Our beach season has begun near the Azov sea this year. We've chosen it because it's not so deep as the Black sea, tha't why it's much warmer.

Kids like it much because it's not deep, and they can walk and walk further from the beach but the sea is still not deep, just about till the knees of an adult;)
my son likes this sea as well.

We need to ride there about 30 min, then we reach many small villages and beaches near them where many tourists come every year.
Now Kerch and our beaches are full of tourists as well.

We spent more than 3 hours there enjoying sun beams and sea warmth. Btw it was even too hot so I tried to keep my cap on my head all the time and cover my shoulders from the sun.

My son and hubby love sea walks very much, I am not a sea person as much as they are, but sometimes I make company for them.

Share some photos of our sea rest with my HiveFam


Fantastic photos, especially the first one.

Is that sea snake dangerous?

thank you so much!

I amn't sure who it was, but we didn't come to it close, we were careful;)

Woaaahhh I suddenly miss the sea. Thanks for sharing this. But I am distracted by the snake.

it's a common thing for this sea, but they are afraid of people, and as a rule they hide well from us, it's the first time I see it close to the beach

Какое приятное место. Это что, змея плывёт что-ли?😵

да, змеюка какая-то, внезапно)

Sea time can be nice because a lot of people would be there and the place would be full of playful activities, I see a snake in the sea, isn't it harmful, is that a real snake?

real snake, of course;)
I think she is afraid of us more than we of her;))

Wow!, nobody should go close, it dangerous.

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