What bugs me? Bugs!


With a quote from Bruce Lee, how could we not comment this week? For this weekend engagement topic, I chose "What bugs me".

We moved from Colorado to Vermont last fall. I of course, did some research before we moved. I knew there would be a lot of bugs, but I didn't know there would be a LOT of bugs! Lots and lots of gnats, mosquitos, biting flies, ticks, and such.

Not quite into their prime time yet for mosquitos, which will be the worst time and when they are more likely to carry diseases like West Nile virus, or Eastern Equine encephalitis. There is also over 40 species of black flies, 40!

Anyway, it was bad enough to not even want to walk the dog or stand outside for more than 2 minutes, because they were just everywhere. I did some research and decided to pickup a couple of these flow-tron zappers. Apologies to all you bug lovers, but I must say, I take a bit of sadistic pleasure out of listening to the little suckers fry. zap zap zzzzaaaaapp! If close enough, you can smell them barbeque.
We bought two of them one for the back and one for the front, near the garage where I've been working a lot. They are each supposed to cover 1 1/2 acres.

This is what they look like after about 1 1/2 week. So yes, they seem to be doing the job. They are not all gone, but at least we are not swarmed with dozens in the face when we step out the door. I just have to go out with the leaf blower and blow them out once a week to make room for more.

Now there's a trick to it. Mosquitos aren't attracted to the UV light, but to Carbon Dioxide, so for these to work effectively, you need to use a little add-on of Octenol attractant and replace that every 3-4 weeks for peak effect. Also I've heard that putting a small piece of banana on them will help attract more flies. Still haven't tested that.


Next up is also using some non-toxic spray on the yard. We've got the grandkids coming to visit in a few weeks and don't want them eaten up or to have an unpleasant visit.


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That’s a lot of bugs… o my… Are you close to water?
Is it only a certain area in Vermont or just everywhere…

Not super close, but everything up here seems wet. Heavy dews each morning, there is a stream a few hundred yards away, and several springs that run off to little places of standing water for the buggers to breed. The big lake is about 30 minutes away by car.

Than it does make sense when all is kind of wet, and still water in the area.
There are also plants you could put around the house that help for mosquitoes like lavender, the citronella plant what is a scented geranium, even herbs do help, like lemon grass and rosemary. Maybe worth trying as it is a natural prevention. Every bit will help I think when you got that much bugs around.

Hope it doesn’t get to crazy during the summer months for you guys. Keep us updated if you find something that does work better. So far the lights do a good job already.
Have a good evening @ksteem 👋🏻😁

That's what living in New England does for ya lol buuuuuuugs everywhere!

I see @cmplxty 😎
And a lot of them hehehe
I did hear that already, but this is a lot… lol
Do you have tips for it?

Like seriously, I know how annoying mosquitoes are. You just have to deal with it or if it doesn't work out then you have to learn to live with it

I suppose, they don't seem to bother some of the natives as much. Maybe they are just more used to it. Colorado was so dry and then the cold winters, the mosquitoes weren't really a problem. Maybe our skin will get thicker. Until then, it's battle on!


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Damn beautiful property man! Makes me miss my grandfathers house in central Vermont, he had decent piece of land like that!

Ah those damn bugs, I fully support these bug zappers! I haven't had one since I was a kid but holy shit they are satisfying hearing those damn things going zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ on some crazy shit lol then you occasionally go out to check what creature of hell it just annihilated.

One of the things that I did that did a substantially good job of keeping some bugs away for us, where we normally got a lot, is plant some herbs! We had basil, parsley and sage growing on the deck and the strong smell of them kept bugs away which was great! The years before the deck was unbearable with the damn bugs but not last year! Plus we got to enjoy some nice fresh herbs which was a bonus.

The spiders must love being near those zappers, free food!

I see you said kinda the same as me planting some herbs…
That does help. And is great for the use in cooking or salads.

I must say, I take a bit of sadistic pleasure out of listening to the little suckers fry. zap zap zzzzaaaaapp!

I hate bugs so agree with you here. 🙃

Why is there so many bugs there?

Becca 🌷

Ah I hate mosquitos the most, but I always think the birds need the bugs, so attracting more birds to our garden works well on that front!

Yes, well I also feed the birds some to make up for taking a bit of their food. I've thought of perhaps putting up some bat houses. I have seen a few bats at dusk. Perhaps more of them would make a dent in the mosquitos.

That's a brilliant idea!