so grateful that you asked in fact, it speaks highly of you that you did so. 🙂


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These weeks are flying by damn another weekend already here , well the good thing is i can put my feet up and enjoy the weekend with some family members that have come up to visit me for the weekend so it will be a great weekend putting another shrimp on the barbie and a few cold beers 😆🍻😆🍻

Sounds like you've got a good weekend planned...Beers and a BBQ...Get on it and enjoy bro!

Thanks bro it was a real pleasant one spent with family real quality time 👍

What a pleasant moment and time spent with family it Is going to be @kohsamui99
Please do not forget us here lol

Thank you @zanoz it was definitely a real pleasant time spend with family and i had a couple of beers for you also 😆🍻

Lol, get me a wine rather :) 🤭

Lol ... done i had a red wine and a white wine cause i wasn't sure which one you liked ...hehe 😆

Lol. I will go with the red wine :)

Ahhhhh....good choice cause i am a red wine person myself 🥂

hehehe. that's great then!

Good to hear that John. I'm working on weekend. I will enjoy bicycles riding and reading book after work. A bit busy but not bad tho 😃

Well you got to save your money for that list on your bucket list including the land down under 😆

I swear there must have been something bad around on Thursday as I had a shocker too.


Hey mate, don't just drop post links as I said in the post...It's about the commenting. Cheers.

Sorry, I totally misread it.

All good mate, just drop another comment in the post...I've already read and voted in your post in the engage the weekend community anyway. I had to comment about the link and be fair for all you know. No harm done.

Excelente dia ese que viviste, es algo extraordinario la naturaleza y sus formas. Ya estoy pensando en ese dia magico para mostrar y aquel en que las cosas no salen como esperamos, pero del cual aprendemos.

It was a special day which we enjoyed immensely.