Zombie Stang...

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My 2007 Mustang GT Rebuild...

Cat Gut 10 2019-12-16.jpg

Has hit the wall, caution has been thrown for debris. And the red flag is now out and the RACE Tune Up has turned into a full blown Rebuild.

The Debris was not on the race track, it was found inside the engine. That is NEVER a good place to find debris.

07 Rebuild Engine Cyl #3 (1).jpg

07 Rebuild Engine Cyl #3 (2).jpg

07 Rebuild Engine Cyl #3 (4).jpg

History Lesson...

A few years back, @pooky-jax was on her way home. The Mustang made a horrible metal on metal sound.

"Clankity Clank"

The car stalled on her. She restarted it, the car ran very badly. She limped home in 2nd gear.

Now here is where this broken valve spring, rockers, and stuck open valve gets weird. I arrived home. Started the car, then ran the shit out of it. The car was clearly not running normal. I could not reproduce the sound it made when the valve, rockers and spring broke. We drove the car quite a bit over the next few months. It ran quite well for an intake valve failure.

We did not know at the time it was mechanical failure, a borderline hand grenade ready to blow up at any time engine.

The engine was throwing a misfire on cylinder # 3 code. As well as all 4 o2 Ox Sensors, it went a long time (months) before it started throwing the CEL. (√ engine light)

So the tune up began. New sensors, plugs, coil packs, MAF, injectors.

The Compression √...

The engine savvy that may read this will spot my mistake right away. I changed spark plugs and did not do a compression test/leak down test. A very easy and inexpensive test. Only after several hundred dollars and many hours, parts and ECM tunes.


(tunes = computer logging and electronic control module reprogramming)

Dead Cylinder...

A "dead cylinder" is a zero compression result. Well cylinder (piston) number three is... Ziltch, Zero, Nadda and...



Earlier in this story we witnessed the "Debris" that this OHC 3 valve (OHC = overhead cam) mechanical valve systems failure left behind. But how much of it are we not seeing?

The Zombie...


This motor is toast. It is done, gone, stick a fork in it. And a week before the failed comp test, and photos of the broken pieces. I drove it to the gas station. Then ran it thru several WOT's. (WOT = Wide Open Throttle)

I am amazed that the valve did not drop down, knock a hole in the piston and result in the "Grenade" effect that I keep referring to. I have literally blown an engine apart before that dropped a valve and knocked a quarter sized hole in a piston where the resulting combustion explosions into the crankcase ignited like a bomb.

So What Now..?

We, @pooky-jax and I, have owned this 2007 Stang longer than any other vehicle in our lifetime. So we have decided to step back, take a deep breath and do a total rebuild. Not with the metal fragment filled engine that I removed earlier this week.

Engine Removal (1) 2021-03-18.jpg


Engine Removal (6) 2021-03-18.jpg

We will replace the OEM stock FORD 4.6 OHC 3V. With this fresh COBRA Engine.


Last week I posted about my love for CATS Cars on The #WEEKEND-ENGAGEMENT

Good Times...

This week I am showing my love for cars again.

For Me personally,
Working on cars really is fun. I enjoy working on them almost as much as cruising in them.

Just ask my KrazzyKitty Mechanic
Meow-Cat-Nics helper, Sammi Jo.

KrazzyTrukkerMekanik 3-16-21.jpg

Shout Out to @handofzara for the comment on last weeks post. See the Comment Here

Thanks for the inspiration to write this post.

17 years is a long time to own a vehicle. Must be some love there?

As always, Thanx for stopping by, and...

Keep on KrazzyTrukkin'

Samantha B-4 & After.jpeg


My Alfa Romeo GT needs some work...just saying lol.

Keep my fingers crossed for your GT..he reminds me on Bumblebee, even though he was a Chevy lol.

Yeah, finding valve keepers and such laying around usually isn't a good thing. Unless, of course, you were wanting to freshen up the 'stang. I think you will be really happy with that cammer there. Like big happy :)

I am a sort of professional mechanic sort so this is the place where I say "Never start repairs w/o a compression test." I can't tell you how many I've done that way... In all honesty I'd really think it'd be a turd with a dead cylinder and might not check.

Or I would have at least pulled wires one at a time to figure out who wasn't pulling their fair share of the load...

I'm looking forward to the post with the cammer going in, then the timing slip from the local drag strip....

Yes @bigtom13 , we did the unplug each. But we were still assuming injector issue or coil packs. But knew there was a #3 issue. Denial on the total meltdown I guess.

Sitting in the man cave beside the boat anchor 4.6 as I type this. I will be pulling the oil pan to look for more debris.

Probably not till I get back from another Texas round or 2.
Back out on the road for a few weeks. Then maybe order that Cobra Reman if the Taxes do not bury us. Filing them soon. Uhhhg.

Bummer .. but now the mustang will really be special...

Or never finished cause the political criminals who stole our country and are now about to steal all our money, freedoms, and probably tax/regulate and outlaw combustion engine high horsepower cars right off the highways.

Juss Sayin' True Story.

I don't think they will ever do that. Collectors and hobbyists are just too big a part of the economy. They are going to make it so it's damn hard to buy a NEW one (impossible is hard) but I think the old one will go on for a loooong time. They have to do something with the unused portion of oil after they make the plastic after all...

Go with the flow big guy.. This can replace your stang ...


No frills but good on gas ..

Ahhh... I wondered how you got your Tax Papers dropped off so quickly.

Is that real video of you riding it..? Heheheh

KrazzyTrukkerMekanik 3-16-21.jpg

The future is here and we ain't in it ...

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