Emergency surgery weekend: a lesson on the importance of taking care of our health


Greetings friends, last Friday I underwent emergency surgery and have been in recovery since then. Unfortunately, this has delayed the publication of weekend activities, which deeply saddens me. I hope to be back at 100% soon and continue sharing our activities with you.


Let me tell you a bit about how my weekend disaster started:

Friday was a day like any other in my work routine, but suddenly I began to feel intense abdominal pain that prevented me from continuing. At first, I thought it might be something passing, but the pain became unbearable, and I had to ask for help.

A few months ago, I had been diagnosed with an epigastric hernia, but as I didn't have the resources to undergo surgery, I had been trying to manage the symptoms with medication and lifestyle changes. However, this time the pain was too strong, and I realized that I needed immediate medical help.

Thanks to the intervention of my father, who works at a clinic in another city, I was able to receive emergency care and schedule my operation for the next day, Saturday. The surgery was a success, but during the placement of the epidural anesthesia, there was a complication: the needle pierced the spinal cord, causing unbearable headache that affected me throughout Sunday.


Fortunately, my doctors were able to treat me again in the operating room, this time with an epidural blood patch. This process involves placing a small amount of donated blood in the epidural space to seal the leak of cerebrospinal fluid that occurs due to the needle puncture. The blood clots and forms a kind of plug that prevents fluid loss and reduces headache pain.


Stitches in my spine to make the patch

Now I am in the process of recovery, slowly regaining my strength and energy. I am grateful to my family and friends for their support during this difficult time and to my doctors for their professional care and attention.


I want to take this experience to remind you of the importance of taking care of our health and not ignoring symptoms that may indicate serious problems. Sometimes, it's easy to postpone doctor visits due to lack of time or resources, but our health is an invaluable treasure that we must protect. I hope to return soon to our normal activities and continue sharing our love for life and community with you.




Gladly, the operation was successful madam, it's an eye-opener for us that among all things in this world, health is the most important cause once we got ill or have sickness, we can't do nothing.

That's right, health is the most essential thing, we must give it the importance it deserves

A strong experience. Thank goodness everything went well. Taking care of health problems in time is very important and while I read you I remember that I have to go to the gastro.

That's right, write the date on the agenda so that this appointment is not postponed


I wish you a speedy recovery and thank you for the wake-up call. Without good health there is no travel and enjoyment.

Receive my embrace.

I hope you continue to get better and don't be so hard on yourself, I don't think it was just an oversight, it's understandable that if you don't have the resources, you look for another way out of the problem. Sometimes this works, sometimes unfortunately it doesn't. The good thing is that you have been taken care of and are recovering.

Best regards

Hello! Thank you very much for your comment on my blog. It makes me happy to know that there are people like you who are willing to support and encourage others.

In any case, I am glad to know that I was treated and that I am in the process of recovery. I appreciate your kind message and I will continue to strive to improve. Thanks again for your words of encouragement.

As they say the body shouts what the mouth shouts, diseases are signs to pay attention to our body, change habits and improve nutrition, I'm glad everything went successfully. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

Hello... You are absolutely right that the body is wise and many times it gives us signs that something is not right. It is important to pay attention to these signs and take care of our health, change habits and improve our diet.
Fortunately, everything went well and I am in the process of recovery. I really appreciate your good wishes and I hope to recover soon to be 100% again. Thanks again for taking the time to leave your comment and for caring about my health.

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