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Usually, on Sunday mornings, we get up around 08:00 a.m. When we hear the sound of the water when it arrives and fills the tanks, this is how our daily routine begins, trying to fill some additional containers and cleaning together as much as possible while the supply of the liquid lasts, about an hour under rationing, an uncomfortable situation of many years.

On this occasion, we got up two hours earlier, as my wife promised to attend a religious service, I decided to accompany her despite disagreeing on the need to go in search of God in those places. I am convinced that the God in whom I believe does not need these institutions at all to achieve his ends in our lives, however, I am very pleased to share and support my wife's decisions, and this would not be the exception, finally and after all, it does not compromise my convictions at all.

The first setback was finding the keys, my father-in-law built a wooden keychain many years ago to avoid this type of stressful situation when you need to leave quickly and you can't because you don't have the keys in your hands. You take a mental tour and visualize their whereabouts, you go to these so many times unsuccessfully while you stress because you will be late for the appointment.

My son, who was still sleeping in his room, had to intervene, the noise we made in the search woke him up, he found them inserted in the lock of the front door, I suppose left there since Friday night when we returned from a meeting at the house of one of the neighbors. An unforgivable forgetfulness, more than 24 hours of a security vulnerability, imagine that someone had seen them, of course, the security barred door hid it from the view of passersby.

Once the first obstacle was overcome, we walked as fast as possible, the meeting center is three kilometers away, so she would inevitably not enter with the start of the service, but she had already pledged her word and she was distressed not to keep it, it is better to be late than never. On the way, a little monkey allowed himself to be photographed, the mascot of an open field parking lot for trucks at the service of the State.


Twenty minutes later she entered the living room, I stayed in the anteroom, looking through the glass doors. My wife sat in the last row of the theater, at most I counted ten people counting the preacher, who was gesturing with force and emotion. In the past, I used to go to these events, but this time I don't know why I chose to stay outside, concentrating on my thoughts and taking a couple of photos with my phone trying to apply the recommendations of a post I recently read.


A couple of times my wife turned to see me, obviously I smiled at her, but I realized right away that she couldn't see my smile behind the mask. The religious service lasted about an hour, in other times I would have been impatient, but no, now absorbed in my reflections, the perception of the passage of time seemed fast.

Back, my wife was very thoughtful, maybe she was angry with me because I didn't go in and I was by her side like other times, so we walked a couple of kilometers until the silence broke, the reason was the preacher's public request, You may believe that he asked for $ 1,000, and he was haggling until he reached $ 20, in order to maintain the facilities, but the last straw was the example that I use with the last amount requested, he said that was nothing, that there are hamburgers of $ 50. Where do you sell it? not to go, in a country where the working middle class is earning a salary below $ 10. Could it be that he was making fun of people? I don't know if you believe in the devil, it doesn't surprise me that this is the manager of these churches.

A different Sunday... an unforgivable forgetfulness, a walk to strengthen the physical condition, a meeting with a friendly little monkey, a photography practice, and the reaffirmation of many convictions.



The photos were taken by me with my Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Duos Plus



Hola @janaveda, Cuando menos vives rodeado de abundante vegetación. Tus fotos muestran un ambiente pacifico, ojala no me equivoque.
Aquí vivimos la semana pasada y la anterior en la angustia de ver como se vaciaba la bombona de gas y fue gracias a la solidaridad vecinal que no tuvimos necesidad de encender el fogón de leña como nos sucedió en anterior oportunidad.
Saludos y hasta pronto.

Hola @felixmarranz,

Que decirte... el ambiente y el fresco clima son de lo mejor de este lugar, inclusive desde el Apto. la vista y los atardeceres son muy hermosos. Hay otros problemas que desentona con el lugar, los cuales pienso son muy comunes ahora, tales como la inseguridad oculta trás la aparente quietud y tranquilidad, al parecer son síntomas de los tiempos que vivimos.

Lamento escuchar las calamidades con el gas que ustedes padecen, pero como ya le dije, hay un deterioro en muchas áreas, en especial en los deficientes servicios que estamos recibiendo.

Gracias por pasar mi estimado amigo.

Solo lo comentaba como prueba de que todos nos hemos adaptado a padecer una serie de carencias y malos servicios de todas clases; agua, luz, telefonía, Internet, recolección de basura, servicios de salud y ahora el transporte y la educación. Siento que ya no vivimos en un país, que odas las instituciones son estructuras vacías y derruidas.
Por suerte hay personas con fuerte vocación de servicio esforzándose por mantener el minimo en funcionamiento.

Un cordial saludo .

Lamentablemente tienes mucha razón mi estimado amigo, pero lo peor está, en cómo no los han impuestos y la triste resignación de adaptarnos, un adelanto de lo que hoy es la nueva normalidad. Un retroceso en todo sentido.

Poco podemos hacer las personas "normales" y pacificas frente al imperio de la delincuencia y la barbarie. Confiar en la voluntad del Creador y/o planear nuestro escape ¡Solo que a donde!

Estoy de acuerdo contigo. Yo opto por confiar en el Creador... ¿escapar? bien lo has dicho, ¿a dónde? Ya he conocido de casos que huyendo muchos han encontrado la muerte, así que es muy sabio confiar en el Todopoderoso.

Es bueno hacer esos balances em positivo.
¡Lindo paseo!

Gracias por el comentario. La vida está compuesta de continuos momentos en donde la actitud juega un papel primordial.

Totalmente de acuerdo

 8 months ago 

It's difficult for me to understand the fact you need to plan your cleaning around actually having water. Here, we turn on a tap and it comes out. It never ceases to amaze me how different one country can be from the next.

It sounds like your Sunday turned ok and was well spent. I hope you have a great week ahead too.

Hi @galenkp,

At one time, it was also common for us to turn on the tap and have the water immediately, but poor management of public services and lack of maintenance wreak havoc. You just have to adapt and try to cope with the routine.

Yes, my friend, we finished the weekend well, and I also hope you have a wonderful week full of achievements and pleasant experiences.

 8 months ago 

Adapt is all you can do I guess, although I wonder how long it may take before things break down further? Time will tell I suppose.

You're right. It is a mistake to think that it cannot be worse. However, hope is the last thing to be lost, and I hope that everything will one day change for the better.

 8 months ago 

I hope so too.

All the best for the week! 🙂

Thanks my friend, the same for you.

 8 months ago 

Ohhhh. A lot of happenings to intrude on a pleasant Sunday stroll. I believe like you that I don't have to go have somebody intercede with God for me. I'd more likely see Him with the Monkey than the preacher shaming his congregation for money.

I'm really glad you found your keys in time. And that nobody came barging through the door!

A pleasant week to you!

If I agree with you, God is in creation itself. Beware of those who use religion for their benefit.

Thanks for your good wishes and I hope you have a great week my friend.