Today I decided to begin the weekend by addressing a matter that was long, long overdue...

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Well since my recent return to the blockchain after a forced absence, I have wrote and wrote and wrote on some pretty deep topics.

As ever I have used far too many words to make life easy for you Dear Reader, but today in celebration of the weekend I have decided to make a course change for one day only and where better to post this strange little post about my Saturday than in THE WEEKEND COMMUNITY!

You see, I have realised just how much I have missed writing, it is strange just how much a part of life it becomes after a while. I have come to relish the cathartic de-stressing effects of sharing my thoughts on many and varied topics throughout my time here. I write freely, safe in the knowledge that my thoughts and ideas no matter how unpalatable they may be to some, no mater how close to the wind I sail with topics that err on the side of controversy such as political correctness and identity politics that I am not going to be silenced, banned or removed from the community I love.

Add to that the many wonderful blockchain friends I have made over the last few years, the great times I have shared in the comment section and the back and forth with those who share my sense of humour and love nothing more than a bit of teasing, banter or a full on flaming verbal roast.

I have found many people I consider to be staunch allies and many whom I disagree with but have the utmost respect for as they put their thoughts to the page and speak from the heart with integrity and belief in what they say.

At the risk of repeating myself... I am incredibly happy to be back among friends and fully intend to continue writing up a storm as I always have something to say.

The Self Improvement Community will be taking a leap forward for 2021 and will start issuing some cool initiatives for those wishing to be a little better tomorrow than they are today and I have some awesome giveaways and contests planned too

For today, I have made an executive decision, to write a post in a lighter vein and give my brain an extra day to recuperate before challenging myself to take on some pretty big topics moving forward. .

So to reiterate the message conveyed from my post title, today I decided to address something that has become a HUGE problem and risks taking over the lives of my family and I...

Images of a sensitive nature within....jpg

There is no delicate way of describing it so I think it would be far easier to simply show you the problem I have had to contend with throughout the second major lockdown here in England...

'THIS' is the sight that greets me when I wake in the morning!


It's like a biologically enhanced, genetically mutated, natural crash helmet.

It wouldn't be so bad, but local farmers have been calling me up whenever their scarecrows have been stolen. I was supposed to get my hair cut in the last week before Christmas but I suddenly become embroiled in a lot of minutia regarding our mortgage application, it was incerdibly time consuming and then there was uhm... Well the whole business of planning Christmas too.

I knew 100% there would be a lockdown after Christmas but I was convinced I would have a few days after boxing day to address the hair choppage... Nope Boris had other ideas and shut up shop for us all, no exceptions, no special treatment, no get out of jail free card.

So I have been patiently awaiting news about reopening of the country as I so desperately needed a haircut, trust me that pic does not do the situation justice! Well as it happens My eldest Daughter Jade did a little time at college learning to be a hairdresser, but changed part way through to a different study option and isn't 'exactly' qualified and not totally competent.

There was a similar situation early last year when I had hung on and hung on and hung on with fingers crossed hoping the hairdressers and barbers would re-open and Jade kinda 'sheared my head', it wasn't exactly what I was hoping for, but I appreciated it, she told me afterwards that she had been terrified that it would go horrifically wrong, so I was not exactly relishing the chance of asking her to do it again.

BUT global pandemics and national lockdowns being what they are, I had run out of time and options too and so, like a man approaching the gallows with zero chance of reprieve the scene was once again set...

So Jade fire up the clippers, I felt more than a little trepidation as the sounds of what can only be described as a loud, rusty, unhealthy lawnmower approached my Samson-like-mane... She dragged the implement of torture across my sore and ravaged scalp (I was a big boy and didn't cry once, I may have let out the occasional sob if I am completely honest) eventually my first born asked the question I had been dreading, she nervously asked...

"Do you wanna have a look then?"

The scene that met my gaze from the mirror took me aback somewhat!

No, That's not a feral hedgehog I am holding!


I was overcome by the fact I looked like one of those 1970's football hooligans you see in TV dramas from the period. But then M'Lady reminded me of something that would bring me brief respite from my immense pain and trauma I was suffering. She reminded me that my hair grows insanely fast and wow, she is so right...

I did feel a little better about my brand new haircut by this time and oh man did my head feel lighter... I felt like I had gone through 4 intense rounds of scalp liposuction. I gotta be honest though I am looking forward to 2 or 3 weeks when I crack open the hair gel again and start sculpting my man-mane again.

Oh and I should mention at this point when my pulse has returned 'almost' back to normal range, I was actually incredibly grateful to my Daughter for giving up her time to help Dad out. Although It's not like she could go anywhere as the family are all under house arrest in self isolation, oh did I not mention that bit so far? I guess that is a topic for an upcoming post, right?

Maybe I could borrow a wig from Elton???


I genuinely hope that you and yours are well and about to embark on your greatest ever spell of the journey we call life. May health, wealth, happiness and all of the very best life has to offer be abundant for you and may 2021 prove to be a breakout year for you in all that you would wish for yourselves. Most of all I hope you are surrounded at all turns by love, joy, friendship and happiness.

Thank YOU for taking the time to read my post and if you're one of those amazing people who like to hit the comments section... Then I doubly thank YOU!

Either way I want you to know that you are appreciated!

Keep taking the time to connect with each-other both here and in the so-called real world and try and look after each-other, because as you already know...

Together We're Just Better.png


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The nightmare that is the lockdown haircut! I've wrestled with this thorny beast.
We have a quaint slang term here in Liverpool 'a ket wig' which refers to a certain level of scouse chav that walks around with a mental barnet like that of worzel gummidge. The etymology of the word is that they're spending all their money on Ketamine, so they can't afford to get a haircut 😂

Now I'm not saying that is a ket wig you're exhibiting... but you got close buddy! I've had to do my own hair with clippers in front of the mirror during this lockdown to avoid the dreaded ket wig, with mixed results.

Nice to see you back writing on hive again, this post made me chuckle 👍

Mmhmm. I assumed I has assigned the correct meaning of the ket part of this charming moniker 😂

Now I'm not saying that is a ket wig you're exibiting... but you got close buddy!

Still kinder than what m'lady said I looked like, although very much cut from the same regional, urban colloquial cloth. God bless Northern heritage, huh? Incredibly happy to cross paths with you again my friend, always found you to be one of the good guys (it's very possible I'm easily duped and gullible of course!!!) 😜

Take good care man 😃

Haha, yes we are fellow ketwig brothers in arms my friend. I too have a barnet of the worzel gummidge variety when it gets too long.

God bless Northern heritage, huh?

Preach it 😂

Incredibly happy to cross paths with you again my friend, always found you to be one of the good guys (it's very possible I'm easily duped and gullible of course!!!)

Ah, that is so nice, I'm blushing. Gullible, no I think not, Just an excellent judge of character, as I am myself... one of my finest qualities, that and my unending modesty 😜

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 2 months ago 

Who do you think you're kidding mate...As if that's you after a hair cut...That's a double! There's no way a man can look like a scarecrow one minute and a better looking version of Tom Hardy the next.

Unless you want to get banned from this community you better start using your own image, not better-looking Tom Hardy's!

Also...Can you please do me a small favour...Edit the Self Improvement community title and remove that full stop...It assaults my OCD in ways you'll never know. I'm begging you.

P.s. Ok, I'll concede that you do look a little like that double you hired for the second image, but just a little.

Ahahaha, I knew there was a reason I bloody love you! YOUR POOR EYESIGHT!!!

Great to see you G-dog, I've missed ya man!

Consider the dot of doom... Gone haha. I hope you and the lovely Faith are well and life is not kicking you too hard man. Oh by the way, thanks for the tip off about your post from October regarding your original silo art post.

That was stunning, I was taken by the vibrancy of the robin's breast, I know that's a strange observation to make but in such a muted area and on a structure that would have otherwise been drab, it shone out brightly.

I love the fact those pieces of art act almost like a custodian to the past, preserving a bygone way of life in some small way BUT I have got to say that such works on such an enormous scale are bloody awe-inspiring.

One day I shall call in for donuts from the Waikerie bakery though haha.

 2 months ago 

Lol...I had to check...And sure enough, the doomish dot has disappeared.

Right, here's the plan, we meet at the the Waikerie Bakery for donuts and coffee, you can have early grey if you prefer, and we talk some shit. Lock it in.

We're ok mate, sort of. Stuff seems not to want to leave me the fuck alone, but we'll face it all and whatever happens will happen.

Good to have you back. I almost unfollowed your absentee ass a couple weeks ago thinking you were gone.

I LOVE the sound of that plan Bro!

We're ok mate, sort of. Stuff seems not to want to leave me the fuck alone, but we'll face it all and whatever happens will happen.

Yeah I hear ya, sometimes the spiral that can't get any worse doesn't have a bloody bottom. I don't doubt for an instant that you will approach the slings and frikkin' arrows with the same attitude you always do, as you say, what's the bloody alternative, huh?

I am reminded of a Discord conversation I had earlier:


The laughing emoji at the end is a parting shot at life, something along the lines of, I am laughing at ya buddy, you have no effect on me, what do they always say? Laugher is the best medicine, I have always put a lot of store in that tired old phrase.

Thinking of ya dude, just keep seeking out the laughortunities (shit I invented a word!) and keep on keeping on dude 😎👍

 2 months ago 

I think life has the biggest sense of humour right? Seems that way...Life, you bloody comedian!

Things could always be far worse so it's best to remember that and be grateful for what we have be it moments, or things. Seems like you've had a nice share of life's humour lately. Life needs a kick in the nads.

The day I get my hair cut is the day the apocalypse happens.

My witness node - Stream on

What, you mean like some kind of far-fetched global pandemic/global shutdown kinda thing?

Nahhh! It could never happen that's as likely as Donald Trump becoming leader of the free world, Prince Andrew eating in Pizza Express and blithering Boris taking over the reins of the UK... Oh wait nvm... 🤦‍♂️

what happened! who did this to you! haha I haven't had a haircut due to hairdressers being shut but I outright refuse to shave my hair off

IKR I have avoided this drastic course of action for the longest time BUT I work in a food factory and whilst on the shop floor I need to wear a hairnet (I know, great look!) The problem is we were rapidly approaching a situation where the only thing that was gonna be at all practical was for me to wear a giant refuse back on my head!

I only wish I had been able to wait till the snow/bitter North wind had dissipated first as I am really feeling the cold right now lol. Thanks for stopping by my friend, always abso-bloody-lutely fantastic to see you Chris 😎👍

Poor jade and steven please tell me you did the animal taxidermy on that referral hedgehog, or raccoon for that matter in your hands hahahahah
I have the same i now have a landingstrip on my head because the color blond is growing out, but i am doing the Coloring next week.
Hope boris opens the barbers and hairdressers soon.
Thanks fo R the laugh,
And welcome back

Haha awesome to see you and thank you it is amazing to be back where I am happiest. When I am away, I realise just how much I miss writing, it has offered me a kind of freedom over the last 3 years.

Who knew just how much of a toll this pandemic would take on out hairstyles, right???

I did visit the taxidermist, but he said he had no interest in plague ridden badgers!!! I am glad my predicament caused a laugh or two, laughter, smiles and friendship are the greatest way to reach the other side of this period in our personal history, I hope it feels like no time before we are looking back and remembering how strange things were during Covid...

Summertime and lots and lots of sun will most certainly help with the mood here lol. Take great care, very best wishes to you and yours from me and mine 😎👍