A single subject which I'll choose to study (W.E 154)


Hello everyone

Explore something new is my passion and it's just like a food to me, doesn't matter what's i want to explore??? It's of each kind!!!

  • As usual we always have some interesting topics to write on every weekend by @galenkp, this week we also have something interesting to write, check the topic and try to write on it.

I choose the topic study!!!

If I've to choose one single thing to study what I'll be choose??

let's fly high in sky

Since my childhood I've interest in book reading, and my homies called me book worm too. I love to read every kind of subject mostly i prefer to read history but if I've to choose one single subject I'll choose biology.

My major was biology when i graduated from high school, than i choose biology in college and than in university too. Although it's my subject of study or course but the important thing is that I've an interest in biology.

Why i want to choose biology?

Biology is a vast subject in which we study about

  • living things

  • we study about life

  • We study about nature

  • We study about environment

It has it's further branches in which we study different things but they all are natural and living things.
My passion of knowing each and every thing about living things Forced me to choose biology.

I did my graduation in Zoology in which we study about animals, all their systems, function and habitat and many other things.

But i want to explore it further and i want to learn about plants, microorganisms in detail too.

Maybe you know that in term of biology human also called animal. And we can study every system of human being. Although God created humans but human discover their study.
The most important part in biology is the study of fossils, like you're on hiking and on the peak of mountain you find something strange and interesting things, maybe it's belong to old human.
I read complete evolution of human, how first human came into the world and how they survive at that time.

  • I recommend you here an animated movie crudes which is about the early humans that how they live and survive. It's interesting and i think you must like it.

But now question is that i studied Biology for almost 8 year's of my life than why still i want to choose biology?

It's a little saddest part that when i become a master in biology than i have to leave my studies due to some personal problems. I was at that stage where i want to study about fish or choose wildlife but i can't study further. That's why now i want to choose biology again and want to explore my Knowledge further about life.

  • What do you think?? Isn't it's interesting to know about yourself in deeply and Know about your surroundings?? I don't know what's your favorite subject but my favorite is biology which is my own subject.

A common problem in our society

Here, mostly Perants Don't ask to children and choose the subject which they don't like. If a student doesn't like science than how he'll study about science? If a student doesn't like math's or business than how he'll study about it? Maybe now they're start to choose the subject of students interest because of modern era.
I'm blessed that I've choice in choose my own subject here as my father is a teacher also and he knows that a student can only read the subject if he had interest in it. I had my own freedom to choose subject.

And maybe it's funny fact that with time my curiosity about to know our surrounding keep increase. But here I'm with all of you with my many dreams of explore and give another part of my life to study about it.

That's all for today and for weekend writing topics, i hope so that i didn't bored you about telling my favorite subject

All the images are captured by me

Thank you for your time and support


biology is so interesting, without a doubt it has many branches through which to expand knowledge 😊

Yes, it's interesting and vast subject to read 💫

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