Things I Love About Last Weekend (Breakfast with Family + Being Lazy) <3

Although I get to share meals with my parents almost every time, it's quite rare for us to have breakfast together.

In the past, I used to work the night shift so I'm mostly asleep in the morning and skip my breakfast. Now, I'm trying to work from the morning, but my papa is quite busy with the store while mama and Arashi tend to wake up much later. In my case, I just have part of my coffee upon waking up while preparing for a couple classes. Then, during my break time, I finish my coffee and have some bread or something to eat before resuming my morning classes. By then, my parents already finished having their breakfast, so we basically sit down and have a proper meal together during lunch and dinner.

However, it's different on the weekend... specifically on Sundays. I usually work in the morning on Saturdays, so I tend to have the same schedule then.

Yesterday (Sunday), I got to have breakfast with my parents and we prepared a nice breakfast than usual. As I've mentioned, it's just coffee and bread for me, while my parents have some chocolate drink and bread. We had these yesterday, though...

Instead of having pandesal (common bread in the Philippines), we had these stuff ready. I love lettuce, so I'm so happy to have it ready on the dining table. With the ingredients in front of me, I made some egg simple egg sandwich.

YUMMY~!!! <3
When papa saw what I did, he asked me to make him one as well. haha Mama, on the other hand, loves dipping her bread in her chocolate drink, so she asked me to make her an egg sandwich for snacks later that afternoon. hahaha

Breakfast is a simple meal and was supposed to be short, but we spent a long time in the table just discussing various topics. It's always so nice to just talk over coffee, though I was the only one literally drinking coffee. hahaha

Last weekend was so much cooler than usual. It was gloomy and sometime drizzly, so the temperature was lower than usual. For Filipinos, 27-28 degrees Celsius is already comfortable, but last weekend was around 24-25, so it was the perfect bed weather.

I didn't have any plans after my morning classes last Saturday, so I stayed in the living room watching some movies and binge-watching some anime. The anime got me really interested, so yesterday, I started reading the manga version... I still haven't finished it, so I plan to finish reading the available chapters today if possible. There are like 100+ chapters, and I've read more than half yesterday.

It's Monday now from where I am... and I'm working soon. I hope my classes go well today. I have late night classes later, but I'll try to enjoy them as well. The week barely started, but I can't wait for weekend to come again. <3

How was your weekend? I hope it was great as well. Perhaps my next weekend would be more productive? We'll see... I haven't really painted in a while, so I might to an art-filled weekend next time.

See you around!!!! (^^,)/


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Oh, lettuce with egg? Never tried that before. Hmm, but since lettuce is one of my favorite vegetables, I will put that on my list, yum!

It's a nice combination... You should definitely try. You can add some cheese, too... <3


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