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RE: Weekend-engagement topic week 28: The gift

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I like this kind of proposals in the weekend-engagement posts as they offer us a chance to tag other users and that makes engagement even stronger.
I am going to tag @galenkp for all the time he spends thinking about the weekly post, collecting some Hives to give away, and responding to every single comment we post. Sometimes, when I see the number of comments and responses, it just blows my mind how he finds the time to give so much feedback. My present would be two actually. One is a pack of Crema Catalana as this one, so he can very easily prepare it and taste it at home. Of course, that would be to remember the flavor before we can have dinner together whenever he comes back to Europe and decides to come to town. My homemade one will be much better :)


Of course, I would provide translated instructions :)

The second present would be a pair of human arms to attend hivefest this weekend :)



To my friend @santigs I give a bottle of Tapatio Sauce.


I know that he likes food in the same way I like food, so I'm sending a bottle of the best salsa picante in our area. There are couple of pretenders but Tapatio is the king. He could test it on his local food and give me the answer to the question: Does Tapatio make EVERYTHING taste better? It seems so on our local cuisine.

Now youre talking! Galen can get cholula in oz but i never saw tapatio on any of the shelves. In fact maybe some authentic mexican hot sauces might be a good component to a gift package for him among other things. I'll douse most things in tapatio.

I had already considered that Tapatio would be central to any package I sent to him :) I'm guessing he'd like it a lot.

How are you doing? That campfire above would be at high enough elevation to see some possible strange and wonderful sights out of the California/Nevada deserts if you know what I mean...

Thank you @bigtom13 !!!
I will try to see if I can find that bottle somewhere around to git it a try.
Hope I do not burn myself with that picante 😂

G-dog want's some too.

You might just as well send me your address. I think my first 'extend Hive' package needs to go to you.

Lol. Deal.

Haha! legit Christmas gifts!

It's funny, I never knew I needed Crema Catalana until just now and yet the desire to have it is at 100% so thank you for this thoughtful gift! I'm looking at the calorie count and thinking...Hmm, I could probably eat two serves of this! Thank you legit gift...And yet, there's more!

Arms! You know, I'm going to be there at HiveFest in several hours strutting around...*The only person 2D person there with arms...I'll be popular for sure! The envy of the armless.

Thanks @santigs, for your kind and most generous gifts, and for getting into the !weekend-engagement sprit!


The envy of the armless.


You got perfect gifts from @santigs ! 👌

A decent set of arms, to one who has none, is very valuable and most welcome.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Lmao on the arms...

I can not even figure out how to move my hands in the 2D mode.

So look for the partial paralyzed KrazzyTrukker sitting in the corner also paralyzed with fear, as Me & Sammi Jo don't handle crowds very well.

You won't be able to move your arms in 2D...They just sort of hang there...But don't worry, you can make the look work!

Takes the term "Limp Wristed" to a whole other level... Heheheh


Loads of limp-armed people at HiveFest...Just makes it weirder than it already is. Lol.

looks like you could use a good pair of legs also, or if no legs are available perhaps a tiger to ride on the back of.

you can not move them, hahahaha