What You Drinking..?

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The Decision...

When I get Thirsty I open the fridge and shit gets deep...


@pooky-jax keeps a fridge well stocked with several types of soda-pop. One of this worlds most unhealthy drinks. Monster Energy drinks are always available. The blue/green and swiss moca are the flavors on hand. We have tried all 40+ flavors, and have a can collection of them all. Filled with sand and sealed with wax.



There is also water, filtered and bottled of course.


Some juices, and my fave beer. There may be a kool-aid type mix. Also milk. With chocolate syrup and ice cream if a milkshake is desired.

We also have a coffee maker, and a similar device for making fresh brewed ice tea. Or hot if wanted.



On the Rocks...

Almost every drink I have will be on ice. Crushed ice most times. From milk to soda. Even a beer from time to time will get the, "On the Rock" treatment.

I guess my fave drink would be the one I am drinking at that moment.

tenor (1).gif

Sammi Jo has to approve of course, and always has to sample the drink of choice.

St. Paddys Sammi.jpg

Sink @ Willy's - Dirty Cat.jpg

Fish Head Kitty 2013.jpg

Sammi DQ Texas (1) 2019-08-24.jpg

Thanks for stopping by to see what's in my fridge this weekend.

Keep on KrazzyTrukkin'

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Oh you came back? I was wondering where you'd got to... Come and see what I got :)

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A friend of mine has a wife.

ȶɦɛ ɛռɖ

Kidding. A friend of mine has a wife who collects candles, it's the weirdest thing. A whole closet full of candles. I'd never say anything to them about it cuz I got my own idiosyncrasies I'll never admit so what I do instead is talk about it behind their back like I'm doing now. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of fancy scented, a gajillion colors, stacks and stacks of unused candles. Whole closet—the one in the hallway.

The contents of your fridge is weirder than that

Not sure if this is a compliment or an insult, but accepted happily none the less.

We can only imagine the talk going on right now, behind our backs, about the weirdness of our cold storage.

Full of hundreds of unused drinks, a gajillion of them, all flavors and colors. Soon to be used tho... unlike the closet clutter your idiosyncrit friends keep like a shrine to the candle godz. This cold storage unit keeps our cool refreshing drinks the perfect temp until ready to light up drink and enjoy...

I think I will stand my lazy, tired old ass up off this easy chair and go git me one right now...

It will look something like this...


Or this ...


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Not sure if this is a compliment or an insult..

So I went back and read what I said and realized that makes two of us unsure if it's a compliment or insult. Damn I'm good.

Had this kid for awhile at work, real good kid. He was so into WEF or WfE or whatever it's called. I could fire him up so easy with a few letters and a word:

HHH will kill'em!

It was on after that!

Flash Back... way back in the day. When the fake soap opera called W.orld W.restling F.ederation was actually fun funny to watch.

If ya... smellllllllll lalalalala laaaaaaaa... what... the... Rock is...