I Am Alive!

After Long LockDown

Option one: Tell us about one of your most favoured, enjoyable, beautiful or idyllic moments spent in nature

Get me out of here, anywhere, anywhere to ramble aimlessly, to feel fresh air, be one with nature. Away, away from interfering news, empty the mind, refresh the spirit to feel somewhat alive again after confounded lockdown.

That is how I felt, after making plans, being moved as dates locked us in longer and longer, eventually underway. This was the first time in all my years online I never took electrical devices to contact the outside world, a camera in nature both medication sorely required.

What triggers me into a better mood? Nature, it will come to me when sitting quietly anywhere, no longer doing the long hikes as in my youth, now patiently wait and nature will come.


Shy buck came close to graze completely content with no one around, people were still nervous of leaving home perhaps habits have changed with animals realizing they are free to roam.


Flowers showed their beautiful faces gently swaying in the valley breeze allowing us to walk past as if egging us on to enjoy life to the full.


Mr and Mrs Egyptian Goose arrived with the whole family, they are a friendly bunch quite happy in your company, just no sudden movements they will stay.


Rain appeared to not worry anyone either, just sit and watch life go by as you packed the problems of the past couple of months off allowed them to float away, it is good to be alive!


Riveting vivid colour in wild flowers along the river bank, rambling along taking in sights and sounds under bleak skies with plenty of cloud at times.


Quiet mountain pools to relax, reflect on what has just happened in the world?


Brides had postponed their big day in the hope that soon things would change.


How beautiful they look once allowed to bloom showcasing magnificence in the wild mountain air.


Goliath heron lands in on an island of reeds, perhaps breeding or preparing to breed in the new season juveniles.


A sunny morning with a cheerful greeting from the 'Muisvoel' Mousebird very busy scurrying through the trees in search of berries, fruits perhaps fresh buds, here keeping a watchful eye over the valley floor. Waiting and watching much like we all do.


Big birds swoop and soar through the valleys, this is their kingdom we are only visitors privileged to be there.


She came back to visit, timidly grazing in the full sunlight, one move she would be gone. That patch of soft grasses really appealed to her.


Naughty but nice the baboons also found roots to enjoy on the patch, how often do people sit and watch? Watch the world come to you.


Full view.... no money can buy, it is borrowed!


High in the mountains where flowers flourish with a gentle blush and soft perfume filling the air to remind you, you are alive!


Walking under tall trees all whispering to each other, sharing information about the weather or arrival of birds, people the secrets of nature truly abound.


No matter the weather rain or shine this time was most idyllic memorable moments after lockdown. Magically stress levels reduced automagically, I am alive able to get away, make oneself whole once again in nature!

Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoyed my reason for selecting this perfect break away.


Thought for Today: "Your body is a temple of knowledge." - African Proverb

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Looks like a perfect and idyllic break away so much beauty in nature is a perfect time out in my mind

Gorgeous photos each and every one

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

Most therapeutic break at the time, will never take anything for granted again after being isolated for such a long time. Hopefully this never happens again.

!LUV enjoy the weekend!

Yes I think that’s something we can all learn from these times never take anything fir granted

A nice quiet weekend for me hurt a finger and have it in a splint it’s not to bad but limits what I can do

You to have a good weekend

Now what on earth did you do to your finger? Hope this is not the one that triggers the camera!

Take care and regards to Lulu, keep out of the wars!

Lol a silly mistake doing yard work and tripped over a cable
Not the camera trigger finger little finger on that hand


Hurt one finger you suddenly realize how much you use it. Hope it heals soon.

Ohh yes exactly
I normally heal quickly so am hopefully it won’t be long

👍🖐😄 Have a great day!

how are you dear friend @joanstewart good afternoon
I think it is the feeling of the vast majority of people regarding this confinement.
how much beauty is in this post, how not to love nature if it gives us this beautiful gift.
I appreciate that you let us know these beautiful photographs and their details
I wish you a splendid weekend

So glad you enjoyed taking in the beauty in nature, yes we take things for granted till we can no longer have it. Perhaps many will be more energetic about being in nature and fully appreciating her now.


All of these nature's abundance in just a single post, how amazing. I love those pink flowers I don't know why but you didn't mention it name, I can't tell by just looking at the photo.

Pink flowers are Amaryllis with cheerful faces, they also in red or white blooms.

I thought I would leave content about the intense feeling of appreciation being away for a break @zellypearl

Oh that's okay.

Amaryllis is the only genus in the subtribe Amaryllidinae. It is a small genus of flowering bulbs, with two species. The better known of the two, Amaryllis belladonna, is a native of the Western Cape region of South Africa, particularly the rocky southwest area between the Olifants River Valley and Knysna. Wikipedia

Such great pictures! You always manage to capture nature at its finest, and to share an amazing range of animals and birds. I love that heron. So majestic!

Heron arrived late afternoons, must have a nest in ideal conditions for them to live and rear young ones. Glad you enjoyed as much as I did.

I can see how this place is therapeutic, it is lovely. Especially with the animals!

Best medicine (we call mind mooty), to unwind, collate thoughts trying to fathom out all the craziness happening around the world.

You are indeed surrounded by beautiful and unparalleled natural beauty. You have access to rare sceneries and encounters with animals too. What a paradise!

Being in nature reminder we share this world, it is on a breeze that I find solace in the quiet.

Being out in nature, away from all the news which we all hear about the same every day, is the best way to forget and stay alive.

Such a lovely nature and great photos of the wildlife. I wouldn't want to go back into civilization 😉

!BEER and !WINE and !PIZZA - perfect 😃

Since start of this one finds oneself conflicted, only way for me to find perspective is in absence of human interaction.

Watching nature or walking quietly allows the mind to clear the old filing system, trash what is no longer required....

If I could live somewhere away from suburban/city life I would be more than happy to do just that.

!PIZZA and !BEER and !WINE let's go to the mountains and party!

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Yeah, there are a lot of files in my mind which should be deleted or maybe better the whole hard disk should be formatted 😂 Years ago I used !BEER to do that and make a reboot, but being away in nature works much better 😀
I would love to move out of town, somewhere higher up. Maybe the Hive will allow us to do so, maybe 🤞

!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)

Nature always wins, those hangovers not worthwhile at all, just a headache from the night after 😌. Sharing a virtual !BEER more fun.

Having a place in the countryside would suit me, higher up inland would be better away from the humidity!


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Oh no, the !BEER worked fine in the beginning, but the more often I needed it to make a reset, the less it worked and the more I needed 😂 !LOLZ and in the end I have found out that a walk in nature is much better 😉

!LUV and !PIZZA :)

Lesson learned early in life is better than never, we suddenly realize the uphills in life are easier on a mountain than facing the devil in a bottle 😆

Now you did not mention snow? Well the heat is up today in the thirties !LOLZ I am under the air conditioner hiding away again!

What do you call an island populated entirely by cakes?

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Right, the devil is in the bottle and the bottle is tightly closed with a cork - the mountain paths are open leading to a better life 😁

We have had sunshine today and the snow is melting like in Spring, but the next delivery will be soon, says the weatherman. In the meantime a little preview on my Season hunt post this week to cool you a bit...

!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)

That lonesome tree could make space for me between the tall and short a place to sit in thought! Wow the slight variance between the snow on the hill and the skyline makes a superb photograph Johann!

!LOLZ I am dreaming of sitting up there pontificating life, will I freeze yet?

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Nothing could be better than getting close to nature. I belive everyone must go out for such kind of break post the pandemic lockdown to refresh lives and and get some energetic vibes...it is great read.👍💫

Revitalizing when placing oneself into nature, allowing the mind to let go in more meditative way of being.

Sorely needed and hopefully people will consider healing themselves by being outdoors more often irrespective of the weather.

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Thanks for tip and kindness Andy, thoroughly enjoy seeing your photography from around the world on your tours, itchy feet!

Amazing. So many animals and wild flowers. The yellow ones look like orchids.
Is that a national park?

Not a National Park, a normal little slice of heaven up in the Drakensberg away from the maddening crowd.

Incredible. Any incidents with wild animals attacking humans or people hunting them?

None that I am aware of, well not recently in this part.

Sometime people upset elephants in parks! Poaching is an ongoing problem throughout the world, if not poaching digging up/cutting down what should be well left alone, that is life!

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Friendly reminders always gracefully received..., or I forget then we in a pickle unable to remember where to go, so thanks!

Thank you for your unfailing support @joanstewart, much appreciated! 👍🌹

Nature is for sure the best medicine, I am the same. It's where you can fully recharge and appreciate what it out there.
Such a beautiful place, amazing to see so much wildlife too! Thanks for sharing:)

After no visitors I am sure the animals were slightly confused seeing us back, fortunately not many people had started moving around so it was exceptionally quiet!

A beautiful break with nature coming to you. Awesome view and lovely capture of deer and the baboon.

We were fortunate to get there before people started realizing they could move again, had the place literally to ourselves and one other family. Peace and quiet from muddled brain syndrome did me the world of good.

Really were you guys still on lockdown over there OMG we have been back to normal for the past six months here in Thailand, happy to see you roaming amongst nature again 😊

This was when we came out of first extremely long hard lockdown we endured, felt like it was an eternity.

Still under curfews at the moment, anything can change at any given moment.

Right got you I hope things don't get worst again with this new variant appearing finger crossed :)

Really hope people worldwide realize this is here to stay, we need to get on with living!

You are right it is not going away unfortunately just like the common flu and we will have to get use to the fact and move on the best way we can @joanstewart

Weird thing is nobody is getting the common cold or flu or late, perhaps it's wearing those awful masks... or they just go straight to the virus 😂

So many conspiracies which I don't want to get into a head nurse that I know she told me everyone that goes into a hospital now no matter what they have been just a cough it's all booked down as Covid a lot of weird stuff going on that we will never know but I am over all that and am just getting on with my life and enjoying every moment.

Yup, best thing to do is get on with living.

Absolutely loved this my friend
Lovely pics
Have an amazing day

Learning something new every day, having fun always! Enjoy and thanks for visiting.


That is awesome @joanstewart
Me too, great fun it surely is, your welcome my pleasure.

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Fantastic images! Animals are quite lucky not to have foolish and ultra controlling governments to rule their lives! I wonder if we wouldn't be a lot better with less meddling and rules from the political class. Lately, they seem to be doing worse than good for mankind. 🤨

Enjoyable when you find places where animals still roam, here in the city suburbs more poaching is done, animal loving public are forever clearing snares from the bush.