Puppies and Packing

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When @galenkp asked me to write about what's on for the weekend, I listened. Why? Not because I generally listen to anyone, as my man would say, but because I believe engagement is the driving force of HIVE. And what a better way to do it than talk about the weekend? What our plans are, what we've been up to, what we did - miserable or joyful, let's get to know each other!

Whether or not I'll get time to check in on the community, doing my bit to help with engagement on HIVE.

You see, we are finally being allowed to go camping after such a long and unreasonable lockdown. You'd think we'd be out of here soooo fast - but we were caught unawares. They'd fed us so much doom and gloom that we believed we wouldn't be let out til November!

So, from today, (Friday) our weekend is mainly going to be prepping for the trip.

Dirtroads calling!

Stuffing food and clothes in Buttercup is my job. That's cool - I like to find storage solutions. I find it thrilling. I mean, who wouldn't? I'm an everything in it's place kinda gal - I don't like to rummage through piles of crap when I camp.

Jamie's job is to finish painting the roofrack and get it on the roof, fit the roofrack, fill the box with camping stuff whilst I shout at him 'what the hell are you bringing that for?' and stress about whether we have everything to apparently get lost in the wilderness at Murray Sunset National Park.

No phone reception.

At all.

So yeah, I'm going to go very dark on HIVE, but don't hate me. I'm going to be nourishing my SOUL from Monday. Dirt tracks. Starry skies and astral photography. Sunset shots with Buttercup. Dirty feet.

Other jobs to do include sorting out a babysitter for the chickens, putting a watering system in my greenhouse so my seedlings don't die, and tidying up the house (I hate coming back to a dirty house!). Oh, and supporting my son's new Scnelpie, Edie, who we adore.



I'd love to leave Sunday, but I think Jamie is going to have a heart attack if I push him anymore than I have.

We seriously need a trip away.

What's your weekend looking like?


This little corner of the Hive really appreciates your engagement 😍- yes, we will live or die by our choice to connect.

Loving your choice of destination - it should be lovely after the spring rains. You may not be abe to Hive while you're gone, but post planning and photos? Oh yes. We expect MONTHS worth of stunning travel and nature posts the second you get back! I am learning to use a voice to text app in my phone to at least get the bare bones of a post oulined for later editing. https://dictation.io/speech Getting smarter about how I invest myself.

Wish you very safe & awesome travels.

Thanks, lovely! Spring is so stunning here that my heart is wide open. I have a journal to jot down inspiration, and plan on taking lots of photographs. I've used the voice recorder on my phone a lot in the car, driving home and gripped by the muse and scared I'll lose the words that appear!! It's a great tool! Don't worry, I'll be coming up with a wealth of stuff Victoria travel related, and maybe even a poem or two!!

Excited about seeing parts of Vic unfamiliar to me. Funny isn't it, that we don't see what we have on our doorstep until we're forced to! xx


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

[squees at puppy]
[upvotes because of puppy]
[actually reads post ^_^;]

Me I don't like finding storage solutions XD though I found some yesterday for the art cupboard which I'm still working on x_x (one of those multiday job thingies which is driving J mad because it's on top of the other culling/sorting stuff which I'm nowhere near finished with yet because I keep needing to do things so I can do other things and then other people come through and helpfully put things in random boxes so they're "away" and mess up my system so I usually end up starting again but I have to do it because if J had his way he'd literally just throw everything away).

Yay for being able to go camping! Is puppy going with you?

Pfft only silly buggers will be pissed with you for disappearing for a bit, all the smart and sensible people (who are by default better looking) will be looking forward to all the stories and photos you'll have to share when you get back ;D

haha, Yes, shamelessly uses puppy for upvotes. I mean, who wouldn't? Thanks for ACTUALLY reading - occasionally i make a short, easily digestible post haha.

I adore storage solutions - how cuould you not??? I'm sure that you do find it satisfying to have some kind of system or organisation method to make your life easier.

No, pupppy can't come with me!!! It's part of the reason i didn't get a puppy - you can't take it into many national parks!

Haha I dont think anyone will really notice I'm gone!!!


Poor puppy, I guess that answers my question. I am sure you will have a lot of fun.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Buttercup? Roy Rodger's Jeep? How incredibly cool!

I really need a trip too, and I've taken a pretty good one since you have :) It looks like you are going to have some serious fun!

I just went to Google Maps to see where you are going. I had to pull out a LONG way until I saw something that I sort of recognized :) That looks like my kind of place!

Didn't @galenkp just describe a trip to that general area recently?

So. Have some fun, go dark as the inside of a cow. I'll watch out for the engagement for you and be waiting on your return!

Who's Roy Rodgers haha? I might have to google.. damn. OOOh yeah - it's going to be amazing!!!!! I'm not sure - I'm not sure if @galenkp went to that part of Victoria?

Hope you get a trip soon! currently, sorting out the rooftop tent dilemma....

Now I'm conflicted. I thought Buttermilk was Dale Evans (Roy Rogers wife and co star) horse. A big dun as I remember. I'm guessing it's been at least 50 years since I thought of that show. Ahahahahaha my mind is an absolute graveyard of useless information.

I have a friend that is darn near photographic memory of TV shows from the 50s. Next time I see him I'll try to remember to ask him.

I googled! It was 'Buttermilk' - phew!

Puppy action is so amazing right on!!!

Isn't she the best??? We love her. She's our part time doggie...

Absolutely that's absolutely gorgeous.

Where in the world were you where you were not allowed outside😵 I honestly forgot.
Good on you and your loved ones for getting out of the house!

Ha, yeah, I'm in Australia. We are allowed outside, but in Melbourne it's 2 hours only (and htat's up from 1 hour) and 5 km radius (although I think that's expanded this week). It's all pretty intense. We're finally allowed to meet in groups of 10 now, masks are compulsory, and you can only have household 'bubbles' ie. only see one designated househould and that's it.

The only thing better than off-roading and camping is preparing for off-roading and camping! At last you can get out and about, hit some tracks and camp! Yay!

I'm sure you'll be back to hive once you come back, and will have a heap of cool stuff to share.


Thanks weekend ninja! We chucked the rooftop tent on and - du'oh - the sides stop the cover fitting. jamie's doing some cutting and welding right now...

Hmm, better you find that out now than later I guess. I was only saying to Faith the other day that I wish I could weld. (I have done it, but didn't really know what I was doing.) I'm keen to build a gated-cage around my gun safes...I'll have to pay a mate I guess.

Practice makes perfect!!!!

Are you going to get away Monday or will it take a little longer.

cute dog!! I also feel like I need a trip

We all need to stretch our wings and move outside the boundaries of our homes sometimes...

Very low key as my husband's back gave out. I'm going to try to work more in the gardens, and keep the dehydrator going. We had the first frost last night, so the push is on.

That’s a damn cute little puppy! Very cool looking colors on it, reminds me of my grandfathers dog back in the day!

I’m so glad that you’re able to get out away from the insanity that’s happening there down under. The camping trip will be perfect and just what you need to recharge your soul and mind. Even more so not being able to connect to the web at all out there is perfect. We don’t have anywhere like that around here except the ocean.

My wife is the same way with needing to pack. She tries to do it in an efficient way to get the nooks where I just throw things together and hope for the best lol.

I look forward to seeing some pictures from your getaway, hopefully you can stay out there for a long time and have things situated at home so you don’t have to worry if your time goes over a bit!

Thanks so much.

Thank God for wives eh or you'd never find stuff haha!!!

I kinda feel guilty for abandoning HIVE for a few days. But I need this to nourish my soul!!!! Hopefully I'll come back renewed and with some interesting travel posts for you all!

A cute little pup, is Edie going to go on his first camping trip?

Actually, it's my birthday on the 11th and we are going to camp with her then which will be so fun.

Well instead of a belated Happy birthday, Have a Per-Happy Birthday. Dogs and camping just seem to go hand in hand in my mind, especially puppy camping. After all they call it a Pup Tent for a reason. :-}

that cute. have a old face, meaby have a old soul too. :D

Wahoo! You get to go camping - how wonderful for you!
Going black on Hive can be a good thing for I'm sure you will come back more enthused with stories and photos to tell and share (really looking forward to seeing Australia's national park from your perspective!)
Edie is so-ooo cute!
Have a great adventure!
I just opened up a whole new garden area in part of the land which gets more light - that occupied my weekend building up the soil and preparing it for planting in Spring plus putting in some garlic there.