Hive Birthday Weekend

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I just celebrated my 5th Birthday on Hive. I didn't quite make a couple of the goals I had. One goal was to reach reputation level 70, not quite there, at 69.79, so just missed it by thaat much. For those that don't know, the higher up you go, the longer it takes to move those numbers! I don't know why that seemed like a goal, there's just something about hitting that number. Anyway, not that concerned about it as I'm more of a curator than a poster anyway, I generally only do a few posts a week, although more now with running the drone community.

My second goal was to reach Orca level. Again still a ways off from that. I was able to invest a little more in Hive a couple weeks ago when the price was down in the mid-30s, and just powered up another 4K on todays PUD, hoping it would get me across the goal line. But again not quite. Looks like I've got a ways to go still, but getting within sight. I suppose I will shift my goal to be reaching it before my next Hive Birthday, so will still happen at (or about) 5 years.

I know there was some talk about changing from the minnow, dolphin, Orca, Whale model to more of a Hive or Bee based model, but haven't seen any traction on that. I'd still like to make it before a change, just so I can say I did. Again, just something about reaching that level that is enticing for me.

Well, so what does this post have to do with the weekend? Well, I plan to spend the weekend re-focusing some efforts on HIVE growth. This will be in the form of some additional posts, continued promotion of the Drone group (come join us!), and more engagement with others in the community. My work is finally starting to feel more in alignment so I can relax my compulsive workaholism (yes I am recovering btw) a bit and re-focus on some me-time to balance. I find generating content for HIVE posts a healthy part of that, so watch out for more.


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 112 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Haha your username aged well :)

Yes, from the old days of that which shall not be named :) Seemed like a good idea at the time lol.


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oh! happy birthday then, my elder brother; and I'm just 3 y.o. 😉

Thanks. Time flies! Seems like only a year or two.

Happy Hive-birthday, @ksteem! 🍰🎉😊

as for the numbers --

I don't know why that seemed like a goal, there's just something about hitting that number.

I feel the same way. maybe its some sort of idiosynchrazy, but some figures do look "more rounded" or attractive, than others... 69 looks pretty ambivalent; personally I'd prefer 66-67 (those were great years!) or 70-71-72... after 73 things gone shit again ;))))) pure idiosynchrazy, yeah. btw I am just 0.04 away from level 75, but that dont really matter much, since I crossed the 70 line.

wish you more intresting findings and harvest, so that you could post more often, and play this game with more fun. 🤩


Congrats on the achievement it's definitely a work well-done.

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Happy 5th Hive birthday!
You've spent a lot of years here in Hive, wow!

Tks! It doesn't seem like long at all. But interesting to scroll back to some of the old threads.

I can definitely imagine!
It's going to be so nostalgic for you seeing your old posts in Hive.
I guess when you have fun, you don't realized that it has been a long time already. 😄

Happy 5th year birthday day on hive 🎉🎉🎉 congratulations

Thanks for that. Here's to 5 more!

Congrats, that's a milestone of note. The reputation level gets really slow once you're passed 65, but you'll hit 70 soon, you're so close!


Congrats, keep up!


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Well done on the 5 years and almost 70/Orca goals! You have acheived alot.

hey! I noticed you got there -- congrats with level 70. as soon as you started posting more regularly, it happened. a !PIZZA to celebrate it 🍕

Thanks for noticing. It seemed to take forever to get past those last several tenths of a point! Yay. Still goal to hit Orca before end of year.

Still goal to hit Orca before end of year.

hehe. quite a possible goal for you, but probably not for me, as soon I am not an investor. took me 3 years to get myself to 22k, from a scratch, and its not even a half-way 🤓

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Congratulations 🎊 Happy birthday 😊

Tks! Happy happy joy joy. Here's starting another 5 and beyond.